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2014 AAO Annual Session Type Not Stated E-Posters
Electronic Posters (E-Posters) will be available for viewing throughout the Annual Session at the E-Poster Kiosk located in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Lobby D. E-Posters will also be available for viewing on the AAO website after Annual Session until July 31, 2014. This takes the place of the Posterboard display.
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Photoelastic Stress Analysis of Mandibular Molar Uprighting Comparing Skeletal Anchorage System to Different Techniques

André Abrão, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
Comparative Study of the Nasopharyngeal Airway Dimensions in Class II Individuals Using Cone Beam Computerised Tomography

Anirudh Agarwal, Saurabh Chaturvedi

Jaipur, India
3-Dimensional Force Systems Produced by Vertical V-Bends in an Arch Wire: Niti Vs Stainless Steel

Sachin Agarwal, et al.

Farmington, CT, USA
Laminate Veneer Conditioning with Different Methods for Orthodontic Bonding

Sertac Aksakalli, et al.

Istanbul, Turkey
Torque Expression of .018 and .022 Bracket Slot Size

Angela Arreghini, et al.

Ferrara, Italy
Genetic Polymorphisms and Its Inheritance in Skeletal Class I Crowding in India

Shailesh Bhandari, et al.

Hyderabad, India
Dental and Skeletal Effects of MARPE Post Peak Growth Spurt

Elise Boersma, Kyle Lee

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Maxillary Molar Distalisation with Carrière-Distalizer: A 3-D Assisted Analysis of Clinical Outcomes

Ute Botzenhart, et al.

Dresden, Germany
A Scanning Electron Microscopy Comparison of Six Different IPR Procedures: Standard Abrasive Strips, Honeycomb Strips, Diamond Burs, Tungsten Carbide Burs, Oscillating Segment Discs, Sonic Tips with and without Air-Rotor

Alessandro Carducci Artenisio, et al.

Rome, Italy
The Runner: The Functional Efficiency of a Twin Block and the Aesthetics of Clear Aligners

Antonella Carlucci, et al.

Ferrara, Italy
A CBCT Comparison of the Nasopharyngeal Soft-Tissue Characteristics in Indian Patients with Repaired Cleft Lip & Palate

Saurabh Chaturvedi, Anirudh Agarwal

Jaipur, India
Optimal Timing of Bisphosphonate Treatment on Cleft Bone Grafting

Nicole Cheng, et al.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
An Innovative Orthodontic Solution for Three-Dimensional Force-Moment Measurements

Massimo Cultrone, et al.

Pontedera (Pisa), Italy
3D Evaluation of Facial Asymmetry in Patients with Different Vertical Growth Patterns

Koray Dogmus, Ayca Arman Ozcirpici

Ankara, Turkey
Management of Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisor: Decision Making Not Decision Taking

Amr El-Beialy, et al.

Giza, Egypt
Anchorage Loss During Canine Retraction with Continuous and Segmented Arch Techniques

Tarek El-Bialy, et al.

Edmonton, AB, Canada
Impact of Metal and Ceramic Fixed Orthodontic Appliances on Judgments of Beauty and Other Face-Related Attributes

Lilian Fonseca, et al.

Brasilia, Brazil
3D Orthodontic and Surgical Study of Third Molars: MRI Versus CBCT

Umberto Garagiola, et al.

Milan, Italy
A Comparative Study of Periodontal Effects of Rapid and Semi-Rapid Maxillary Expansion

S. Ruzin Gonuldas, et al.

Ankara, Turkey
Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Condyle Position in Different Types of Skeletal Patterns

Ines Guedes, et al.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada
The Effects of Orthodontic Load on the Periodontium of Autogenously Transplanted Teeth in Beagle Dogs

Jing Guo, et al.

Jinan, China
Effect of Fixed Orthodontic Treatment with Preadjusted Edgewise Appliances on the Buccolingual Inclination of Mandibular Canines: A CBCT Study

Hani Hamdan, et al.

Minneapolis, MN, USA
Root Morphology and Development of Labial Inversely Impacted Maxillary Central Incisors in Early Mixed Dentition

Rongdang Hu, Wang Yi

Wenzhou, China

Orthodontic and Orthopedic Treatment of a Skeletal Class II, Retrognatic Mandible Patient

Lizette Hurtado, Rebeca Escarleth Prado Villarreal

Guadalajara, Mexico

The Effects of Commonly Consumed Acidic Beverages on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets

Merrell Irby, et al.

New Orleans, LA, USA
Postoperative Alterations on Mandibular Canal and Neurosensory Disturbance After BSSO Setback Osteotomies

Duygu Iscan, Ahu Acar

Istanbul, Turkey
Comparison of Past and Present Symptoms Of Temporomandibular Disorders in Osteoarthritis Patients

Takashi Kajii, et al.

Fukuoka, Japan
Reliability of Different Methods Used for Dental Age Estimation

Aisha Khoja, et al.

Karachi, Pakistan
Using Orthodontic Miniscrew for Maxillomandibular Fixation After Orthognathic Surgery in Skeletal Class III Malocclusion

Seong Sik Kim, et al.

Yangsan-si, South Korea
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopic Analysis on Interface of Orthodontic Implant Surface and Cortical Bone in Human Subjects

Hyun-Hye Kim, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
Maxillary Protraction with Skeletal Anchorage System in a Growing Class III Patients

Hee Soon Kim, et al.

Jeonju, South Korea
Diagnosis and Treatment of Maxillofacial System Dysfunctions at Malocclusions

Tatiana Klimova, et al.

Moscow, Russian Federation
Three Dimensional Analysis of Temporomandibular Joint in Class II Division 1 Malocclusion Treated with Upper Premolars Extraction Protocol

Amr Labib, et al.

Cairo, Egypt
Condyle Spatial Changes in Rapid Maxillary Expansion Treatments Assessed Through CBCT

Manuel Lagravere Vich, et al.

Edmonton, AB, Canada
A Prospective Study to Compare Perceived Pain for Patients with Malocclusion Receiving Orthodontic Treatment: Before Treatment vs. During Initial Treatment; Self-Ligating Brackets vs. Conventional Brackets

Tai-Ting Lai, Ellen MacKenzie

Taipei, Taiwan

3D Crown Superimposition for Root Position Assessment During Orthodontic Treatment

Robert Lee, et al.

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mechanical Properties and Surface Characteristics of a New NiTi-β-Titanium Archwire

Maurício Lenza, et al.

Goiania, Brazil
Porcelain Surface Conditioning Protocols and Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets on the Posterior Dentition

Ashley Lestrade, et al.

New Orleans, LA, USA
Orthodontic Treatment with First Molars Extraction: Case Report

Flávio Augusto Gonçalves de Lima, et al.

Maringá, Brazil
Effect of Mechanical Vibration on Resistance to Sliding in the Fixed Orthodontic Appliance

Dawei Liu, David Kennedy

Milwaukee, WI, USA
Adhesion and Biofilm Formation by Oral Streptococci on Different Commercial Wires

Alessandra Lucchese

Bologna, Italy
Quantification of CBCT Images of Maxilla, Cranial Base and Zygomatic Using Elliptical Fourier Function

Thais Macedo Soares, Won Moon

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Orthodontics Fixed Appliances: Versatility and Efficiency

Maurizio Manuelli, Alessandra Lucchese

Pavia, Italy
Biometric Study of Mesio-Distal Teeth Sizes in Subjects with Normal Occlusion

Maurizio Marcon, et al.

Ferrara, Italy
3D Finite Element Analysis of Digitally Customized Lingual Orthodontic CAD-CAM Systems

Rohan Mascarenhas

Mangalore, India
Force Decay Evaluation of Thermoplastic and Thermoset Elastomeric Chains - A Mechanical Design Comparison

Ahmed Masoud, et al.

Chicago, IL, USA
Effect of En-Mass Retraction and Intrusion Using Miniscrews on Root Resroption of Upper Incisors - A Prospective Study Using Cone Beam CT

Mahfud Mohamed, et al.

Benghzi, Libya
The Maxillofacial Skeletal Factors Affecting the Airway Size

CheolHyun Moon, et al.

Incheon, South Korea

A Novel Approach to Accelerate the Rate of Tooth Movement

Mohamed Mostafa, Won Moon

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Finite Element Study of Stress Distribution Around Different Designs of Orthodontic Miniscrews with Different Loading Directions and Bone Thicknesses

Mohamed Nadim, Hanaa El-Attar

Ismailia, Egypt
Effects of Self-Ligating Brackets on Periodontal Health: A Prospective Clinic Study

Ana Carla Nahás-Scocate, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil
The Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy on Expression of MMP-8 During Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Ida Bagus Narmada

Surabaya - East Java, Indonesia
Treatment of Four-Premolar Extraction Case with the Acceleration Invisalign System

Kenji Ojima, et al.

Tokyo, Japan
Upper Molar Distalization in a Non Extraction Treatment Using a Sliding Jig in a Mexican Patient with Severe Crowding and Anterior Crossbite

Paola Orea, Mauricio Ballesteros

Mexico City, Mexico
Association of IRF6 Gene Variant and BCL3 Gene Variant with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip/Palate - A PCR Study in South Indian Population

KM Pramod, Rangasamudra Dharma

Bangalore, India
The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Using Fast or Slow Expansion in the Treatment of Orthognatic Contraction

Enza Robotti, Gloria Denotti

Cagliari, Italy
Impacted Incisors Associated with Supernumerary Teeth Treated with a Modified Haas Appliance

Claudia Sant'Anna, et al.

Niterói, Brazil
Importance of Treatment Sequence Planning in TAD-Supported Trans-Sagitto-Vertical Tooth Movements

Emil Segatto, Angyalka Segatto

Szeged, Hungary
Preadolescent’s Odontoid Process Morphology in Relation to Body Posture and Craniofacial Features

Angyalka Segatto, Emil Segatto

Szeged, Hungary
Evaluating Skeletal, Soft Tissue and Airway Changes Following the Alternate Maxillary Expansions and Constrictions Protocol

Berza Sen Yılmaz, Nazan Kucukkeles

Istanbul, Turkey

Predictors of Successful Treatment Outcome with Clarks Twin Block Therapy

Tania Siddiqui, et al.

Karachi, Pakistan

Components of Severe Class II Division 1 Malocclusion in Children 10-12 Years of Age: What Should You Know?

Tassiana Mesquita Simão, et al.

São Paulo, Brazil

The Invisalign® System - A Biomechanical View

Mareike Simon, et al.

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Effect of Nano-TiO2 and Nano-SiO2 on Flexural Strength of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate)

Ahmad Sowdagar, Atefe Saffarshahroudi

Tehran, Iran
Biofilm Formation in Orthodontics: Bracket Matters

Suzan Stacknik, et al.

Dunedin, New Zealand
3-Dimensional Construction of a Normalized Craniofacial Skeletal Complex Allowing Superimposition and Comparison with an Individual Subject

Jay Sung, et al.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Proportionality of Skeletal and Soft Tissue Changes in Class II Treatment with the Herbst Appliance

Weber Ursi, Guilherme Almeida

Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Dental Interarch Relationship: A Comparison Between Seated Condylar Position and Maximum Intercuspation

Soo Young Weffort, Solange Fantini

São Paulo, Brazil
Qualitative Analysis of Mesial and Distal Alveolar Bone of Maxillary Canines Moved to Grafted Alveolar Cleft: A Tomographic Evaluation

Marília Yatabe, et al.

Bauru, Brazil
Effects of RME on Orthodontic Patients Needing of Adenotonsillectomy

Lucia Zoli, et al.

Forlì, Italy

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