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bncdoc.id A7F David Lee's classification W_misc bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title Caterer & Hotelkeeper. bncdoc.info Caterer & Hotelkeeper. Sample containing about 27546 words from a periodical (domain: social science) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Produce for the restaurant is sourced daily from British ports , Billingsgate and Normandy . BUSINESS MANAGEMENT MISS Management training centres are receiving an increasing share of the lucrative training course market at the expense of hotels , according to Gill Smillie , head of Conference Venues CountryWide . Ms Smillie said organisers of training courses often complained that hotels were inflexible towards meal times , unaware of the needs of training and rarely offered the standards of presentation and technology required . ` What is worrying for hotels is that the training course market is tasting a new set of standards , and may never return to hotels , ' she said . CASH DIRECTORY The Commercial Initiative has published the Directory of Commercial Finance Lenders , a comprehensive guide on sources of finance . The guide features contact names and addresses of lenders ; information lenders required from potential borrowers ; lending criteria ; details of special schemes and an index showing which lenders are active in 70 business sectors .

bncdoc.id A18 David Lee's classification W_ac_humanities_arts bncdoc.author Jones, John bncdoc.date 1983 bncdoc.title Dostoevsky. bncdoc.info Dostoevsky. Sample containing about 35938 words from a book (domain: arts) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1975-1984 Text type Written books and periodicals

He too ( ` birds of a feather ' ) has nobody to be , and the ice-cold comedy of his father/photographer/landowner mélange projects the disjunctive genius of Crime and Punishment on yet another plane . In any case , says Porfiry , there is no need to lock Raskolnikov up , because ` you wo n't run away ' . He has nowhere to run to , nowhere , absolutely nowhere , to go . His crime has brought him to the extremity which Marmeladov was telling him about and tasting at the bottom of his own vodka jug in the opening pages of the novel . Moreover , Porfiry adds , ` what will you run away with ? ' An amazing stroke . Raskolnikov is Mr Naked done again . Porfiry means that he does n't really believe in his theory ; to wonder if he is a Napoleon is to prove to himself that he is n't .

bncdoc.id CK2 David Lee's classification W_non_ac_nat_science bncdoc.author Willock, Colin bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title Kingdoms of the East. bncdoc.info Kingdoms of the East. Sample containing about 34185 words from a book (domain: natural sciences) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

It applied equally to the Galapagos Archipelago where the ancestors of Darwin 's finches had on arrival resolutely stuck to their islands and refused to travel short distances across water to interbreed and had consequently evolved into thirteen distinct species . Monitor lizards defy most barriers to animal distribution , largely because they are excellent swimmers . The water monitor has a flattened tail for propulsion in water and nostrils at the tip of its nose to aid breathing when nearly submerged . The forked tongue is linked to olfactory organs . When it flicks out like this it is tasting or smelling the air . Monitors frequent both Oriental and Australian regions where they take many forms , including the giant Komodo Dragon on the Indonesian island of that name . A water monitor swallows a fiddler crab ( top ) . On Sulawesi , these lizards dig up the eggs of the increasingly rare maleo , a bird which buries its egg in the hot sand to hatch out . ( Bottom ) Wallace noted that some cockatoos -- Australian birds -- had crossed his demarcation line to Bali .

bncdoc.id FEV David Lee's classification W_non_ac_nat_science bncdoc.author Downer, John bncdoc.date 1989 bncdoc.title Supersense: perception in the animal world. bncdoc.info Supersense: perception in the animal world. Sample containing about 38397 words from a book (domain: natural sciences) Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

If so , they combine a complex communication system and a detailed echolocation picture of their surroundings with the ability not only to locate and select prey but also to capture their meal with sound ; the most versatile exploiters of sound in the natural world . SUPER SCENTS When our mouths water at the evocative aroma of good cooking , we are experiencing a sense found in even the most basic forms of life . Single-celled protozoa can detect the chemicals in their food and move towards them . Whether an animal is tasting or smelling its food may be difficult to determine , however , for the distinction between the two senses is often blurred . For example , the snake uses its forked tongue to gather scent particles from the air and tastes them on a special membrane , called Jacobson 's organ , at the back of its mouth . The smell and taste receptors of insects may be mingled , with some performing both functions .


bncdoc.id CMC David Lee's classification W_misc bncdoc.author Priestley, Rick bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title Warhammer armies: orcs & goblins. bncdoc.info Warhammer armies: orcs & goblins. Sample containing about 41751 words from a book (domain: leisure) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Some of these fungi contain toxins that are either hallucinogenic or downright poisonous -- but Goblins have tough digestive systems and can cope with this sort of thing . Night Goblin shamans are especially well-versed in fungus lore -- they know which mushrooms can be eaten safely , which to avoid , and which to use for their potions and brews . It is the Night Goblin shamans who brew up the Mad Cap mushroom brew which sends the Goblin Fanatics drink into a whirling frenzy . Because he is constantly handling , tasting and eating fungi the spores tend to work their way into the shaman 's skin , penetrating his bloodstream and saturating his body . These spores take root in the Night Goblin 's flesh and gradually start to change him . If the shaman is exposed to the insidious effects of the fungus for too long he may eventually turn into a giant shaman mushroom . A magic-saturated shaman mushroom is very potent indeed , containing the essence of the shaman 's magical power

bncdoc.id ARJ David Lee's classification W_pop_lore bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1989-10 bncdoc.title She magazine. bncdoc.info She magazine. Sample containing about 57194 words from a periodical (domain: leisure) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Cooking soul food is very much a ` handful of this , a good dollop of that ' sort of affair . It is a form of cooking which uses all the senses -- listening to the sizzling fat to tell when chicken is fried just right , smelling to detect the moment a cake is baked to perfection . ` I 'm usually too fully to eat after cooking a dinner party , ' confesses Sheila . ` I 've been tasting bits all day , so when it comes to serving dinner I can only sit and chat . ' Sing for your supper Sheila is very fond of entertaining -- many famous friends live near her lovely riverside home in Berkshire . The likes of Terry Wogan , Michael Parkinson and Ernie Wise all have been known to clamour for a soul food supper in preference to other exotic foreign fare . Sheila 's Smothered Fried Chicken ( juicy inside , crisp outside , smothered in delicious gravy ) is a firm favourite .


bncdoc.id GYG David Lee's classification S_consult bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Medical consultation. Sample containing about 896 words speech recorded in public context Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken context-governed

Okay , let's have a quick look around the rest of your mouth . Would you breathe out for me . Yeah . Breath is fine . It 's usually in the morning when it 's really Yeah . really s I 've been to dental hygiene cos I thought Yeah . it were my teeth , but she says No . you 've got no problem there . No , I suspect what 's happening is the , the stuff that 's oozing out of your tonsils is what you 're tasting , and Yeah . is what is making the horrible taste . So your breath is fine , your teeth are fine , your gums are fine , your tongue 's fine , but your tonsils look very unhealthy , they really do look nasty . And you can see little beads of pus oozing out . I think you 've got a really nasty infection down there . Yeah . Okay . coming under Yeah . the armpit .

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