8: 30 Breakfast 9: 15-9: 50 Nikayon

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Yom Bnei Mitzvah

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7:45 Tefillot

  • Tefillah Aerobics led by Maya and Jay (speaker, Candy Man song)

  • Announce Yom

  • Whoever has siddur makom will lead an abbreviated service

  • Shula’s Dvar Tfillah

8:30 Breakfast

9:15-9:50 Nikayon

10:00-10:20 First activity Yom Bnei Mitzvah (since all of you are having BM soon…)

  • Divide into 6 groups

  • First step: learn how to give a proper handshake

        • counselors take them to the mirpeset

        • make 4 lines and practice giving a firm handshake

        • if they are bad they are sent to the back

        • then have them practice amongst themselves

  • practice delivering a speech

        • keep in mind! say Shabbat shalom at the beginning and end of speech, thank all of your relatives for coming from far

        • print out lyrics to songs we already know

        • they will have to practice reciting the song/ “speech” in a slow and clear voice (not singing the song, they must read the lyrics)

10:25-11:45 Dvar Torah rap battle (competition, Emily is the judge, prize?)

  • Gather on the mirpeset. 2 girls and 2 boys should present what they learned.

  • Bar Mitzvah project:

        • Counselors will talk for a few minutes about what they did for their BM project (Eric, Carmi, Shula, Aliza, whoever else did one)

  • Split into 6 groups (written below)

  • Each group will be assigned a topic for a d’var torah. They have to write a whole song/rap about that topic. Pick a song and then they will perform it on the stage. It must have 2 opening verses and then a chorus that repeats twice. (a bridge if you’re feeling fancy)

  • It doesn’t have to be to a song, but there must be a background beat

  • Everyone has to sing / make the beat / give ideas for the lyrics

  • Tips: spend 10 minutes brainstorming (counselor writes everything)

      • Write down at least 5 reasons or aspects this topic is important

      • Ways we do this mitzvah

      • Why we do this mitzvah?

      • How does this help the world and the people around us?

Start lyrics by 10:45

Topics: (30 minutes)

Group 1. Tzedaka (giving money to the poor, brining money to poor people in Israel)

Group 2. Kibud Av vEm (honoring your mother and father, respect your elders, helping out siblings with homework, play with your little siblings, help setting table for dinner)

Group 3. T’shuva (repentance, asking for forgiveness, how to make up with your friend after a fight, how to say sorry)

Group 4. Feeding the homeless (soup kitchens, food packages)

Group 5. Tikun Olam (picking up trash around you, planting trees, pollution)

Group 6. Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick, helping the elderly, help someone cross the road, holding the door)

Start performances at 11:15
11:45-12:30 Kotel wishes

  1. Barak will explain while the Kotel is so important and tell the story of the Israeli army taking the Kotel

  2. Barak + Dvir will teach Hatikva and then we will sing it

  3. Afterwards we will play Hebrew songs (ipod and speakers) in the background

  4. Campers will learn about the importance of prayer and Hashem answering our prayers. They will write little notes to put in the kotel (we will have a banner of the kotel to hang on the wall)

  • Sit by yourself

  • Write a note or a few notes

  • Put it in the pocket

  1. Place their notes in the pockets of the kotel


    • What are your hopes for this summer

    • What are your long term goals, dreams

    • What are your hopes for your Bar Mitzvah

    • Prayers for your family

    • Hopes for seventh grade

12:30/1-2:30 (when ever we are done) packout Lunch and Menucha

eat by bunk/birkat/menucha

2:30-3:30 Thank you notes

  • Training session on how to write a proper thank-you note 20 minutes

  • Split into the same 6 groups as before

  • Teach about the important but sometimes overlooked groups of people in camp. It is important to thank everyone, especially when what they do is so frequent that we don’t even realize. 10 minutes

  • Each camper has to write a thank you note to one of the following people or whoever they think of. Brainstorm as a group, give ideas 10 minutes

  • Write note 30 minutes (they can write more than one)

          1. kitchen staff

          2. toilet cleaners

          3. misrad workers (Ed Pletman, Marggi…)

          4. Guards

          5. Maintenance staff, Jimmy

          6. anyone else you can think of

3:30-4:00 Tallis and Tefillin

  • Boy counselors (Sam and Jay) teach how to properly wrap Tefillin and the Brachot

  • They will then “wrap” their own Tefillin using Fruit by the Foot (girls too!)

4:30-5:30 Tzedakah project

5:30-6:30 Get ready for party

  • Campers are in fancy attire

  • Counselors are MCs and wear black

6:30-7:15 Cookout dinner
7:15-9:00 PARTY

    • Dancing, music (staff are DJs and MCs/ Bar mitzvah dancers)

    • Booths

      • photo booth (run by Abigail-bring camera)

      • face in hole (run by Alizah-bring camera)

      • cotton candy machine (??)

    • Games: (disperse the games and dances throughout the night)

      • coke & pepsi (DJed by Jay)

      • limbo

      • hula hoops

    • Fun dances:

      • cotton eyed joe

      • cha cha slide

      • macarena

8:20: Photo montage (tech will set up at 8)


Giveaways ?


Group 1. Abigail + Dvir (Tops of 13/Bottoms of 8)

Group 2. Maya + Nathan (Tops of 11/12/Bottoms of 10)

Group 3. Carmi + Aliza (Tops of 15/Bottoms of 9)

Group 4. Barak + Shula + Sam (Tops of 8/Bottoms of 13)

Group 5. Jay + Alizah (Tops of 9/Bottoms of 11/12)

Group 6. Sally + Eric (Tops of 10/Bottoms of 15)

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