A brief Report: Aid to Displaced Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina prepared by bonnie lenore kyburz Brief outline of actions taken

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A Brief Report:

Aid to Displaced Students Affected by Hurricane Katrina

prepared by bonnie lenore kyburz
Brief outline of actions taken: I have contacted several individuals charged with coordinating campus efforts to aid displaced students. Generally, each person indicated an overall willingness (urged by Presidents, Deans, Provosts, and other academic leaders) to ease admissions, registration, housing, and aid measures. Leaders in each area (Admissions, housing, etc.) have gathered to brainstorm what they can do locally on their particular campus. They end up operating on a “whatever it takes” notion that is compelling an extremely relaxed set of standards. However, some specifics have been offered. Each school is trying to limit the number of students it can reasonably accommodate (Syracuse University has already accepted 300 undergraduate students and can take no more undergrads but may still accept gradate students; notably, Syracuse has waived tuition). Each is relaxing tuition, registration, and financial aid constraints (deadlines, costs), within local guidelines.
Information specific to the institution is added, below.


Arizona State University: You may direct some students to this webpage: http://asunews.astate.edu/KatrinaRes1.htm] for information on another university assisting displaced students. Or, the information is available on the ASU homepage [http://www.astate.edu].

ASU is committed to helping current ASU students who have been impacted by Hurricane Katrina as well as those who had hoped to enroll at a Gulf Coast university to continue their education.

  • To date, over 30 of those displaced students have enrolled at ASU.

  • Enrollment is being streamlined as much as possible

  • Financial assistance

  • On-campus housing.

  • Once these students have arrived on campus, we will ensure that they are fully integrated into our community and will provide access to the programs and services that current students already utilize.

ASU University Registrar is the contact office for enrolling students. registrar@asu.edu mailto:registrar@asu.edu> or 480.965.7302

Dean of Students/Student Advocacy and Assistance (Tempe Campus) is the contact office for student support needs.

deanofstudents@asu.edu <mailto:deanofstudents@asu.edu> or 480.965.5852
Dean of Students (Polytechnic Campus) 480.727.1359
Dean of Students (West Campus) 602.543.8152

Counseling and Consultation (Tempe Campus-SSV 334)

o Drop in student support group offered weekdays
September 2-16; noon-1:00 pm.

o Resources for those affected by Hurricane

Katrina <<http://www.asu.edu/counseling_center/>>
Student Counseling Services (Polytechnic Campus) 480.727.1255
Career & Personal Counseling (West Campus) 602.543.8124
In addition, the Office of Human Resources will assist with the coordination of temporary housing, emergency health care services, and primary/secondary education needs for faculty/staff who have family members who have been directly affected. For assistance, please contact David Butler, Associate VP for HR at david.butler@asu.edu <mailto:david.butler@asu.edu> <mailto:david.butler@asu.edu, 480.965.9650 or cell phone 480.239.1431.

ASU employees who are willing to be part of a temporary housing registry for displaced families should contact David via email and provide contact information.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Sally Ramage, Vice President for Student Affairs/ 480.965.7293

Lou Ann Denny, University Registrar /480.965.7302

Boston University:
"Full-time undergraduate students at Tulane University are eligible to enroll tuition-free at Boston University for the fall semester. Graduate and professional students may also contact BU schools and will be considered on a case-by-case basis."
College of DuPage:
Dear Colleagues:
With each day, fresh efforts begin at COD. We will continue to keep the college informed through

official communications of college efforts. See the web link, just posted to our home page, as one instance. CPA has just concluded their immediate fund raising, and student activities, under Meri Phillips, is planning projects.

  • We are now accepting students from affected areas.

  • We are working with each case individually, making arrangements for admissions, registration, transfer, financial aid, tuition payments, and so on.

  • We are not waiving tuition but will make every effort to accommodate students with deferred payments and other arrangements as needed.

Connecticut State University System:

CSU Offers Waivers to Connecticut Students Impacted by Katrina

HARTFORD, Conn., Sept. 2 – Connecticut State University trustees voted today to

  • Allow full-time students from Connecticut attending institutions of higher education in the Gulf Coast areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama closed as a result of Hurricane Katrina to enroll for the fall semester at any of the four Connecticut state universities without having to pay tuition and mandatory fees.

  • The trustees also agreed to waive application fees and all late fees for those students wanting to continue their education at Central Connecticut State University, Eastern Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University and Western Connecticut State University.

    Students whose education was interrupted by Katrina are asked to contact the admissions office at the CSU university they wish to attend as soon as possible. The telephone numbers for the admissions offices are:

    Central Connecticut State University – 860-832-2278
    Eastern Connecticut State University – 860-465-5286
    Southern Connecticut State University – 888-500-7278 (toll-free)
    Western Connecticut State University – 203-837-9000.

DePaul University:
Dear Colleagues,
In the days since Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region, members of the university community have reached out to identify our students who may need assistance to provide support and a host of aid services. We have identified a number of current students from the affected region, some of whom are from the most ravaged areas. DePaul's response, like so many universities around the nation, has been swift and gratifying, from deans contacting their counterparts at universities

in New Orleans, to Admission staff fielding calls from nearly 200 students seeking temporary, last-minute admission, to Student Affairs staff who have planned prayer services and a fund-raising drive. These efforts illustrate, yet again, that DePaul's Catholic and Vincentian mission is both real and vital.

  • the undergraduate Admission staff and Financial Aid staff will extend hours through the weekend to help students seeking expedited admission.

  • Weekend hours will be Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at both the Loop and Lincoln Park Campuses; Sunday 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Loop Campus only, and Monday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Loop Campus only. If you receive inquiries, you can refer them to the Admission office at 312/362-8300. Deans have arranged for college staff and advisors to be on call.

  • Admission and Financial Aid staff members have been meeting individually with students who attend schools in the affected region to discuss enrollment options. Most are from the Chicago area and are choosing to apply as visiting students with the intention of returning to their home institutions when they reopen.

  • We are being as flexible as possible in expediting their admission and registration at DePaul.

  • Financial aid staff members have counseled students, even prior to their admission, to address tuition issues.

  • For some students, the option of gaining full admission to degree-seeking status and applying for financial aid is still possible; in those cases, we are making every attempt to complete the process by the time classes start on Sept. 7.

  • The School for New Learning has rolling start dates and is an option for students who seek admission after the start of classes next week.


Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, C.M.


Drew University has established express enrollment services for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Please contact The Office of College Admissions at 1-973-408-DREW or cadm@drew.edu

George Mason University:

  • Easing application process

  • May withdraw w/ no penalty when desire to return to original institution

  • Must prove registration at original institution

  • General easing of registration processes

  • Guidance available

  • Faculty urged to enroll beyond deadlines

  • See website for info at: http://gazette.gmu.edu/articles/?id=7089

Many of you have offered suggestions and expressed concern about the aftermath of Katrina and what Mason can do. University Life has been diligent, and will separately send out information about charitable donations. Thanks to University Life also, we have identified current Mason students from the region and are in contact with them; we will be asking their instructors for appropriate flexibility in the timing of assignments to allow for them to offer assistance back home. Admissions early on offered opportunities at Mason for qualified local students who attend schools in the affected area, and we will be temporarily enrolling several. Many people have worked hard to expedite this. But here too, we need faculty help in force-adding those students to classes wherever possible. I am also willing -- another good suggestion -- to try to provide working space for any marooned faculty, if needs are called to my attention. Other ideas are welcome.

Peter N. Stearns, Provost

George Washington University:
As you all know, Tulane University and several other institutions of higher learning in New Orleans and the immediate region have experienced massive disruption of their operations and are unable to begin fall semester classes. It is estimated that some 75,000 students are affected.

GW will welcome students from these universities as nondegree students on a space available basis. Any late registration fees that these students might incur will be waived upon providing verification of matriculation at their home university or college.

Students wishing to enroll in classes at GW should review the admission and registration procedures for nondegree students at http://www.gwu.edu/~ous/index.cfm . They also may wish to contact the Office of University Students at 202.994.1972 or ous@gwu.edu. Graduate students are advised to contact the appropriate GW department or program regarding course selection and availability.

Please note that no University housing is available for these students.

The GW academic community expresses its deep concern for those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Please share this information with any students or their families who may contact you regarding possible course enrollment at GW.

Donald R. Lehman

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Georgia Southern University:

Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath have affected thousands of people in many ways. Several colleges and universities are closed and are facing uncertain futures. Georgia Southern University has enrolled 11 students, and is working with 8 more, who have been displaced by the disaster. They come to Statesboro from Tulane, Xavier, and Loyola universities.

These students will arrive on campus Tuesday, September 6 to begin classes.
Although each case has unique circumstances, Georgia Southern University is working under the primary guideline that all tuition and fees will be deferred, including housing and meal plan charges. If you have a chance to meet any of our newest students, please welcome them to our community

of learners and let them know they have a home with us.

Hannibal LaGrange College:

  • Hannibal-LaGrange College will accept applications from eligible students enrolled at an institution in the Gulf Coast flood areas.

  • HLG is extending registration and enrollment deadlines

  • Waiving application fees and late fees.

  • All admitted students will be enrolled as degree seeking guest students

  • Will be eligible for all appropriate financial aid and scholarships.

  • Limited space is also available in HLG's residential halls.

If you are an interested student or know of a student who is currently enrolled in a college or university that has been affected by the hurricane, please contact the Admissions Office at 1-800-HLG-1119.

HLG is also planning relief trips to the Gulf Coast over Fall Break. They are currently accepting donations that will be sent to the affected areas.
"Our heart goes out to those who have been devastated by this disaster," said Burt. "We, at HLG want to do anything we can to help them through this time."
Founded in 1858, Hannibal-LaGrange College is a four-year, Christian liberal arts college located in Hannibal, Mo.
Dr. Burt has announced that we are also waiving tuition fees for Fall 05 for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina.


  • no contact available when called

  • see website at: http://www.htu.edu

We are a small historically Black university in Austin, and we have been alerted to receive students from Xavier, Tougaloo, and Dillard, our HBCU sister schools in NO and Jacksonville, Miss., and from any other school affected. UNCF is collecting funds to help, especially, those from UNCF schools. There is a concerted outreach in this institution, in this community. Our students have initiated their own outreach, which is embraced by the institution. A number of our students have families who are affected, who are missing.

Illinois State University:

  • Advertised on AP and with NACAC

  • Spoke w/ coordinator, Molly Arnold @ 309.310.5674

  • 20 students currently enrolled

  • Projects enrolling some 50 students; limit as yet uncertain

  • Leaders from Admissions, Housing, and Financial Aid brainstorming frequently, putting together “by the seat of our pants”

  • Out of state tuition for non IL residents

  • If previously applied, no need for new paperwork

  • Easy overrides

  • Must enroll by 9/9/05

  • See attached website info at http://www.mediarelations.ilstu.edu/news_releases/0506/september/katrina.asp

We here at LeTourneau University are housing a number of students who have been evacuated. They aren't enrolling, but they are being taken care of for as long as is necessary. Additionally, our students are collecting money and also volunteering their time to assist the RedCross at our Maude Cobb Convention Center where hundreds of refugees are being housed and at the Highway 80 Rescue Mission which is housing and feeding others.

Lincoln University of Pennsylvania will be offering tuition free education relief to students from Xavier, Dillard and Southern University of New Orleans, all fellow HBCUs that have been affected by hurricane Katrina. Lincoln is willing to take on and house fifty (50) female students who will not be charged tuition for this semester but will have to pay Room, Board and Fees. Lincoln University will open its doors to an additional 25 students, male or female who are able to commute who will also have tuition waived. Students interested in taking advantage of this offer must enroll by September 9th as classes began on August 24th. All those interested in taking advantage of this offer please contact the Office of Admissions at 1 800 790 0191 or visit www.lincoln.edu <http://www.lincoln.edu/> Contact: Mr. Michael Hill, VP, Development & External Relations Friday, September 2, 2005 or Jonathan Chase, Communications Office (610) 932-1094
Lynchburg College: is accepting, tuition-free for the fall semester, undergraduate students dislocated from colleges and universities in the area devastated by Hurricane Katrina.
Students who wish to reside on campus will only be charged for room, board, and fees which total approximately $3,400 for the semester. Accommodations for 36 students are available on campus in the residence halls. Additional students may live off campus in nearby apartment complexes. In order to expedite the admissions process a streamlined application is being offered to students who can start classes as soon as they arrive on campus. The College is waiving its normal one semester tuition charge of $11,850.
In order to get the word out, representatives of the College's enrollment office are contacting students who applied to Lynchburg College but enrolled at one of the colleges/universities in the area affected by the hurricane. In addition, The Reverend Grant Azdell, dean of religious life and chaplain of the College, is working with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to contact students who are in need of placement. Students in need may also visit www.sacs.org <http://www.sacs.org/> to learn of more colleges/universities offering assistance.
Dr. Kenneth Garren, president of Lynchburg College, said, "We are all deeply

concerned about the welfare of those affected by Hurricane Katrina. We are fortunate to be able to offer this service to the many college students who are in need of a place to begin or continue their pursuit of higher education."

For further information, impacted students and parents may contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 434/544-8300 or 1-800-426-8101 ext. 8300 or

visit www.lynchburg.edu <http://www.lynchburg.edu/>.

Marquette University: slightly truncated/reformmated version of the president’s message, below.

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