A fish Named Googles

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A Fish Named Goggles

By Jackie Tidey

  1. The purpose of the title, "A Fish Named Googles," is to tell the reader the


topic of the passage.


setting of the passage.


people in the passage.


sequence of the passage.

  1. What does the author want us to know about learn from this story?


  1. Who are the main characters of the story? (use a complete sentence)


  1. What is the setting of the story?

  1. At White’s Grocery Store

  2. At a Garden City Zoo

  3. At a Pet Shop

  4. At the school

  1. Name some of the pets Ramon and his mom liked or looked at the Pet Shop? Use a complete sentence…(There are four pets to name)



Knowing the meaning of the suffix -ed helps the reader understand that the word looked means



did look.


to look best.


Look before.


to look first.

  1. What type of pet did Ramon’s mom say he could have?

  1. A huge, tall pet

  2. A slimy pet

  3. A small one

  4. A tiny and slimy one

  1. What pet’s did Ramon and his mom like at the pet shop that needed to live mainly outside?

  1. Puppies and rabbits

  2. Kittens and puppies

  3. Kittens and fish

  4. Frogs and fish


Which best retells the passage?

  1. Ramon and his mom went to the pet shop and bought some dog food, and looked for a new pet for Ramon.

  2. Ramon and his mom went the pet shop to look for a pet that wasn’t too big for their small house. They looked at many different kinds of animals that were either small or big and whether they could be indoor or outside pets. Ramon found the perfect pet that he named Goggles.

  3. Ramon and his mom went to the store and bought food to take on a picnic and then went to the pet shop and bought a new pet.

  4. Ramon and his mom went to the store bought some fish food and then went to the movies.

  1. In the story, the word wavy means

  1. to get smaller

  2. to get bigger

  3. curving in different directions

  4. going in the same directions

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