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bncdoc.id ASB David Lee's classification W_ac_polit_law_edu bncdoc.author Gearty, C A;Ewing, K D bncdoc.date 1990 bncdoc.title Freedom under Thatcher. bncdoc.info Freedom under Thatcher. Sample containing about 44722 words from a book (domain: social science) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Pursuant to the warrant , an intercept was placed on Mr. Cox 's telephone in or about August 1983 and I saw the products of the intercept in the form of transcripts of recorded telephone conversations . As Mr. Cox lived in Wales there was a fair amount of telephone communication between him and C.N.D. headquarters . He would routinely be in contact with the office and with , for example , Bruce Kent and Joan Ruddock . Accordingly , without intercepting their telephone communications we obtained a fair amount of information about their attitudes on quite a wide range of topics that were concerning C.N.D. at the time . As to Mr. Cox himself , we obtained very little information that we did not already have , although perhaps a bit more detailed . My own assessment before we had the check would have been that he worked within C.N.D. because he was a committed C.N.D. member rather than working in C.N.D. in order to further the interests of the Communist Party . Certainly nothing that I recall seeing as a result of the intercept ever contradicted that assessment .

bncdoc.id B05 David Lee's classification W_religion bncdoc.author Long, Anne bncdoc.date 1988 bncdoc.title Approaches to spiritual direction. bncdoc.info Approaches to spiritual direction. Sample containing about 10323 words of miscellanea (domain: belief and thought) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993

Dialogue House , New York , has developed a comprehensive system of journalling and others have adapted this for a ` spiritual journal ' . Whether shorter or longer , the important thing is to make it serve you so that it becomes not a burden but a means of personal reflection and integration . A simple way is to use a notebook , dating each day and following these headings : ( i ) insights , thoughts , questions emerging from my Bible reading and prayer . ( ii ) notes about my spiritual journey -- things that are currently concerning me , challenging me , strengthening me . ( iii ) something I am reading or thinking about at present that I would like to remember . ( iv ) a current event or relationship I need to reflect on . For a fuller version the following headings might be useful : ( i ) my personal salvation history ( it can be both encouraging and revealing to review one 's life journey and trace the different stages within it .

bncdoc.id CTN David Lee's classification W_non_ac_tech_engin bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title Unigram x. bncdoc.info Unigram x. Sample containing about 10318 words from a periodical (domain: applied science) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Before that Sampson was involved in DEC 's early Unix efforts . Drawing on his experience , Sampson will also spearhead IXI 's assault on Sun 's user base with the Motif-based Deskworks toolset ( UX No 387 ) . … SAYS OSF MOTIF SHOULD BECOME AN END-USER PRODUCT … Meanwhile , the future of the Open Software Foundation 's Motif graphical user interface is a subject that 's concerning IXI , as well as some other corners of the independent software vendor community who 's businesses are focused on the emerging de facto industry standard , OSF 's major success to date . Although there are moves to define the requirements for a next generation user environment , UEC II ( UX No 391 ) , which will be a ` highly evolved ' version of Motif , that wo n't be around until 1995 , and there are some more immediate issues that need to be addressed , according to IXI .

bncdoc.id B32 David Lee's classification W_non_ac_soc_science bncdoc.author Worsley, Jenny bncdoc.date 1989 bncdoc.title Taking good care. bncdoc.info Taking good care. Sample containing about 34195 words from a book (domain: social science) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

Do you want to get her GP in ? I 'll get a specimen of her urine tomorrow morning anyway . Reporting the facts directly When you start work , you should have a formal meeting with your manager , and from time to time there will be follow-up meetings . Usually meetings are informal . You drop into his or her office , or bump into each other in the hall . If you have something to say about a resident , you 'll still get your message over best if you stick to the point . Say what is concerning you , and then report the facts . Tracey meets her manager in the hall . MANAGER Oh good , there you are Tracey . Could you lend a hand with the laundry this morning ? We 're one short . TRACEY Yes , I will . But I need to see you for a moment . I 'm a bit worried about Mrs Brown . Her urine 's a strange colour and she was incontinent twice yesterday . That 's not usual for her . MANAGER Thanks for telling me .

bncdoc.id B3A David Lee's classification W_misc bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1991 bncdoc.title Guide for new students 1991. bncdoc.info Guide for new students 1991. Sample containing about 8486 words of miscellanea (domain: social science) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written miscellaneous

Telephone Belfast 365131 , Extension 2138/2139 for hours of attendance during vacations . MAGEE COLLEGE The University Medical Officers at Magee College are the general practitioners in the Aberfoyle practice situated in the Strand Road on the fringe of the campus . 2.3 COUNSELLING SERVICE The Counselling Service is open to all students of the University and their immediate family and friends . It is a confidential service staffed by professionally trained counsellors . People can use the Counselling Service to discuss any kind of personal , academic or emotional problem or issue which is concerning them . If you feel that you might benefit from using the Counselling Service you can make arrangements to see a counsellor by telephoning , writing to , or calling at the campus office . If it is a matter of urgency a consultation can be arranged quickly . An information package about how counselling might help with particular problems is available on request from any of the campus offices . The Counselling Service offers a number of Student Success Courses and skill acquisition classes during the academic year .

bncdoc.id HHV David Lee's classification W_hansard bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1992 bncdoc.title [Hansard extracts 1991-1992] bncdoc.info [Hansard extracts 1991-1992]. Sample containing about 437508 words of miscellanea (domain: world affairs) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written miscellaneous

Mr. Kinnock Is the Prime Minister aware that building employers say that conditions are worse than they have been in 40 years , that car sales are down 20 per cent . on the year and that Lord Prior , chairman of GEC , says there is no improvement in trading conditions ? If the Prime Minister thinks that all that adds up to recovery , he is not living in the real world . The Prime Minister The right hon. Gentleman should get out of the habit of writing his supplementary questions before he hears the first answer . What is concerning the right hon. Gentleman is the fact that the economy is moving back into growth and he does not like it . Growth is good for the country but bad for the Labour party . Mr. Kinnock After years of pushing Britain down , the Prime Minister is in no position to make that kind of claim . He has taken Britain into negative growth , rising unemployment and falling output . It is time he was out .

bncdoc.id K4C David Lee's classification W_newsp_other_social bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title Liverpool Daily Post and Echo: Leisure pages. bncdoc.info Liverpool Daily Post and Echo: Leisure pages. Sample containing about 28557 words from a periodical (domain: leisure) Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

The brilliant 2,000 Guineas winner was pulled out today apparently because the ground is too soft . Despite more rain over the weekend , clerk of the course Nicholas Beaumont maintains the going is still good . But a representative from owner Khalid Abdulla 's team walked the course this morning before the decision was reached . Zafonic was beaten on soft going at Maisons-Laffitte in April . Jockey Pat Eddery will switch to Wharf , originally in the race to make the pace for Zafonic . The weather is also concerning John Dunlop , trainer of Ventiquattrofogli . His stable confirmed that the colt will run , but adding the proviso , ` unless there is significant overnight rain ' . Woosnam in the swing IAN WOOSNAM jets off to this week 's US Open in good heart despite being beaten by Sam Torrance in a four-way play-off for the Honda Open . Woosnam , Torrance , Paul Broadhurst and Sweden 's Johan Rystrom tied on 278 , but despite he last-gasp agony Woosnam was delighted by his form .

bncdoc.id BNV David Lee's classification W_pop_lore bncdoc.author bncdoc.date 1992-06 bncdoc.title Pilot. bncdoc.info Pilot. Sample containing about 38964 words from a periodical (domain: leisure) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

The proposed increases for 1992/93 do n't quite meet that criteria , although the AOC charges increase of 4.3 per cent is very close … I am not such an optimist as to imagine that we are always going to agree with you about the type of regulation , or its costs , but I do want to emphasise that we are determined always to try to talk through contentious issues with you and to ensure that there is real dialogue . ' An associated issue which is concerning UK operators is the question , oft raised in the past but still showing no sign of solution , of mutual recognition of aircraft certification standards in the Single European Market . European Commission spokesman Chris North says that the intention of legislation is for aircraft to be transferred between the civil aircraft registers of EC states without additional work , but that this will apply only to new aircraft , type-certificated under JARs . It could be twenty or thirty years , perhaps more , before all new aircraft meet those requirements and non-JAA certificated aircraft have been retired .


bncdoc.id C9J David Lee's classification W_pop_lore bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title Guitarist. bncdoc.info Guitarist. Sample containing about 53361 words from a periodical (domain: arts) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

You said that his estate had given Gibson permission to use Jimi 's signature . Well fine , but I 'm curious to wonder if the man himself would have endorsed a guitar that he could n't then go out and buy ! ! Unless of course he turned it upside down … ! → I posed the same question at the end of the review . SLIM PICKINGS Dear Guitarist I am in a band and we are still at school . We have a problem that a lot of youngsters such as ourselves can relate to . It is concerning PAs and speakers : they just cost too much . To buy a brand new PA system costs a lot of money for a single person , and as a group it is a huge risk as we are still at school ( lower 6th ) and do not wish to spend that sort of money when we can not guarantee we will still be together in a week , let alone a year 's time . To buy secondhand is a risk as we do n't really know what we are purchasing .

bncdoc.id HHB David Lee's classification W_fict_prose bncdoc.author Macgregor, Miriam bncdoc.date 1993 bncdoc.title Wilder's wilderness. bncdoc.info Wilder's wilderness. Sample containing about 61703 words from a book (domain: imaginative) Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Written books and periodicals

If I were you I 'd change those spike heels for walking shoes and explore the place . You might find it 's not so rough after all . ' And , without waiting for further comment from Doreen , she left the table . But when she reached the office she found concentration to be almost impossible , and within a short time she became impatient with herself . Why are you concerning yourself about these matters ? she queried mentally while staring at the typewriter . Silas 's emotional affairs are not your problem , so why are you allowing them to snake about in your mind ? And then the answer shrieked at her all too clearly . It 's because you like him a little too much -- or , to be honest , you 're drawn to him a little too fiercely . The touch of his hand sends ripples quivering through your blood , his kiss is like an electric shock that sets your body on fire .


bncdoc.id JTC David Lee's classification S_meeting bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Managerial Meeting. Sample containing about 11213 words speech recorded in business context Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken context-governed

Yeah well what we do i All D K is double wrapped . We select the pallets then Do you ? they must be uniform . They must n't be out of the perimeters of the pallet . We go to no end of trouble to D K I mean the fee And it 's all all the loads have to be signed by Chand and or to say Okay so you do bend over backwards for D K . We do bend over backwards for D K . And what 's concerning me about the D K , I think we brought it up yesterd yesterday it was . Yeah . About when they get a load of in , Yes . I always insisted it went from Yes . now it 's going from er . Yes . They 're stacking is n't as good as what was . And the wrapping certainly is n't which Ray 's taken up with them anyway . Well we 're gon na get complaints from D K again if that 's the case are n't we . We are .

bncdoc.id KLY David Lee's classification S_speech_scripted bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Trade Union Annual Congress. Sample containing about 13768 words speech recorded in business context Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken context-governed

The only trouble is when you 're doing your administration and some days you know y you may have to really get stuck in Yeah . and what are they gon na do , just sit and watch you Yeah . writing ? Mm . You feel That 's right . yeah . You 've got to pick your day . that the day you choose Yeah . got to be more active Yeah . rather than writing . Region I want to make some comments about the UNISON er section of the report , because er I think it 's concerning me that er we 're basically not getting our act together . July the first more members er in , in , in local authorities than er than we 've got in the whole of our union right and we 've got twenty five per cent of our membership in , in local authorities and we 're getting hammered and we 're also getting at the same time privatization , we 're seeing local authorities being broken up and we 're seeing a creation of large numbers of employers .

bncdoc.id KE6 David Lee's classification S_conv bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title bncdoc.info 59 conversations recorded by `Wendy' (PS0X8) between 21 and 28 February 1992 with 8 interlocutors, totalling 10803 s-units, 70883 words, and 10 hours 46 minutes 58 seconds of recordings. Text availability Worldwide rights cleared Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken demographic

But another thing is you see where Sandra lives , you saying that where she lives is apparently erm P C , now I do n't know him , but she does he lives up the same road and when people park did n't she tell you this when we were coming down ? No , I do n't mean that Sandra , I meant this one ! Oh Sandra over here ? Right ? Yeah . Let's just say she could n't out Yeah . and she went to Claire and George tonight Yeah . and said is anybody staying with you ? Oh yeah , that 'd do it ! That would do it would n't it ? But , what I was gon na say was concerning them blocking these pavements if the I know as we I was there when she You were there when she said about P C . Well if we had some I know there 's two policemen up round the corner here . Cos they walk down here , here Is there any one in ? Well P C I think is an older policeman . Yeah , that 's what I meant . Mm . These are two young-uns I reckon they lodge up here somewhere .

bncdoc.id KRT David Lee's classification S_brdcast_news bncdoc.author bncdoc.date bncdoc.title bncdoc.info Fox FM News: radio programme. Sample containing about 155729 words speech recorded in educational context Text availability Ownership has not been claimed Publication date 1985-1993 Text type Spoken context-governed

Once you get up on the roof then it 's euphoria , there 's anarchy reigning , you 're in the public eye , the sun 's shining , er and everyone 's quite happy for a day or so , but of course you get cold and a bit hungry , and er then the sort of import of what you face starts to come through . Er . Now what will be concerning the last hard core will be that amongst them can almost certainly the people who were involved in the original planning of the er uprising or riot , and also who probably er orchestrated the Kangaroo Courts . What will be on their mind is first of all the Prison Authorities are going to isolate them , they 're going to be in solitary confinement for a very long time -- six months , maybe a year , that 's been the pattern -- they 're going to lose a lot of remission , but they also know they 're going to face criminal charges .

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