2013 aao annual Session Table Clinics

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2013 AAO Annual Session Table Clinics
The Table Clinic program will be held on Sunday, May 5 in the Pennsylvania Convention Center Room 108 from 9:30am-11:30am. Clinicians will be at their tables during this time to answer questions about their research.
*- Denotes financial interest or visual enhancement

  1. Studying the Prevalence and Etiology of Class II Subdivision Malocclusion Utilizing Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
    William Anderson, C. Marsh
    San Antonio, TX, USA

  2. A Cross-Sectional Study Evaluating the Prevalence of Probable Obstructive Sleep Apnea and the Associated Cephalometric Findings in an Orthodontic Adult Patient Population
    Sara Asghari, J. Lee, J. Chen, I. Nielsen, A. Miller
    San Francisco, CA, USA

  3. Final Labial Aesthetics Improvement in Class II Division 2 Non Extraction Cases Treated with Incisor Torque Control
    Micaela Baldascino, P. Lucchi, F. Caroleo, C. Salvaderi
    Montecatini Terme, Italy

  4. A CBCT Comparison of Two RPE Appliances on Maxillary Changes in Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Patients*
    Flavia Bartolomeo, L. Cardinal, N. Ruiz, I. Andrade Junior, D. Oliveira
    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  5. A New Three-Dimensional Cephalometric Analysis in Adults with Skeletal Class I Pattern and Normal Occlusion
    Mohamed Hassan Bayome, Y. Kook, J. Park
    Seoul, South Seoul

  6. 3D Morphometric Study of the Mandibular Condyle Among Inbred Strains of Mice
    Neker Bernuy, E. Everett, L. Cevidanes, E. Rossouw, S. Frazier-Bowers
    Chapel Hill, NC, USA

  7. Challenging Treatment and Multidisciplinary Options Using C.A.T.
    Alessio Bodini, A. Giancotti, M. Greco
    Rome, Italy

  8. TADs Mechanics in the Treatment of Impacted Canines
    Chiara Colasante, A. Giancotti, M. Greco
    Rome, Italy

  9. Self-Ligating and Miniscrews in Orthodontics
    Cristiane Daguila, I. Bellini-Pereia, R. Castro, C. Guimarães, L. Neves
    São Paulo, Brazil

  10. Shear Bond Strength of DentStat™ for Bracket Bonding to Gold, Ceramic, and Enamel
    Kirk Dahlke, C. Mihalik
    San Antonio, TX, USA

  11. 3D Anatomical Replicas: As the Virtual World Comes Back to Reality
    Arturo Fortini, E. Carli, G. Fortini, G. Sole
    Florence, Italy

  12. Clear Aligner and TADs Combined Treatment in Anterior Openbite
    Mario Greco, A. Giancotti, A. Maselli
    Rome, Italy

  13. Effectiveness Correction of Crowding with Self-Ligation Brackets in Post-Treatment
    Fernando Ruiz Gregorio, R. Castro, I. Bellini Pereira, C. Guimaraes, L. Neves
    São Paulo, Brazil

  14. Evaluation of Mandibular Anterior Alveolus in Different Skeletal Patterns
    Nga Hoang, S. Oberoi, G. Nelson, D. Hatcher
    San Francisco, CA, USA

  15. Case Report- Gingivectomy Alone Accelerates Tooth Movement
    Gayatri Horowitz
    Boston, MA, USA

  16. A New Method to Monitor Condyle Position Accurately in Surgery-First Orthodontics
    Hyeon Shik Hwang, N. Park, M. Oh, K. Lee, J. Cho
    Gwang-ju, South Korea

  17. G-Chain: TADs Essential Mechanics for Pre-Prosthetic Molar Uprighting
    Lucilla Iacopini, A. Giancotti, M. Greco
    Rome, Italy

  18. Methodology of Enhancing the Placement of Orthodontic Brackets*
    Joong Han Kim, H. Koo, Y. Oh
    Seoul, South Korea

  19. Bonding Properties of Customized Resin Base for Precise Bracket Positioning
    Akira Komori, E. Imai, K. Nagashima
    Tokyo, Japan

  20. A Retrospective Study of Dento-Skeletal Malocclusions Associated with Scaphocephaly
    Ariane Lebuis, P. Bortoluzzi, N. Bach, N. Huynh
    Montreal, QC, Canada

  21. Three-Dimensional Analysis of Treatment Outcomes in Mandibular Deficient Class II Patients Treated Using Herbst Appliance: A Pilot Study
    Megan LeCornu, L. Cevidanes, H. Zhu, B. Larson, T. Nguyen
    Chapel Hill, NC, USA

  22. Sequential Labial and Lingual MTA (Mini-Tube Appliances)
    Kyung Min Lee, J. Kwon, K. Lee, H. Hwang
    Gwang-ju, South Korea

  23. Maxillary Orthopedic Expansion Obtained Using a New Device in Mixed Dentition
    Andrea Lorefice, P. Donadio, G. Fortini, A. Fortini
    Trento, Italy

  24. Dental Ratio, Dental Form and Golden Proportions of Front Teeth: Still a Guide in Searching Ideal Smile?
    Patrizia Lucchi, G. Fortini, M. Rosa
    Trento, Italy

  25. Use and Applications of Golden Proportion Facial Maps*
    Alejandro Marcuschamer, M. Vargas Rosales, J. Scott Torres
    Mexico City, Mexico

  26. Application of New Developed Durable Ozone Water for Sterilization of Orthodontic Instruments and Intraoral Appliances
    Kuniaki Miyajima
    St. Louis, MO, USA

  27. Multidisciplinary Treatment of Severe Arch Collapse
    Matteo Montani, A. Giancotti, M. Greco
    Rome, Italy

  28. Clear Aligner in the Treatment of Vertical Class II Malocclusion
    Paola Mozzicato, A. Giancotti, M. Greco
    Rome, Italy

  29. Quad-Helix System for Guided the Eruption of Maxillary Impacted Canines
    Manuela Mucedero, L. Perillo, C. Chimenti, P. Cozza
    Rome, Italy

  30. Using PS-OCT to Measure Demineralization around Orthodontic Brackets In-Vivo
    Alexander Nee, K. Chan, C. Darling, D. Fried
    San Francisco, CA, USA

  31. Comparison of Three-Dimensional Direct and Indirect Digital Scanning Methods for Obtaining Orthodontic Models
    Christopher Parris, G. Gardner
    San Antonio, TX, USA

  32. Head Posture and the Position of Cervical Spine with Class 2 Patients
    Lydmila Polma, O. Bugrovetskaya, V. Karpova, O. Ouliankina, A. Tyminskaya
    Moscow, Russia

  33. In Vitro Comparative Study of Forces Produced by Vestibular and Lingual Arches Using .012, .014 and .016 Nickel Titanio Wires on the Same Malocclusion*
    Guillermo Quiroz Cortés, D. Domínguez Bolaños, D. Saucedo Castañeda
    Mexico City, Mexico

  34. Accuracy and Confidence Level of Orthodontists and Pediatric Dentists in the Diagnosis of Dental Eruption Disorders
    Stephanie Golubic Rhoads, S. Frazier-Bowers
    Chapel Hill, NC, USA

  35. A Slot Size Evaluation of 0.018'' Self Ligating Brackets Using Electron Microscopy. Are There Significant Differences Between Manufacturers?
    Laurent Richard, C. Remise, D. Fortin
    Montréal, QC, Canada

  36. Shear Bond Strength of Bracket Bases to Adhesives Based on Bracket Base Design
    Patrick Brent Rickheim, R. Vendrell
    San Antonio, TX, USA

  37. Simplified Use of Mini-Screw in Orthodontics and Pre-Surgical Orthodontics: Clinical Reports
    Nazario Russo, G. Coppola, D. Montisci, V. Piras
    Benevento, Italy

  38. Three-Dimensional Soft and Hard Tissue Change in the Treatment of Bimaxillary Protrusion
    R. Christian Solem, L. Gutierrez, R. Marasco, G. Nelson
    San Francisco, CA, USA

  39. The Response of Surrounding Bone to Mini-Implants with Different Surface Treatment under Immediate Orthodontic Loading: A Pilot Study in Rabbits
    Davide Spadoni, G. Maino
    La Spezia, Italy

  40. Comparing Five TADs: Subjective Evaluation While Inserting and Removing. Pilot Study
    Matteo Spigaroli, P. Lucchi, R. Ellero, A. Fortini
    Cagliari, Italy

  41. The Effect of Bracket Base Pylon Orientation on the Shear Bond Strength of the ODP ANCHOR-LOCK™ Bracket Pad
    Adam Veit, B. Callegari
    San Antonio, TX, USA

  42. Alveolar Bone Changes to Orthodontics in an Osteopenic Patient with Hajdu-Cheney Syndrome
    Jeremy Zuniga, Z. Hirsch, Y. Wan, S. Wadhwa
    New York, NY, USA

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