2015 – 2016 Workshop Booking Form 2015 – 2016 Workshop Details

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2015 – 2016 Workshop Booking Form 2015 – 2016 Workshop Details


Workshop Details


Tick course required


Make a Sari ribbon bag with ChristineMarshall of reticule



Fascinator workshop

Linda Donald



Messy Day at Thie Ellyn




Christmas Celebration, Helen Sargent, Dorset button decoration


Beginnings and Endings



Folio Day



Shibori Dyeing – Julie Fayle



Machine Embroidery – Maureen Kennaugh



Paper Mania – Mary McIntosh



Charity Day


Clasp Purse – Hilary Cairns



Corset belt – Gillian Roberts


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Include separate cheques for each workshop post-dated to the date of the workshop: made payable to the Embroiderers' Guild Isle of Man Branch. Please put the title of the workshop and the name(s) of the person(s) attending on the back of each cheque.

We reserve the right to cancel a workshop if necessary. If you need to cancel, your cheque will be returned only if your place is filled or the minimum number for the workshop is reached. Please return to:

Jen Stowell, The Old Postoffice, Derbyhaven, IM9 1TR

Sat 31st October 2015

Learn Millinery techniques and make your own Fascinator (kits £12) Linda Donald

Sat 21st November 2015

Come and experiment with dyes, paints and wall paper paste

Collaborative workshop

Fri 11th December 2015

Christmas Celebration- Make a Dorset button tree decoration

Helen Sargent

Sat 30th January 2016

Ideas for starting and finishing work. UFO day Collaborative workshop

Sat 27th February 2016

Come and be inspired by Historical folios Collaborative workshop

Sat 19th March 2016

Learn the Art of Shibori Dyeing Julie Fayle

Sat 23rd April 2016

Machine Embroidery for all levels Maureen Kennaugh

Sat 21st May 2016

Paper Mania, come and try a new technique – visiting tutor Mary McIntosh

Sat 25th June 2016

Charity Day – eat cake, chat and sew collaborative workshop

Sat 30th July 2016

Make a Clasp Purse Hilary Cairns

Sat 24th September 2016

Learn the techniques of Corsetry, visiting tutor Gillian Roberts

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