A advanced  The Profession of Faith ccc954-62,2683 Charade Of Saints

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Advanced  The Profession of Faith---CCC954-62,2683
Charade Of Saints

Albert the Great (scholar & bishop scientists

Anastasia(martyr) weavers

Andrew(apostle) fishermen

Ann(mother of Mary) homemakers

Apollonia(martyr) dentists

Barbara(martyr) prisoners,architects,firefighters

Brendan(missionary) sailors

Catherine of Siena(advised the pope) nurses

Cecilia(martyr) musicians

Christopher(carried the Christ Child) motorists

Clare(followed St.Francis, founded Poor Clares) television

Colette(reformed the Poor Clares) expectant mothers

Dorothy(martyr) florists & brides

Eligius(goldsmith) jewelers

Elizabeth of Hungary(queen) bakers

Frances Xavier Cabrini(missionary to America) immigrants

Frances de Sales(bishop) writers

Francis of Assisi(founded Order of Friars Minor, also know as Franciscans

Merchants & animals

Gabriel(archangel) mail carriers

Gemma(mustic) pharmacists

Gregory the Great(pope) singers & teachers

Isidore(farmer) farmers

Jerome(Scripture scholar) librarians

Joachim(father of Mary) fathers

Joan of Arc(deliverer of France) soldiers & France

Joseph(foster father of Jesus) carpenters

Joseph of Arimathea(buried Jesus) funeral directors

Lawrence(martyr) cooks

Louis of France(king) barbers

Lucy(martyr) eye patients

Lydwina(united her sufferings with those of Christ) skaters

Luke(physician,Gospel writer) doctors & artists

Matthew(apostle) accountants & bankers

Michael(archangel) police officers

Monica(mother of St. Augustine) mothers

Sebastian(soldier) athletes & armies

Teresa of Avila(reformed the Carmelite Order) headache sufferers

Therese of Lisieux(contemplative) missionaries

Thomas Aquinas(scholar) students

Thomas More(lawyer,martyr) lawyers


Materials: index cards, prepared with names from the above list; book of saints, such as Butler’s Lives of the Saints or The Picture Book of Saints (Catholic Book Publishing); photocopies of the above list of Saints, one for each student.
Purpose: to acquaint students with the saints and remind them that these holy ones are alive in Christ and serve Him by praying for us. A helpful resource would be a book on the saints, so that some general information can be given during the course of the game.
As the Catechism instructs us, the saints in heaven “contemplate God, praise him and constantly care for those whom they have left on earth…..We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the whole world” (2683). Through the years, saints have become known for their special concern and effective prayers for certain persons, countries, or institutions.


Pass out index cards and lists, one of each per student.

Say: We are going to play a variation on the game Charades. Remember that the object of Charades is to guess what the player is acting out from the player’s motions alone; he is not allowed to speak. Sometimes Charades is played with movie titles, books, or songs. Our game is going to be about patron saints.
Have you ever heard the word “patron”? (It means someone who protects or helps another person; a benefactor.) What is a saint? (A holy person declared by the Church to be in heaven because of his exemplary life on earth and the miracles worked through his prayers after his death; also, anyone who has died for the faith.) So then, what might a patron saint be? (A holy person in heaven who cares for someone on earth.)
Over the years, for different reasons, certain saints have come to be known as patron saints for certain people , institutions, or even things. Have you ever heard of praying to Saint Anthony to help you find a lost object? Or perhaps you’ve learned that Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, where he was a great missionary during his life. We can at any time ask of the saints to pray for us, because that is their heavenly “work”, to bring our prayers and needs to Christ, with whom they dwell in glory. But it is interesting to learn which saints are believed to have a special love for certain people and circumstances.
You have a list and an index card with names of some saints and those for whom they are patrons.
When it is your turn to play, you act out what is on your card, either the saint or the person for whom the saint is a patron. The rest of the class must choose from the list which saint you are charading. For example, Saint Clare is the patroness of television. When Saint Clare consecrated herself to Christ, Saint Francis of Assisi cut off her hair. You could act out a person watching television or making a TV show. When you’ve guessed the saint, please raise your hand and wait to be called on, then tell the class the name of the saint and that for which he is a patron-“Saint Clare, the patron saint of television.” The first person to make a correct guess is the next player.
Choose a student to begin the game. Proceed as described. After a saint has been identified, you can share some interesting facts with the students such as when and where he lived, what miracles are associated with him, and so forth.

Advanced  The Profession of Faith—CCC 954-62

Which Saint Are You?
Materials: index cards and list of saints from the “Charade of Saints” activity; three holy cards of saints for prizes.
Tape an index card on the back of each student without letting the student see the name written on the card.
Say: Today we are going to play a game similar to a party game you may have played before. It’s similar to “Twenty Questions” also. Please listen carefully to the directions. I am going to tape on each student’s back an index card with the name of a saint. This is your secret identity. The object of the game is to be the first one to guess your identity.
Here’s how you play. You mingle around the room and find another student to talk to. He looks at your card, and you look at his. You may ask him three questions about yourself that can be answered “yes” or “no”; for example, “Am I a man?” “Am I a priest?” “Did I found a religious order?” That student then may ask you three questions about his identity. Then you both find someone else to question. You continue in this manner until you can guess who you are. If you need help, I have posted a list of saints on the wall (or bulletin board) to give you some clues. When you have guessed correctly, come to me—the first three will get a little prize.

Patron Saint Biography
Materials: index cards from the “Charade of Saints” activity; books about the saints.
Distribute cards. Explain about patron saints. Ask students to research a saint and write a short biography of his life.

Used with permission from Ignatius Press, www.ignatius.com , “100 Activities Based on the Catechism

of the Catholic Church” by Ellen Rossini. www.catecheticalresources.com

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