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3 D in Microscopy

In recent years, neurosurgery has been deeply influenced by new technologies. Computer Aided Surgery (CAS) offers several benefits for patients’ safety but fine techniques targeted to obtain minimally invasive and traumatic treatments are required, since intra-operative false movements can be devastating, leaving patients dead. The precision of the surgical gesture is related both to accuracy of the available technological instruments and surgeon’s experience. In this frame, medical training is particularly important.

The existing technique in the microscopy provide a three dimensional view to the surgeon performing the surgery but the surgeon has to place himself in front of the microscope as shown in Fig 2.1 with his eyes focusing on the surgical spot through the eyepieces which is ergonomically stressful. Also, the assistants watching the surgery through the display will see only a two-dimensional view. The three-dimensional view in the microscopy can improve the medical training and stereomicroscopic techniques are used to introduce 3 D in microscopy.

Fig 2.1: The existing neurosurgery approach using microscope

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