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Title: EMAS recommendations for conditions in the workplace for menopausal women

Author(s): Griffiths, A (Griffiths, Amanda); Ceausu, I (Ceausu, Iuliana); Depypere, H (Depypere, Herman); Lambrinoudaki, I (Lambrinoudaki, Irene); Mueck, A (Mueck, Alfred); Perez-Lopez, FR (Perez-Lopez, Faustino R.); van der Schouw, YT (van der Schouw, Yvonne T.); Senturk, LM (Senturk, Levent M.); Simoncini, T (Simoncini, Tommaso); Stevenson, JC (Stevenson, John C.); Stute, P (Stute, Petra); Rees, M (Rees, Margaret)

Source: MATURITAS  Volume: 85  Pages: 79-81  DOI: 10.1016/j.maturitas.2015.12.005  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000370897300013

PubMed ID: 26857884

ISSN: 0378-5122

eISSN: 1873-4111

Record 333 of 500

Title: EMAS position statement: Testosterone replacement therapy in the aging male

Author(s): Dimopoulou, C (Dimopoulou, Christina); Ceausu, I (Ceausu, Iuliana); Depypere, H (Depypere, Herman); Lambrinoudaki, I (Lambrinoudaki, Irene); Mueck, A (Mueck, Alfred); Perez-Lopez, FR (Perez-Lopez, Faustino R.); Rees, M (Rees, Margaret); van der Schouw, YT (van der Schouw, Yvonne T.); Senturk, LM (Senturk, Levent M.); Simonsini, T (Simonsini, Tommaso); Stevenson, JC (Stevenson, John C.); Stute, P (Stute, Petra); Goulis, DG (Goulis, Dimitrios G.)

Source: MATURITAS  Volume: 84  Pages: 94-99  DOI: 10.1016/j.maturitas.2015.11.003  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000368207100016

PubMed ID: 26614257

ISSN: 0378-5122

eISSN: 1873-4111

Record 334 of 500

Title: Promising link between selenium and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma in the treatment protocols of obesity as well as depression

Author(s): Donma, MM (Donma, M. M.); Donma, O (Donma, O.)

Source: MEDICAL HYPOTHESES  Volume: 89  Pages: 79-83  DOI: 10.1016/j.mehy.2016.02.008  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000372940000018

PubMed ID: 26968915

ISSN: 0306-9877

eISSN: 1532-2777

Record 335 of 500

Title: Pentoxifylline Inhibits Epidural Fibrosis in Post-Laminectomy Rats

Author(s): Kelten, B (Kelten, Bilal); Erdogan, H (Erdogan, Hakan); Antar, V (Antar, Veysel); Sanel, S (Sanel, Selim); Tuncdemir, M (Tuncdemir, Matem); Kutnu, M (Kutnu, Muge); Karaoglan, A (Karaoglan, Alper); Orki, T (Orki, Tulay)

Source: MEDICAL SCIENCE MONITOR  Volume: 22  Pages: 840-847  Published: MAR 14 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000372064500002

PubMed ID: 26974057

ISSN: 1643-3750

Record 336 of 500

Title: Penile masses: Shear Wave Elastography correlated with Magnetic Resonance Imagining. A two cases report

Author(s): Alis, D (Alis, Deniz); Ustabasioglu, FE (Ustabasioglu, Fethi Emre); Samanci, C (Samanci, Cesur); Boz, SM (Boz, Sinan Murat); Sirolu, S (Sirolu, Sabri); Kantarci, F (Kantarci, Fatih)

Source: MEDICAL ULTRASONOGRAPHY  Volume: 18  Issue: 4  Pages: 515-517  DOI: 10.11152/mu-881  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000393177800016

PubMed ID: 27981286

ISSN: 1844-4172

eISSN: 2066-8643

Record 337 of 500

Title: A dilemma at gray scale thyroid ultrasound: microcalcification or not? Differentiation with Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging - Virtual Touch Imaging

Author(s): Yildirim, D (Yildirim, Duzgun); Samanci, C (Samanci, Cesur); Ustabasioglu, FE (Ustabasioglu, Fethi Emre); Alis, D (Alis, Deniz); Colakoglu, B (Colakoglu, Bulent); Bakir, A (Bakir, Alev); Tutar, O (Tutar, Onur); Kilavuz, AE (Kilavuz, Ahmet Erdem); Kaur, A (Kaur, Ahmet)

Source: MEDICAL ULTRASONOGRAPHY  Volume: 18  Issue: 4  Pages: 452-456  DOI: 10.11152/mu-872  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000393177800007

PubMed ID: 27981277

ISSN: 1844-4172

eISSN: 2066-8643

Record 338 of 500

Title: Characteristics, Treatment, and Long-Term Outcome of Gastrointestinal Involvement in Behcet's Syndrome A Strobe-Compliant Observational Study From a Dedicated Multidisciplinary Center

Author(s): Hatemi, I (Hatemi, Ibrahim); Esatoglu, SN (Esatoglu, Sinem Nihal); Hatemi, G (Hatemi, Gulen); Erzin, Y (Erzin, Yusuf); Yazici, H (Yazici, Hasan); Celik, AF (Celik, Aykut Ferhat)

Source: MEDICINE  Volume: 95  Issue: 16  Article Number: e3348  DOI: 10.1097/MD.0000000000003348  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000376924800009

PubMed ID: 27100417

ISSN: 0025-7974

eISSN: 1536-5964

Record 339 of 500

Title: Regulation of the Ku70 and apoptosis-related proteins in experimental diabetic nephropathy

Author(s): Tuncdemir, M (Tuncdemir, Matem); Ozturk, M (Ozturk, Melek)

Source: METABOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL  Volume: 65  Issue: 10  Pages: 1466-1477  DOI: 10.1016/j.metabol.2016.06.010  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383528200003

PubMed ID: 27621182

ISSN: 0026-0495

eISSN: 1532-8600

Record 340 of 500

Title: A Case of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Secondary to Human Metapneumovirus Bronchiolitis

Author(s): Yesilbas, O (Yesilbas, Osman); Sevketoglu, E (Sevketoglu, Esra); Kihtir, HS (Kihtir, Hasan Serdar); Talip Petmezci, M (Talip Petmezci, Mey); Bato, E (Bato, Elif); Balkaya, S (Balkaya, Seda); Hatipoglu, N (Hatipoglu, Nevin); Kuskucu, MA (Kuskucu, Mert Ahmet); Palabiyik, F (Palabiyik, Figen); Cakir, E (Cakir, Erkan)

Source: MIKROBIYOLOJI BULTENI  Volume: 50  Issue: 4  Pages: 606-612  DOI: 10.5578/mb.32195  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000387771500011

PubMed ID: 28124966

ISSN: 0374-9096

Record 341 of 500

Title: Microbiological Approach to a Possible Infective Endocarditis Case Caused by Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans

Author(s): Gurcan, S (Gurcan, Saban); Uuml;nlu, S (Unlu, Salahattin); Kuloglu, F (Kuloglu, Figen); Karadenizli, A (Karadenizli, Aynur); Kuskucu, MA (Kuskucu, Mert Ahmet)

Source: MIKROBIYOLOJI BULTENI  Volume: 50  Issue: 2  Pages: 315-321  DOI: 10.5578/mb.10803  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000378184000016

PubMed ID: 27175505

ISSN: 0374-9096

Record 342 of 500

Title: Determination of Cytomegalovirus Glycoprotein B Genotypes in Different Geographical Regions and Different Patient Groups in Turkey

Author(s): Eren Daglar, D (Eren Daglar, Duygu); Ongut, G (Ongut, Gozde); Colak, D (Colak, Dilek); Ozkul, A (Ozkul, Aykut); Mutlu, D (Mutlu, Derya); Zeytinoglu, A (Zeytinoglu, Aysin); Midilli, K (Midilli, Kenan); Gokahmetoglu, S (Gokahmetoglu, Selma); Gunseren, F (Gunseren, Filiz); Ogunc, D (Ogunc, Dilara); Gultekin, M (Gultekin, Meral)

Source: MIKROBIYOLOJI BULTENI  Volume: 50  Issue: 1  Pages: 53-62  DOI: 10.5578/mb.10880  Published: JAN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000371499500006

PubMed ID: 27058329

ISSN: 0374-9096

Record 343 of 500

Title: Risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome associated with FTO gene variants discloses clinically relevant gender difference among Turks

Author(s): Guclu-Geyik, F (Guclu-Geyik, Filiz); Onat, A (Onat, Altan); Yuzbasiogullari, AB (Yuzbasiogullari, Ayse Berna); Coban, N (Coban, Neslihan); Can, G (Can, Gunay); Lehtimaki, T (Lehtimaki, Terho); Erginel-Unaltuna, N (Erginel-Unaltuna, Nihan)

Source: MOLECULAR BIOLOGY REPORTS  Volume: 43  Issue: 6  Pages: 485-494  DOI: 10.1007/s11033-016-3992-0  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000376623200005

PubMed ID: 27146691

ISSN: 0301-4851

eISSN: 1573-4978

Record 344 of 500

Title: Molecular analysis of the AGXT gene in patients suspected with hyperoxaluria type 1 and three novel mutations from Turkey

Author(s): Isiyel, E (Isiyel, Emel); Ezgu, SAB (Ezgu, Sevcan A. Bakkaloglu); Caliskan, S (Caliskan, Salim); Akman, S (Akman, Sema); Akil, I (Akil, Ipek); Tabel, Y (Tabel, Yilmaz); Akinci, N (Akinci, Nurver); Ozdogan, EB (Ozdogan, Elif Bahat); Ozel, A (Ozel, Ahmet); Eroglu, FK (Eroglu, Fehime Kara); Ezgu, FS (Ezgu, Fatih S.)

Source: MOLECULAR GENETICS AND METABOLISM  Volume: 119  Issue: 4  Pages: 311-316  DOI: 10.1016/j.ymgme.2016.10.011  Published: DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000389967100004

PubMed ID: 27915025

ISSN: 1096-7192

eISSN: 1096-7206

Record 345 of 500

Title: Integrated multidisciplinary clinics should be the gold standard in managing progressive MS - YES

Author(s): Uygunoglu, U (Uygunoglu, Ugur); Kantarci, O (Kantarci, Orhun); Siva, A (Siva, Aksel)

Source: MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS JOURNAL  Volume: 22  Issue: 9  Pages: 1126-1128  DOI: 10.1177/1352458516650526  Published: AUG 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000380995800003

PubMed ID: 27225677

ISSN: 1352-4585

eISSN: 1477-0970

Record 346 of 500

Title: Virulence Attributes and Antifungal Susceptibility Profile of Opportunistic Fungi Isolated from Ophthalmic Infections

Author(s): Sav, H (Sav, Hafize); Ozdemir, HG (Ozdemir, Havva Gul); Altinbas, R (Altinbas, Rabiye); Kiraz, N (Kiraz, Nuri); Ilkit, M (Ilkit, Macit); Seyedmousavi, S (Seyedmousavi, Seyedmojtaba)

Source: MYCOPATHOLOGIA  Volume: 181  Issue: 9-10  Pages: 653-661  DOI: 10.1007/s11046-016-0018-3  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382938400005

PubMed ID: 27193295

ISSN: 0301-486X

eISSN: 1573-0832

Record 347 of 500

Title: Time-Kill Kinetics and In Vitro Antifungal Susceptibility of Non-fumigatus Aspergillus Species Isolated from Patients with Ocular Mycoses

Author(s): Oz, Y (Oz, Yasemin); Ozdemir, HG (Ozdemir, Havva Gul); Gokbolat, E (Gokbolat, Egemen); Kiraz, N (Kiraz, Nuri); Ilkit, M (Ilkit, Macit); Seyedmousavi, S (Seyedmousavi, Seyedmojtaba)

Source: MYCOPATHOLOGIA  Volume: 181  Issue: 3-4  Pages: 225-233  DOI: 10.1007/s11046-015-9969-z  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000372290000008

PubMed ID: 26612621

ISSN: 0301-486X

eISSN: 1573-0832

Record 348 of 500

Title: Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis: Yeast Species Isolated from Stool Samples of Children with Suspected or Diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders and In Vitro Susceptibility Against Nystatin and Fluconazole

Author(s): Kantarcioglu, AS (Kantarcioglu, A. Serda); Kiraz, N (Kiraz, Nuri); Aydin, A (Aydin, Ahmet)

Source: MYCOPATHOLOGIA  Volume: 181  Issue: 1-2  Pages: 1-7  DOI: 10.1007/s11046-015-9949-3  Published: FEB 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000366371500001

PubMed ID: 26442855

ISSN: 0301-486X

eISSN: 1573-0832

Record 349 of 500

Title: Virulence markers of opportunistic black yeast in Exophiala

Author(s): Sav, H (Sav, Hafize); Ozakkas, F (Ozakkas, Fatma); Altinbas, R (Altinbas, Rabiye); Kiraz, N (Kiraz, Nuri); Tumgor, A (Tumgor, Aysegul); Gumral, R (Gumral, Ramazan); Dogen, A (Dogen, Aylin); Ilkit, M (Ilkit, Macit); de Hoog, GS (de Hoog, G. Sybren)

Source: MYCOSES  Volume: 59  Issue: 6  Pages: 343-350  DOI: 10.1111/myc.12478  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000375332400002

PubMed ID: 26857806

ISSN: 0933-7407

eISSN: 1439-0507

Record 350 of 500

Title: The DESCARTES-Nantes survey of kidney transplant recipients displaying clinical operational tolerance identifies 35 new tolerant patients and 34 almost tolerant patients

Author(s): Massart, A (Massart, Annick); Pallier, A (Pallier, Annaick); Pascual, J (Pascual, Julio); Viklicky, O (Viklicky, Ondrej); Budde, K (Budde, Klemens); Spasovski, G (Spasovski, Goce); Klinger, M (Klinger, Marian); Sever, MS (Sever, Mehmet Sukru); Sorensen, SS (Sorensen, Soren Schwartz); Hadaya, K (Hadaya, Karine); Oberbauer, R (Oberbauer, Rainer); Dudley, C (Dudley, Christopher); De Fijter, JW (De Fijter, Johan W.); Yussim, A (Yussim, Alexander); Hazzan, M (Hazzan, Marc); Wekerle, T (Wekerle, Thomas); Berglund, D (Berglund, David); De Biase, C (De Biase, Consuelo); Perez-Saez, MJ (Jose Perez-Saez, Maria); Muhlfeld, A (Muehlfeld, Anja); Orlando, G (Orlando, Giuseppe); Clemente, K (Clemente, Katia); Lai, QRN (Lai, Quirino); Pisani, F (Pisani, Francesco); Kandus, A (Kandus, Aljosa); Baas, M (Baas, Marije); Bemelman, F (Bemelman, Frederike); Ponikvar, JB (Ponikvar, Jadranka Buturovic); Mazouz, H (Mazouz, Hakim); Stratta, P (Stratta, Piero); Subra, JF (Subra, Jean-Francois); Villemain, F (Villemain, Florence); Hoitsma, A (Hoitsma, Andries); Braun, L (Braun, Laura); Cantarell, MC (Carmen Cantarell, Maria); Colak, H (Colak, Hulya); Courtney, A (Courtney, Aisling); Frasca, GM (Frasca, Giovanni Maria); Howse, M (Howse, Matthew); Naesens, M (Naesens, Maarten); Reischig, T (Reischig, Tomas); Seron, D (Seron, Daniel); Seyahi, N (Seyahi, Nurhan); Tugmen, C (Tugmen, Cem); Hernandez, AA (Alonso Hernandez, Angel); Bena, L (Bena, Luboslav); Biancone, L (Biancone, Luigi); Cuna, V (Cuna, Vania); Diaz-Corte, C (Diaz-Corte, Carmen); Dufay, A (Dufay, Alexandre); Gaasbeek, A (Gaasbeek, Andre); Garnier, A (Garnier, Arnaud); Gatault, P (Gatault, Philippe); Govantes, MAG (Gentil Govantes, Miguel Angel); Glowacki, F (Glowacki, Francois); Gross, O (Gross, Oliver); de Ligny, BH (de Ligny, Bruno Hurault); Huynh-Do, U (Huynh-Do, Uyen); Janbon, B (Janbon, Benedicte); del Cerro, LAJ (Antonio Jimenez del Cerro, Luis); Keller, F (Keller, Frieder); La Manna, G (La Manna, Gaetano); Lauzurica, R (Lauzurica, Ricardo); De Sagazan, HL (De Sagazan, Herve Le Monies); Thaiss, F (Thaiss, Friedrich); Legendre, C (Legendre, Christophe); Martin, S (Martin, Severine); Moal, MC (Moal, Marie-Christine); Noel, C (Noel, Christian); Pillebout, E (Pillebout, Evangeline); Piredda, GB (Piredda, Gian Benedetto); Puga, AR (Ramirez Puga, Ana); Sulowicz, W (Sulowicz, Wladyslaw); Tuglular, S (Tuglular, Serhan); Prokopova, M (Prokopova, Michaela); Chesneau, M (Chesneau, Melanie); Le Moine, A (Le Moine, Alain); Guerif, P (Guerif, Pierrick); Soulillou, JP (Soulillou, Jean-Paul); Abramowicz, M (Abramowicz, Marc); Giral, M (Giral, Magali); Racape, J (Racape, Judith); Maggiore, U (Maggiore, Umberto); Brouard, S (Brouard, Sophie); Abramowicz, D (Abramowicz, Daniel)

Source: NEPHROLOGY DIALYSIS TRANSPLANTATION  Volume: 31  Issue: 6  Pages: 1002-1013  DOI: 10.1093/ndt/gfv437  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000381213500025

PubMed ID: 26763669

ISSN: 0931-0509

eISSN: 1460-2385

Record 351 of 500

Title: FBXO7 mutations in Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy

Author(s): Conedera, S (Conedera, Silvio); Apaydin, H (Apaydin, Hulya); Li, YZ (Li, Yuanzhe); Yoshino, H (Yoshino, Hiroyo); Ikeda, A (Ikeda, Aya); Matsushima, T (Matsushima, Takashi); Funayama, M (Funayama, Manabu); Nishioka, K (Nishioka, Kenya); Hattori, N (Hattori, Nobutaka)

Source: NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING  Volume: 40  Article Number: 192.e1  DOI: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2016.01.003  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000371908400024

PubMed ID: 26882974

ISSN: 0197-4580

eISSN: 1558-1497

Record 352 of 500

Title: Hemostasis vs. epidural fibrosis?: A comparative study on an experimental rat model of laminectomy

Author(s): Erdogan, H (Erdogan, Hakan); Kelten, B (Kelten, Bilal); Tuncdemir, M (Tuncdemir, Matem); Erturkuner, SP (Erturkuner, Salime Pelin); Uzun, H (Uzun, Hafize); Karaoglan, A (Karaoglan, Alper)

Source: NEUROLOGIA I NEUROCHIRURGIA POLSKA  Volume: 50  Issue: 5  Pages: 323-330  DOI: 10.1016/j.pjnns.2016.05.002  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384518000001

PubMed ID: 27591056

ISSN: 0028-3843

Record 353 of 500

Title: Effects of onabotulinumtoxinA treatment on efficacy, depression, anxiety, and disability in Turkish patients with chronic migraine

Author(s): Demiryurek, BE (Demiryurek, Bekir Enes); Ertem, DH (Ertem, Devrimsel Harika); Tekin, A (Tekin, Atilla); Ceylan, M (Ceylan, Mustafa); Aras, YG (Aras, Yesim Guzey); Gungen, BD (Gungen, Belma Dogan)

Source: NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES  Volume: 37  Issue: 11  Pages: 1779-1784  DOI: 10.1007/s10072-016-2665-z  Published: NOV 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000386371400004

PubMed ID: 27418178

ISSN: 1590-1874

eISSN: 1590-3478

Record 354 of 500

Title: Vitamin D deficiency might pose a greater risk for ApoEE > 4 non-carrier Alzheimer's disease patients

Author(s): Dursun, E (Dursun, Erdinc); Alaylioglu, M (Alaylioglu, Merve); Bilgic, B (Bilgic, Basar); Hanagasi, H (Hanagasi, Hasmet); Lohmann, E (Lohmann, Ebba); Atasoy, IL (Atasoy, Irem L.); Candas, E (Candas, Esin); Araz, OS (Araz, Omur Selin); Onal, B (Onal, Burak); Gurvit, H (Gurvit, Hakan); Yilmazer, S (Yilmazer, Selma); Gezen-Ak, D (Gezen-Ak, Duygu)

Source: NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES  Volume: 37  Issue: 10  Pages: 1633-1643  DOI: 10.1007/s10072-016-2647-1  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384535200009

PubMed ID: 27357856

ISSN: 1590-1874

eISSN: 1590-3478

Record 355 of 500

Title: Mentalis muscle related reflexes

Author(s): Gunduz, A (Gunduz, Aysegul); Uyanik, O (Uyanik, Ozlem); Erturk, O (Erturk, Ozdem); Sohtaoglu, M (Sohtaoglu, Melis); Kiziltan, ME (Kiziltan, Meral Erdemir)

Source: NEUROLOGICAL SCIENCES  Volume: 37  Issue: 5  Pages: 789-792  DOI: 10.1007/s10072-015-2455-z  Published: MAY 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000378045500019

PubMed ID: 26721248

ISSN: 1590-1874

eISSN: 1590-3478

Record 356 of 500

Title: Hydrocephalus and vasculitis delay therapeutic responses in tuberculous meninigitis: Results of Haydarpasa-III study

Author(s): Cag, Y (Cag, Yasemin); Ozturk-Engin, D (Ozturk-Engin, Derya); Gencer, S (Gencer, Serap); Hasbun, R (Hasbun, Rodrigo); Sengoz, G (Sengoz, Gonul); Crisan, A (Crisan, Alexandru); Ceran, N (Ceran, Nurgul); Savic, B (Savic, Branislava); Yasar, K (Yasar, Kadriye); Pehlivanoglu, F (Pehlivanoglu, Filiz); Kilicoglu, G (Kilicoglu, Gamze); Tireli, H (Tireli, Hulya); Inal, AS (Inal, Ayse S.); Civljak, R (Civljak, Rok); Tekin, R (Tekin, Recep); Elaldi, N (Elaldi, Nazif); Ulu-Kilic, A (Ulu-Kilic, Aysegul); Ozguler, M (Ozguler, Muge); Namiduru, M (Namiduru, Mustafa); Sunbul, M (Sunbul, Mustafa); Sipahi, OR (Sipahi, Oguz R.); Dulovic, O (Dulovic, Olga); Alabay, S (Alabay, Selma); Akbulut, A (Akbulut, Ayhan); Sener, A (Sener, Alper); Lakatos, B (Lakatos, Botond); Andre, K (Andre, Katell); Yemisen, M (Yemisen, Mucahit); Oncu, S (Oncu, Serkan); Nechifor, M (Nechifor, Mihai); Deveci, O (Deveci, Ozcan); Senbayrak, S (Senbayrak, Seniha); Inan, A (Inan, Asuman); Dragovac, G (Dragovac, Gorana); Gul, HC (Gul, Hanefi C.); Mert, G (Mert, Gurkan); Oncul, O (Oncul, Oral); Kandemir, B (Kandemir, Bahar); Erol, S (Erol, Serpil); Agalar, C (Agalar, Canan); Erdem, H (Erdem, Hakan)

Source: NEUROLOGY INDIA  Volume: 64  Issue: 5  Pages: 896-905  DOI: 10.4103/0028-3886.190258  Published: SEP-OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384527500014

PubMed ID: 27625226

ISSN: 0028-3886

eISSN: 1998-4022

Record 357 of 500

Title: Infliximab is a plausible alternative for neurologic complications of Behcet disease

Author(s): Zeydan, B (Zeydan, Burcu); Uygunoglu, U (Uygunoglu, Ugur); Saip, S (Saip, Sabahattin); Demirci, ON (Demirci, Onat N.); Seyahi, E (Seyahi, Emire); Ugurlu, S (Ugurlu, Serdal); Hamuryudan, V (Hamuryudan, Vedat); Siva, A (Siva, Aksel); Kantarci, OH (Kantarci, Orhun H.)

Source: NEUROLOGY-NEUROIMMUNOLOGY & NEUROINFLAMMATION  Volume: 3  Issue: 5  Article Number: e258  DOI: 10.1212/NXI.0000000000000258  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000391169200004

PubMed ID: 27458602

ISSN: 2332-7812

Record 358 of 500

Title: Startle and blink reflex in high functioning autism

Author(s): Erturk, O (Erturk, Ozdem); Korkmaz, B (Korkmaz, Baris); Alev, G (Alev, Gulce); Demirbilek, V (Demirbilek, Veysi); Kiziltan, M (Kiziltan, Meral)

Source: NEUROPHYSIOLOGIE CLINIQUE-CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY  Volume: 46  Issue: 3  Pages: 189-192  DOI: 10.1016/j.neucli.2016.02.001  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382713000005

PubMed ID: 26997128

ISSN: 0987-7053

eISSN: 1769-7131

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Title: Startle responses after different stimulus modalities differ in stroke

Author(s): Sohtaoglu, M (Sohtaoglu, Melis); Kiziltan, ME (Kiziltan, Meral E.); Gunduz, A (Gunduz, Aysegul); Bozluolcay, M (Bozluolcay, Melda)

Source: NEUROPHYSIOLOGIE CLINIQUE-CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY  Volume: 46  Issue: 3  Pages: 193-199  DOI: 10.1016/j.neucli.2015.12.010  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382713000006

PubMed ID: 26917356

ISSN: 0987-7053

eISSN: 1769-7131

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Title: Assessment of Liliequist membrane by 3D-SPACE technique at 3 T

Author(s): Algin, O (Algin, Oktay); Kilin, M (Kilin, Mehmet); Ozmen, E (Ozmen, Evrim); Ocakoglu, G (Ocakoglu, Gokhan)

Source: NEURORADIOLOGY  Volume: 58  Issue: 7  Pages: 637-647  DOI: 10.1007/s00234-016-1669-y  Published: JUL 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000381084900001

PubMed ID: 27004925

ISSN: 0028-3940

eISSN: 1432-1920

Record 361 of 500

Title: Trigeminal somatosensorial evoked potentials suggest increased excitability during interictal period in patients with long disease duration in migraine

Author(s): Abanoz, Y (Abanoz, Yesim); Abanoz, Y (Abanoz, Yasin); Gunduz, A (Gunduz, Aysegul); Savrun, FK (Savrun, Feray Karaali)

Source: NEUROSCIENCE LETTERS  Volume: 612  Pages: 62-65  DOI: 10.1016/j.neulet.2015.11.045  Published: JAN 26 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000369471900011

PubMed ID: 26644335

ISSN: 0304-3940

eISSN: 1872-7972

Record 362 of 500

Title: A Randomized Trial of Factor VIII and Neutralizing Antibodies in Hemophilia A

Author(s): Peyvandi, F (Peyvandi, F.); Mannucci, PM (Mannucci, P. M.); Garagiola, I (Garagiola, I.); El-Beshlawy, A (El-Beshlawy, A.); Elalfy, M (Elalfy, M.); Ramanan, V (Ramanan, V.); Eshghi, P (Eshghi, P.); Hanagavadi, S (Hanagavadi, S.); Varadarajan, R (Varadarajan, R.); Karimi, M (Karimi, M.); Manglani, MV (Manglani, M. V.); Ross, C (Ross, C.); Young, G (Young, G.); Seth, T (Seth, T.); Apte, S (Apte, S.); Nayak, DM (Nayak, D. M.); Santagostino, E (Santagostino, E.); Mancuso, ME (Mancuso, M. E.); Gonzalez, ACS (Sandoval Gonzalez, A. C.); Mahlangu, JN (Mahlangu, J. N.); Boix, SB (Bonanad Boix, S.); Cerqueira, M (Cerqueira, M.); Ewing, NP (Ewing, N. P.); Male, C (Male, C.); Owaidah, T (Owaidah, T.); Arellano, VS (Soto Arellano, V.); Kobrinsky, NL (Kobrinsky, N. L.); Majumdar, S (Majumdar, S.); Garrido, RP (Perez Garrido, R.); Sachdeva, A (Sachdeva, A.); Simpson, M (Simpson, M.); Thomas, M (Thomas, M.); Zanon, E (Zanon, E.); Antmen, B (Antmen, B.); Kavakli, K (Kavakli, K.); Manco-Johnson, MJ (Manco-Johnson, M. J.); Martinez, M (Martinez, M.); Marzouka, E (Marzouka, E.); Mazzucconi, MG (Mazzucconi, M. G.); Neme, D (Neme, D.); Bravo, AP (Palomo Bravo, A.); Aguilera, RP (Paredes Aguilera, R.); Prezotti, A (Prezotti, A.); Schmitt, K (Schmitt, K.); Wicklund, BM (Wicklund, B. M.); Zulfikar, B (Zulfikar, B.); Rosendaal, FR (Rosendaal, F. R.)

Source: NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE  Volume: 374  Issue: 21  Pages: 2054-2064  DOI: 10.1056/NEJMoa1516437  Published: MAY 26 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000376443500008

PubMed ID: 27223147

ISSN: 0028-4793

eISSN: 1533-4406

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Author(s): Zeydan, B (Zeydan, Burcu); Benbir, G (Benbir, Gulin); Akalin, MA (Akalin, Mehmet Ali); Karadeniz, D (Karadeniz, Derya)

Source: NOBEL MEDICUS  Volume: 12  Issue: 1  Pages: 94-96  Published: JAN-APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000382619500016

ISSN: 1305-2381

Record 364 of 500

Title: Clinical and cognitive insight in patients with acute-phase psychosis: Association with treatment and neuropsychological functioning

Author(s): Poyraz, BC (Poyraz, Burc Cagri); Arikan, MK (Arikan, Mehmet Kemal); Poyraz, CA (Poyraz, Cana Aksoy); Turan, S (Turan, Senol); Kani, AS (Kani, Ayse Sakalli); Aydin, E (Aydin, Eser); Ince, E (Ince, Ezgi)

Source: NORDIC JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY  Volume: 70  Issue: 7  Pages: 528-535  DOI: 10.1080/08039488.2016.1178328  Published: OCT 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383037300008

PubMed ID: 27116999

ISSN: 0803-9488

eISSN: 1502-4725

Record 365 of 500

Title: Circadian Change in Blink Reflex Recovery in Restless Legs Syndrome

Author(s): Uzun, N (Uzun, Nurten); Gunudz, A (Gunudz, Aysegul); Karadeniz, D (Karadeniz, Derya); Kiziltan, ME (Kiziltan, Meral E.)

Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 3  Pages: 263-266  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.10241  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000383254700013

ISSN: 1300-0667

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 366 of 500

Title: Familial Adult-onset Alexander Disease: Clinical and Neuroradiological Findings of Three Cases

Author(s): Elmali, AD (Elmali, Ayse Deniz); Cetincelik, U (Cetincelik, Umran); Islak, C (Islak, Civan); Adatepe, NU (Uzun Adatepe, Nurten); Savrun, FK (Karaali Savrun, Feray); Yalcinkaya, C (Yalcinkaya, Cengiz)

Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 2  Pages: 169-172  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.10193  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000379331000014

ISSN: 1300-0667

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 367 of 500

Title: Interaction of Cocaine- and Amphetamine-regulated Transcript and Neuropeptide Y on Behavior in the Central Nervous System

Author(s): Muduroglu Kirmizibekmez, A (Muduroglu Kirmizibekmez, Aynur); Mengi, M (Mengi, Murat); Yurdakos, E (Yurdakos, Ertan)

Source: NOROPSIKIYATRI ARSIVI-ARCHIVES OF NEUROPSYCHIATRY  Volume: 53  Issue: 2  Pages: 136-143  DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.9952  Published: JUN 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000379331000009

ISSN: 1300-0667

eISSN: 1309-4866

Record 368 of 500

Title: Do F-18-FDG PET/CT findings have a relationship with histopathological and immunohistochemical factors of breast cancer in men?

Author(s): Vatankulu, B (Vatankulu, Betul); Isik, G (Isik, Goknur); Kocael, P (Kocael, Pinar); Kuyumcu, S (Kuyumcu, Serkan); Ilvan, S (Ilvan, Sennur); Sager, S (Sager, Sait); Halac, M (Halac, Metin); Turkmen, C (Turkmen, Cueneyt); Sonmezoglu, K (Sonmezoglu, Kerim)

Source: NUCLEAR MEDICINE COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 37  Issue: 12  Pages: 1273-1281  DOI: 10.1097/MNM.0000000000000578  Published: DEC 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000387809000009

PubMed ID: 27472037

ISSN: 0143-3636

eISSN: 1473-5628

Record 369 of 500

Title: Normal distribution pattern and physiological variants of Ga-68-PSMA-11 PET/CT imaging

Author(s): Demirci, E (Demirci, Emre); Sahin, OE (Sahin, Onur Erdem); Ocak, M (Ocak, Meltem); Akovali, B (Akovali, Burak); Nematyazar, J (Nematyazar, Jamal); Kabasakal, L (Kabasakal, Levent)

Source: NUCLEAR MEDICINE COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 37  Issue: 11  Pages: 1169-1179  DOI: 10.1097/MNM.0000000000000566  Published: NOV 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000386002800009

PubMed ID: 27333090

ISSN: 0143-3636

eISSN: 1473-5628

Record 370 of 500

Title: Effects of hemodialysis on iodine-131 biokinetics in thyroid carcinoma patients with end-stage chronic renal failure

Author(s): Yeyin, N (Yeyin, Nami); Cavdar, I (Cavdar, Iffet); Uslu, L (Uslu, Lebriz); Abuqbeitah, M (Abuqbeitah, Mohammad); Demir, M (Demir, Mustafa)

Source: NUCLEAR MEDICINE COMMUNICATIONS  Volume: 37  Issue: 3  Pages: 283-287  DOI: 10.1097/MNM.0000000000000439  Published: MAR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000373526600010

PubMed ID: 26619394

ISSN: 0143-3636

eISSN: 1473-5628

Record 371 of 500

Title: Metastatic epithelioid sarcoma revealed with F-18-FDG PET/CT imaging

Author(s): Serim, BD (Serim, Burcu Dirlik); Vatankulu, B (Vatankulu, Betul); Halac, M (Halac, Metin); Dikici, S (Dikici, Suleyman); Kantarci, F (Kantarci, Fatih); Sonmezoglu, K (Soenmezoglu, Kerim)

Source: NUKLEARMEDIZIN-NUCLEAR MEDICINE  Volume: 55  Issue: 6  Pages: N62-N63  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000389621900008

ISSN: 0029-5566

Record 372 of 500

Title: 2015 Milan Declaration: A Call to Action on Obesity - an EASO Position Statement on the Occasion of the 2015 EXPO

Author(s): Fruhbeck, G (Fruhbeck, Gema); Sbraccia, P (Sbraccia, Paolo); Nisoli, E (Nisoli, Enzo); Woodward, E (Woodward, Euan); Yumuk, V (Yumuk, Volkan); Farpour-Lambert, NJ (Farpour-Lambert, Nathalie J.); Halford, JGC (Halford, Jason G. C.); Toplak, H (Toplak, Hermann); Carruba, MO (Carruba, Michele O.)

Source: OBESITY FACTS  Volume: 9  Issue: 4  Pages: 296-298  DOI: 10.1159/000448234  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384265200007

PubMed ID: 27577870

ISSN: 1662-4025

eISSN: 1662-4033

Record 373 of 500

Title: Obesity Management in Europe: Current Status and Objectives for the Future

Author(s): Uerlich, MF (Uerlich, Magdalena F.); Yumuk, V (Yumuk, Volkan); Finer, N (Finer, Nick); Basdevant, A (Basdevant, Arnaud); Visscher, TLS (Visscher, Tommy L. S.)

Source: OBESITY FACTS  Volume: 9  Issue: 4  Pages: 273-283  DOI: 10.1159/000445192  Published: 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000384265200005

PubMed ID: 27553443

ISSN: 1662-4025

eISSN: 1662-4033

Record 374 of 500

Title: An in Vitro Experimental Study on the Antimicrobial Activity of Silicone Oil against Anaerobic Bacteria

Author(s): Arici, C (Arici, Ceyhun); Aras, C (Aras, Cengiz); Tokman, HB (Tokman, Hrisi Bahar); Torun, MM (Torun, Muzeyyen Mamal)

Source: OCULAR IMMUNOLOGY AND INFLAMMATION  Volume: 24  Issue: 2  Pages: 173-177  DOI: 10.3109/09273948.2014.971973  Published: APR 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000375335600009

PubMed ID: 25356916

ISSN: 0927-3948

eISSN: 1744-5078

Record 375 of 500

Title: Microsurgical and Fiber Tract Anatomy of the Nucleus Accumbens

Author(s): Baydin, S (Baydin, Serhat); Yagmurlu, K (Yagmurlu, Kaan); Tanriover, N (Tanriover, Necmettin); Gungor, A (Gungor, Abuzer); Rhoton, AL (Rhoton, Albert L., Jr.)

Source: OPERATIVE NEUROSURGERY  Volume: 12  Issue: 3  Pages: 269-287  DOI: 10.1227/NEU.0000000000001133  Published: SEP 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000381653600015

ISSN: 2332-4252

Record 376 of 500

Title: Electrophysiologic Evaluation of the Facial Nerve and Blink Reflex Pathways in Asymptomatic Cochlear Implant Users

Author(s): Edizer, DT (Edizer, Deniz Tuna); Adatepe, T (Adatepe, Turgut); Uzun, N (Uzun, Nurten); Yigit, O (Yigit, Ozgur); Gunduz, A (Gunduz, Aysegul); Yildiz, M (Yildiz, Muhammet); Celebi, OO (Celebi, Ozlem Onerci)

Source: OTOLARYNGOLOGY-HEAD AND NECK SURGERY  Volume: 155  Issue: 5  Pages: 843-849  DOI: 10.1177/0194599816655973  Published: NOV 2016  

Accession Number: WOS:000387271700022

PubMed ID: 27301895

ISSN: 0194-5998

eISSN: 1097-6817

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