4 Step Project: Research a person

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Second Annual Ann K Heiman

Whole School Literacy Project

Bottle Buddy Biography Project

Projects due: Thursday, March 15th

4 Step Project:

  1. Research a person

  2. Make a Bottle Buddy

  3. Write a Riddle

  4. Dress up like your famous person and share your work.

  1. Research a famous person- it may be someone famous from history, or a current person. Read a biography or article about your person. (Students in grades K-1 may choose to do their project on a hero from a fictional story)

  1. Make a bottle buddy -use a 2-liter bottle for the body and a painted 4” Styrofoam ball (found at Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart or other craft stores) for the head. Fill the bottom with 2 inches of sand or dirt. Make the bottle look like your person. To make your bottle like your person use any material available: felt, paint, fabric, rocks, sticks, hats, construction paper, aluminum foil, etc. to create their costume and props. Your teachers at school will have materials you can use as well if you need some. Also if you have extra bottles, balls or supplies please bring them in!


* Joseph Smith by Avery Quilter, and Michael Jackson by Davin Furnell

  1. Create a biography riddle. Include at least 10 clues either typed or written very neatly with pen. Try to choose things that will surprise people. Example below:

Who am I?
I had size 14 feet.

I had a great sense of humor and I like to make jokes.

I was colorblind.

I almost drowned when I was a boy, but was saved by a neighbor.

I was afraid of the dentist.

I was President of the United States of America.

I was the only US President to hold a patent (I liked to invent things).

I was a lawyer.

I was born in 1809 in a log cabin.

I had a sister named Sarah.

Who am I?
Abraham Lincoln

  1. Bring your bottle buddy to school on Thursday, March15th. You may also bring a costume that looks like your bottle buddy to change into for your sharing time. Be ready to share your bottle buddy and riddle with other students in your grade.

  1. Contact Mrs. McCall if you have any questions at tmccall@greeleyschools.org or 348-2463.

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*Please remove this slip, sign it and return it to school to show that you are aware of this optional literacy project.

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