2014 aao annual Session Table Clinics

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2014 AAO Annual Session Table Clinics
The Table Clinic program will be held on Sunday, April 27 in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center Room 356-357 from 9:30am-11:30am. Clinicians will be at their tables during this time to answer questions about their research.
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1. Anterior Cranial Basetime-Related Changes: A Systematic Review

Mona Afrand, et al.

Edmonton, AB, Canada
2. Relationship Between Spheno-Occipital Synchondrosis Ossification and Mandibular Growth

Anwar Jabour Alhazmi, et al.

Cleveland, OH, USA
3. Development of an Index for Facial and Oral Assessment of the Orthodontic Treatment Need in Patients with Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Mostafa Altalibi, et al.

Edmonton, AB, Canada
4. Molar Protraction: Substitution of Missing Posterior Teeth

Unbong Baik, et al.

Seoul, South Korea
5. Modified Reverse Facemask Protraction

Adriana Cetina Canto, et al.

Mexico City, Mexico
6. Bond Strength Comparision of Regular Orthodontic Bonding Primer Versus Plastic Conditioner on Composite Restoration

Jin Hyun Chung, et al.

Detroit, MI, USA
7. 3D Comparison of Right and Left Inferior Alveolar Nerve (IAN) Canal Morphology in a Normal Symmetric Population.

Mark Church, et al.

San Antonio, TX, USA
8. 3D Treatment Plan in Adults Patients : Multidisciplinares Cases

Matteo Colosimo

Rome, Italy
9. Predicted vs. Attained Surgical Correction in an Orthognathic Surgery Patient Population Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography

Brandon Cummins, et al.

JBSA-Lackland, TX, USA
10. The Frequency and Nature of Incidental Findings in Large Field of View Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Scans of an Orthodontic Sample

Ryan Edwards, Carlos Flores-Mir

Edmonton, AB, Canada
11. Changes Secondary to Serial Extractions Compared to Late Premolar Extractions and Controls

Esther Feldman, et al.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
12. Three-Dimensional Regional Superimpositions on the Maxilla with CBCT

Lorenzo Franchi, et al.

Florence, Italy
13. Comparison of Three Dimensional Printed Virtual Setup and Conventional Plaster Setup

Juan Gonzalez, Alberto Teramoto

Mexico City, Mexico
14. Predicting Mandibular Growth in Maxillary Protrusion Based on Phase I Treatment Outcomes

Momoko Harada, Ryuuzou Kanomi

Himeji, Japan
15. Predicting Compliance in Orthodontic Patients Based on Oral Hygiene Status

Daniel Hardy

San Francisco, CA, USA
16. Phantom Dosimetry and Image Quality of Galileos Comfort Plus CBCT

Ross Hunter, et al.

Chapel Hill, NC, USA
17. Exosomes: Novel Markers of Resorbing Osteoclasts

Nancy Huynh, et al.

Gainesville, FL, USA
18. A New Invisible System, Lingual MTA

Hyeon Shik Hwang, et al.

Gwang-ju, South Korea
19. Clinical Application of a Novel Three-Dimensional Analysis to Evaluate Temporomandibular Joint Space Changes after Orthognathic Surgery: A Pilot Study

Renie Ikeda, David Hatcher

San Francisco, CA, USA
20. 3D CBCT Image Reorientation Using Soft Tissue Reference for Facial Asymmetry Diagnosis

Pil-Kyo Jung, et al.

Incheon, South Korea
21. Saliva Proteome Analysis Toward Diagnosis of Orthodontically Induced Inflammatory Root Resorption

Karolina Kaczor-Urbanowicz, et al.

Jerusalem, Israel
22. Keles Keyless Expander: A New Approach for Rapid Palatal Expansion *

Ahmet Keles, Dicle Ulug

Boston, MA, USA
23. An In Vitro Study of Antimicrobial Properties of an Orthodontic Sealant/Adhesive Containing Selenium

Michael Kelly, et al.

Chapel Hill, NC, USA
24. Microsensor Technology to Monitor Adherence with Removable Oral Appliances

Stacey Kirshenblatt, et al.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
25. Myofunctionnal Appliances for Class II Corrections: EMG of Twin Block vs Fixed Class II Corrector

Kenneth Lam, et al.

Montreal, QC, Canada
26. Twin-Block and the Fixed Class II Corrector: Effects on the Temporomandibular Joint and Muscles

Judith Limoges, et al.

Montreal, QC, Canada
27. Near Infrared Imaging (NIR) as a Diagnostic Tool for Detecting Enamel Demineralization

Seth Lucas, Daniel Fried

San Francisco, CA, USA
28. Access to Oral Health Care for Children in North Carolina: Demographic and Geographic Trends for the Pediatric, Orthodontic, and General Dental Practitioner Workforce

James Martin, et al.

Chapel Hill, NC, USA
29. The Use of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) in Planning Supernumerary Cases

Antonella Maselli

Rome, Italy
30. Evaluation of the Airways in Patients with Progressive Condylar Resorption (PCR) Using Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Alejandra Navarro, et al.

San Francisco, CA, USA
31. Dental Expansion Using a Buccal Beta-Titanium By-Pass Expander (BTBE)

Murilo Neves, et al.

Belem, Brazil
32. 3-Dimensional Comparison of Asymmetry in Different Sagittal Skeletal Patterns Using Geometric Morphometrics

Emerald Nguyen, Nathan Young

San Francisco, CA, USA
33. Computed Tomography Evaluation of Temporomandibular Joint Alterations in Patients with Class II Division 1 Subdivision Malocclusions: Condyle-Fossa Relationship

Mark Parete

Detroit, MI, USA
34. High Contrast Imaging Near-Infrared Polarized Reflectance Images of Demineralization on Tooth Enamel Surface at λ = 1450 and 1600nm

Sachee Parikh, Daniel Fried

San Francisco, CA, USA
35. Effect of Aligner Material, Duration, and Force Level on Tooth Movement

Neha Patel, et al.

Gainesville, FL, USA
36. Enamel Bond Strength Comparison of Self-Limiting and Traditional Etchant Systems Using a Three-Stage Bonding Technique

Barry Peterson, et al.

San Antonio, TX, USA
37. Effect of Osteogenesis Imperfecta on Orthodontic Tooth Movement in a Mouse Model

Jean Rizkallah, et al.

Montreal, QC, Canada
38. Functional Appliances the Best Alternative Therapy for CMD in Adults: A State of the Art

Hector Sarabia

Mexico City, Mexico
39. A Three-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Assessment of Dento-Skeletal Correction of CII Division I and CII Division I Subdivision Malocclusions

Nikki Shakourian

Detroit, MI, USA
40. A Three-Dimensional Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Assessment of the Dentoskeletal Components of Mandibular Asymmetry in Class II Division I and Class II Division I Subdivision Malocclusions

Michael Sher

Southfield, MI, USA
41. The Relationship of Cleft Morphology to Craniofacial Growth in a Group of Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate Patients Treated with a Protocol Using Presurgical Orthopedics and Primary Bone Grafting

Stacy Silva

Detroit, MI, USA
42. A Comparison of Maxillo-Mandibular Transverse Width Ratios in Patients with Class III Anteroposterior Discrepancies

Cheri Smiley

San Antonio, TX, USA
43. Root Resorption in Non-Surgical Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusion: A Systematic Review

Long Tieu, et al.

Edmonton, AB, Canada
44. Biomechanical Characterization of the Periodontal Ligament: Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Richard Uhlir

Chapel Hill, NC, USA
45. Relationship Between the Spheno-Occipital Synchondrosis and Craniofacial Skeletal Patterns

Hitomi Maruyama, et al.

Himeji, Japan
46. Limited Anchorage and Start-Up Orthodontics for Correction of Maxillary Incisors

Ashok Utreja, Satinder Singh

Chandigarh, India
47. The Survival Rate of the Retention Wire Using Direct and Indirect Bonding

Dong Phung Van, et al.

Montreal, QC, Canada
48. Work Pattern Differences Between Male and Female Orthodontists in Canada

Stephanie Walker

Edmonton, AB, Canada
49. Fundamental Studies Describing the Re-Consideration of Functional Orthopedic Appliances for Mandibular Condyle

Junichi Watahiki, et al.

Tokyo, Japan
50. Comparison of Maxillo-Mandibular Transverse Width Ratios with Class II Anteroposterior Discrepancies

Douglas Waterman, Ricardo Vendrell

San Antonio, TX, USA
51. The Effects of a Protocol Including Presurgical Orthopedics and Primary Bone Grafting on Craniofacial Growth in a Group of Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

Nicole Wax

Detroit, MI, USA
52. Using Bonded Expander and Class III Traction to Treat a High Angle Class III Open Bite Case with Permanent Dentition

Xingzhong Zhang, et al.

Jacksonville, FL, USA

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