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2013 AAO Annual Session E-Posters
Electronic Posters (E-Posters) will be available for viewing throughout the Annual Session at the E-Poster Kiosk located in the Pennsylvania Convention Center Level 2 – Arch Street Bridge. E-Posters will also be available for viewing on the AAO website after Annual Session until July 31, 2013. Over 300 E-Poster titles will be online. This takes the place of the Posterboard display.
*- Denotes financial interest or visual enhancement
Epidemiological Study of Congenitally Missing Teeth among Dental Students
Arash Abolfazlian, A. Chin, M. Tolar, K. Heetland, M. Tolarova
San Francisco, CA, USA

Alternative Treatment of Anterior Open Bite Using Mini-Implants: A Case Report

Jorge Abrão, R. Domingos, A. Abrão
São Paulo, Brazil

Response of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells to Platelet Factors

Manal Abu Al-Melh, A. Balghonaim, M. Tolar, R. Boyd
San Francisco, CA, USA

The Impact of Different Bracket-Slot Design Configurations on Resistance to Sliding

Pasquale Aceto
Frattamaggiore, Italy

Anterior Open Bite: Diagnosis and Treatment (MEAW Technique): Case Report

Diego Achan
Mexico City, Mexico

Class III Compensation of Adult Patient with Biofunctional Technique

Lilia Duarte Aguiar, A. Carvalho, R. Cançado, F. Valarelli, K. Freitas
Maringá, Brazil

Cleft Lip and Palate Sequel: A Long Term Follow-Up with an Orthodontic-Surgical Approach

Rocio Aglaed Aguilar Martinez, I. Guzman Valdivia
Mexico City, Mexico

Determination of Genial Tubercle Position and Dimensions Using CBCT

Karamdeep Singh Ahluwalia, I. Gaurav, W. Brantley, M. Iijima
Jaipur, India

Biostimulators Effect of Ozone Therapy on Bone Healing after Rapid Maxillary Expansion

Mohamed Adel Ahmed
Ismailia, Egypt

3D Evaluation and Classification of Lingual Arch Form in Normal Occlusion Samples

Chee Soo Ahn, K. Park, M. Bayome, Y. Kim, Y. Kook
Seoul, South Korea

Evaluation of Occlusion and Arch Dimension in the Primary Dentition of an Iranian Population: A Cross-Sectional Study

Behjat Almolook Ajami, R. Sahebalam, M. Talebi, K. Sohrabi
Mashhad, Iran

Relationship Between Maxillary Advancement and Velopharyngeal Insufficiency on the Sphincter Velopharyngeal Closure, in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

Diana Paola Alarcón Antonio, D. Ibarra Grajeda
Mexico City, Mexico

Maxillary Midline Diastema among Saudi Schoolchildren in Riyadh: Prevalence and Some Related Etiological Factors

Sahar Albarakati, Y. Al-Dlaigan
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Asymmetric Palatal Bar for Class II Subdivision Treatment

Adriana Candida Albuquerque Nogueira, D. Lima, K. Freitas, F. Valarelli, R. Cançado
Maringá, Brazil

Tooth-Size Discrepancy and Arch Form in Orthodontic Patients: Is There a Link?

Abdullah M. Aldrees, A. Al-Shuja’a, M. Al-Kahtani
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Transversal Dimensions in Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

Aron Aliaga-Del Castillo, J. Reyna-Gutierrez, L. Soldevilla-Galarza, J. Huanca-Sánchez, R. Aliaga-Del Castillo

Lima, Peru

Comparison of Digital vs Manual Cephalometric Analysis
Thamer Alkhadra
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

MTHFR 677CT Polymorphism in Kuwaiti Patients with Nonsyndromic Cleft Lip and Palate: A Pilot Study

Lateefa A AlKharafi, M. Tolar, H. Burezq, D. Al-Hajery, M. Tolarova

San Francisco, CA, USA

Can Orthodontic Brackets Be Bonded Safely with a Dental Adhesive Resin Cement?
Huseyin Alkis, H. Turkkahraman, A. Gungor
Isparta, Turkey

3D Assessment of Treatment of Class II-1, Through Herbst Appliance

Kélei Mathias Almeida, S. Palomino-Gómez, A. Santos-Pinto, D. Raveli
Araraquara, Brazil

Compensatory Treatment with Biofunctional Prescription Pattern III

Rafael Almeida, F. Nascimento, K. Freitas, R. Cançado, F. Valarelli
Maringá, Brazil

Self-Ligating vs Preadjusted Edgewise Appliance: A CBCT and Dental Cast Study in Lower Arch

Marcio Almeida, C. Futagami, R. Almeida, A. Conti, P. Oltramari-Navarro
Londrina, Brazil

Is the Human Mandible Affected by Osteoporosis?

Fawwaz Faiz Alotaibi, B. Latimer, L. Palomo, J. Palomo
Cleveland, OH, USA

Cephalometric Characteristics of Growing Saudi Children Living in Jeddah City with Class II Malocclusion

Fahad Alsulaimani, A. Aldharrab, K. Zawawi
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Comparison of Occlusal Characteristics of Subjects from Three Brazilian Regions

Daniella Silveira Amarante, M. Almeida, F. Valarelli, K. Freitas, R. Cançado
Maringá, Brazil

Skull Bone Thickness versus Malocclusion

Vivek Amin
Mangalore, India

Studying the Prevalence and Etiology of Class II Subdivision Malocclusion Utilizing Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

William Anderson, C. Marsh
San Antonio, TX, USA
Correlation of Overjet and Overbite Relapse with Relapse of Anterior Crowding
Caroline Andrade Rocha, R. Oliveira, M. Freitas, K. Freitas, L. Canuto
Bauru, Brazil

3D Analysis of Morphological Changes in the Face and Maxilla of Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate (CLP) after Presurgical Nasoalveolar Molding (NAM)

Ilias N. Andreopoulos, B. Coşkuner Gönül, A. Arı Demirkaya, A. Acar
Istanbul, Turkey

Corrosion of Ion-Implanted Orthodontic Wires

Conrado Aparicio, C. Lan, S. Zastrow
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Comparison of Mesiodistal Diameters Between Posterior Maxillary and Mandibular Teeth

Camila Araujo, E. Godoi, F. Valarelli, K. Freitas, R. Cançado
Maringa, Brazil

Correlations Between the Amount of Jaws Displacement after Surgery and the Volume Variation of the UA

Monica Tirré Araújo
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Treatment of Severe Skeletal Class III Malocclusion, with Maxillary Collapse and Characterization of the First Premolar Do to the Loss of the Upper Canine

Arturo Arbelaez, R. Valencia Hitte
Mexico City, Mexico

Association Between Tooth Size and Interarch Relationships in Patients with Unilateral Complete Cleft Lip and Palate

Vivian Assis, P. Santos, G. Janson, D. Garib
Bauru, Brazil

Tomographic Mapping of the Hard Palate for Temporary Anchorage Devices

Flavia Diane Assis Urnau, M. Toma, T. Fernandes, R. Navarro, A. Conti
Londrina, Brazil

Does the Bone Cement Affect Miniscrew Stability?

Mustafa B Ateş, M. Motro, A. Kovan, Y. Çiftçi, N. Erverdi
Istanbul, Turkey

Adhesion of Streptococcus Mutans on Different Types of Orthodontic Brackets

Yadana Aung, S. Luppanapornlarp, S. Thaweboon, S. Boonpratham
Bangkok, Thailand

An Evaluation of the Accuracy of CAD-CAM-Assisted Miniscrew Surgical Guides from CBCT and Digital Models

Mi-Ju Bae, S. Yoo, S. Choi, M. Terbish, J. Cha
Seoul, South Korea

Clinical Application of Miniscrew-Anchored Palatal Expander for a Young Adult Patient*

Young Hee Baek, Y. Jeon, S. Lee, J. Kim
Jeonju, South Korea

Role of the Transcription Factor Zinc Finger Protein 521 on Runx2 Acetylation

Mahshid Bahadoran, R. Baron, F. Gori
Boston, MA, USA

Morphologic Relationship Between Cranial Base and Mandible in Facial Asymmetry Patients with Mandibular Prognathism

Hyoung-seon Baik, S. Kim, S. Jung, H. Lee
Seoul, South Korea

Effects of Platelet Factors, Thrombin and Oxygen on Multiplication of hBM-MSC In Vitro

Abir Balghonaim, M. Tolar, R. Boyd
San Francisco, CA, USA

Shear Bond Strength of Brackets Bonded to Enamel Treated with Icon®

Richard Ballard, P. Armbruster, D. Guidry, J. Hagan, N. Sarkar
New Orleans, LA, USA

A Semi-Automated Cervical Vertebral Maturation Method for the Bone Age Assessment

Roberto S. Baptista, L. Mourad, C. Feijó Ortolani, I. Pisa
São Paulo, Brazil

Studying of Maxillofacial Area Muscles Biopotentials by Electromyography

Maria Bardova, T. Klimova, N. Nabiev, A. Rusanova
Moscow, Russia

Treatment of Facial Asymmetry in Patient with Unilateral Condylar Fracture: Clinical Case Report

Mariana Barros, A. Moura, T. Pereira, T. Pereira
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The Adaptation of Lip Types to Upper Incisor Advancement

J. Andrew Baxter, X. Zhang, J. Mirabella, P. Vig
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Effects of Two Different Filled Sealant on Enamel Demineralization

Asli Baysal, B. Yasa, O. Sogut, M. Ozturk
Izmir, Turkey

Arch Width and Incisor Torque Changes Produced by the Damon System

Valeria Matos Bezerra, M. Freitas, K. Freitas, L. Bressane, G. Janson
Bauru, Brazil
Relationship Between Breast-Feeding Duration and Non-Nutritive Sucking Habits During Deciduous Dentition
Raphaela Lima Biasutti, C. Azevedo, F. Canevari, H. Scavone Jr.
São Paulo, Brazil

Biocompatibility of Color Coding of Brackets

Ali Altuğ Biçakçi, H. Mutaf, A. Altun
Sivas, Turkey

Orthodontic Treatment in Severe Periodontal Disease Case

Jose Eymard Bicalho, F. Ferreira, T. Rego, M. Rocha, L. Vieira
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Space Condition after Premature Loss of Second Primary Molar: A Prospective Study

Naif Abdullah Bindayel, A. Almansour, A. Almokhatieb, S. Alotaibi
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

An In-Vitro Investigation to Determine the Clinical Acceptability of a Self-Etch Adhesive Resin for Bonding Orthodontic Brackets to Enamel

Natalie Bitton, J. Mann, K. Freeman, A. Maganzini
Bronx, NY, USA

Frequency of Radiographic Findings in CBCTs of Orthodontic Patients at the University of Detroit Mercy

Steven Blackburn, R. Kulbersh, R. Al-Qawasmi
Detroit, MI, USA

Condylar Remodeling by Neurophysiological Treatment in a Case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Andrea Erica Bono
La Plata, Argentina

Invisalign System Applied to Orthodontic Retreatment of a Patient with Severe Mandibular Crowding: Clinical Case Report

Paulo Borges, A. Kaieda, G. DÁlmeida, V. Borges, K. Cortellazzi
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Patient Experiences with the Forsus Device

Amy C. Bowman, H. Saltaji, C. Flores-Mir, B. Preston, S. Tabbaa
Buffalo, NY, USA

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Airway Morphology in Individuals with Class III Dentofacial Deformities

Maria Fernanda Rabelo Bozzini, J. Rino Neto, J. Paiva
São Paulo, Brazil

Analysis of Shear Bond Strength and Adhesive Remnant Index Between Light-Curing and Self-Curing Composites

Gustavo Antonio Brandão, F. Lima, M. Neves J. Gurgel
Belém, Brazil

Long Term Evaluation of Extraction Space Reopening in Class I Malocclusion

Larissa Borges Bressane, V. Bezerra, J. Schwartz, G. Janson, D. Garib
Bauru, Brazil

Photoelastic Evaluation of the Tweed-Merrifield Anchorage Preparation Using Directional Forces

Pierre Britto
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Ricketts Cephalometric Pattern in Young Japanese-Brazilians

Caroline Bronfman, A. Pinzan, F. Trigueiro, T. Rocha, G. Janson
Bauru, Brazil

Full-Tooth Angulation and Inclination Using CBCT Data in Ideal Orthodontic Cases Determined by a OGS Standard

Samuel Jackson Burrow, R. Kulbersh
Detroit , MI, USA

Can We Challenge Biology to Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement (OTM)?

Luisa Campos, D. Liu
Milwaukee, WI, USA

Relationship Between Breast-Feeding Duration and Prevalence of Posterior Crossbite

Fabiana Queiroz Canevari, P. Cunha-Georgevich, R. Biasutti, H. Scavone Jr.
São Paulo, Brazil

Anterior Open Bite Treatment with Bondable versus Conventional Lingual Spurs

Luiz Filiphe Canuto, N. Lima, R. Cançado, K. Freitas
Recife, Brazil

Volumetric Evaluation of Maxillary Orthopedic by CT Associated with the Dolphin Orthodontic Planning Program

Mario Cappellette, Jr., A. Zanesco
São Paulo, Brazil

Available Areas for Temporary Skeletal Anchorage in the Maxilla

Antonio Carlos Pedralli Cariani, H. Zago, R. Navarro, P. Oltramari-Navarro, T. Fernandes
Londrina, Brazil

Treatment of Anterior and Posterior Open Bite Without TAD's: A Case Report

Roberta Carneiro, L. Rohlfs, R. Vieira, J. Vieira
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Pain Perception in Patients Undergoing Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment

Magdalena Carolan, A. Bales-Kogan
Bronx, NY, USA

Tracking Enamel Demineralization Around Brackets Using Nondestructive Micro-CT

Carola A. Carrera, C. Lan, A. Fox, C. Aparicio
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Effects of Skeletal Open Bite Compensatory Treatment

Giovanni Duarte Carvalho, K. Freitas, F. Valarelli, R. Cançado
Maringá, Brazil

Dentoskeletal Effects of Jasper Jumper in the Treatment of Class II Division 1 Malocclusion

José Fernando Castanha Henriques, L. Pieri, F. Henriques, R. Henriques, A. Pinzan
Bauru, Brazil

Dimension Changes in Airway Following Removable Expansion

Duygu Catakli, S. Nevzatoglu
Istanbul, Turkey

Is There Any Difference in Patients with Nasal Septum Deviation in Terms of Skeletal Anomalies and Maxillary Narrowness?

Bulent Catalbas, H. Kamak, N. Kilic, M. Caglaroglu, E. Gelgor
Kirikkale, Turkey

Mini-Screw Supported Molar Distalization: A New Method

Ahmet Arif Celebi, E. Gelgor
Kirikkale, Turkey
Orthodontic Mechanics for the Rotation of an Upper Incisor: A Case Report
Raymundo Cervera, I. Guzman
Mexico City, Mexico

Comparative Study of Two Growth Indicators in Thai Cleft Patients

Melissa Chantaramungkorn, M. Manosudprasit, P. Pisek, T. Wangsrimongkol
Khon Kaen, Thailand

Effect of Blue Laser 473 Nm on the Shear Bond Strength of Orthodontic Brackets

Ahmad Fawaz Charkas, X. Zhang, D. DiBagno, P. Vig
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Easy Jaw Advancer to Stimulate the Retrognathic Mandible in Skeletal Class II Patients

Chairat Charoemratrote
Hat Yai, Thailand

Effect of Ion Release from Orthodontic Hardware on Bacterial Colonization

Xi Chen, L. Chen, J. Rudney, C. Aparicio
Minneapolis, MN, USA

In Vitro Assessment of Wear-Resistance of Dental Brackets Using an Artificial Mouth

YungChung Chen, C. Aparicio, A. Fox
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Research on the Surface Modification and Biocompatibility on the Ti Implant by Micro-Arc Plasma Electrolytic Treatment

Chin-Sung Chen, L. Lin, K. Ou
Taipei, Taiwan

Effects of Systemic Bisphosphonate on Alveolar Cleft Bone Grafting

Nicole Cheng, C. Hong, L. Hou, J. Park
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Prevalence and Types of Dental Anomaly in Thai Non-Syndromic Oral Cleft Population

Nisa Chittiwatanapong, M. Manosudprasit, P. Pisek, T. Wangsrimongkol
Khon Kaen, Thailand

Indirect Bonding Technique with Use of Intraoral Scanner

Jin-Hyoung Cho, K. Davami, K. Lee, H. Lim, H. Hwang
Gwang-ju, South Korea

Comparison of the Occlusal Force According to the Archwire Materials

Youn-Sic Chun, E. Lee, S. Lee, M. Kim
Seoul, South Korea

Treatment of Skeletal Open-Bite Malocclusion with Lymphangioma of the Tongue

Chooryung Chung, S. Hwang, Y. Ha, Y. Choi, K. Kim
Seoul, South Korea

Anterior Open-Bite Nonextraction Treatment Using Multiloop Edgewise Archwire Technique in a Patient with Class I Malocclusion

Francisco Javier Clemente Fernández
México City, Mexico

Hispanic American Perception of Ideal Lip Position

Matthew Cline, A. Bales-Kogan
Bronx, NY, USA

Treatment of Anterior Open Bite with Invisalign and Skeletal Anchorage: A Case Report

Luciane Quadrado Closs, C. Dias, M. Freitas, E. Reston, J. Bósio
Canoas, Brazil

Accuracy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Orthodontics: A Comparison of Cephalometric Measurements Using T1 Cube Spin Echo MR Imaging with Grad Warp Compared to Traditional Orthodontic Radiographic Imaging

Grant Collins, F. Joel, J. Volz, F. Regennitter, T. Salinas
Rochester, MN, USA

Comparison Between Self-Ligating and Conventional Pre-Adjusted Brackets Related to Maxillary Arch and Bone Plate Thickness Changes

Ana Cláudia Conti, T. Frenandes, D. Junior Ibiapina, M. Almeida, R. Almeida
Londrina, Brazil

Maxillary Traction Evaluation of a Patient Class III

Karen Cordova Venegas, G. Saez Espinola
Mexico City, Mexico

Comparison of Accuracy, Reliability, and Reproducibility of Three Different Digital Model Softwares

Aydan Coskun Ates, M. Ateş, T. Alcan
Istanbul, Turkey

Severe Asymmetric Prognathism, Condylar Hyperplasia, Maxillary Retrusion, Facial Asymmetry and Transverse Maxillary Deficiency

Luis Costales Lara
Mexico City, Mexico

Evaluation of Failure Site Among the Enamel-Adhesive-Bracket Complex at Debonding

Monica Covarrubias Guitron
Guadalajara, Mexico

Dentoskeletal Effects of Class II Malocclusion Treatment with the Twin Block Appliance: A Prospective Study

Janaína Crespo, L. Saikoski, R. Cançado, F. Valarelli, K. Freitas
Maringá, Brazil

Facial Asymmetry in Mexican Subjects with Normal Occlusion Features

Martha Cruz, F. Marichi, R. Ruiz, E. Uribe
Mexico City, Mexico

Preference Assessment in the Facial Profile and Lower Third of the Face in Students of Dentistry, Architecture and Engineering at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2012

Paola Irery Cruz Martínez, M. Vera, M. Villanueva Vilchis
Mexico City, Mexico

Correction of Class II Division 1 Malocclusion with the Elastic Open Activator of Klammt in Mixed Dentition

Marco Antonio Cruz-Escalante, H. Orrego-Carrillo, L. Soldevilla-Galarza, A. Aliaga-Del Castillo
Lima, Peru

Correction Malocclusion Class II Division 1 with Self Ligation Orthodontic Brackets

Luciana Nogueira da Cunha, I. Pereira, C. Junior, R. Castro, L. Neves
São Paulo, Brazil

Evaluation of the Clinical Crown Length of the Lower Anterior Teeth in Patients Treated with Fränkel-2 Function Regulator

Artur Cunha Vasconcelos, H. Damian Rosário, M. Scanavini, F. Torres, L. Paranhos
São Paulo, Brazil

Removable Aligners a New Option Aesthetic Orthodontic Treatment

Sergio Ricardo Da Silva, V. Nobre, J. Herdy, L. Da Silva
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Unilateral Mandibular Condylar Fracture on a Growing Orthodontic Patient: A 3D Survey

Ilhan Metin Dagsuyu, G. Ceken, O. Miloglu
Eskisehir, Turkey

Shear Bond Strength of DentStatTM for Bracket Bonding to Gold, Ceramic, and Enamel

Kirk Dahlke, C. Mihalik
San Antonio, TX, USA
KPG Index Reliability in Evaluating Impacted Maxillary Canines
Domenico Dalessandri, R. Rubiano, M. Migliorati
Brescia, Italy

Treatment in Angle Class II Malocclusion with Atresic Maxilla Using Self-Ligation Brackets

Guilherme DÁlmeida, P. Borges, A. Kaieda, K. Sarracini, T. Marques
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Bolton Discrepancy Analysis in Patients with Natural Normal Occlusion and Class I and Class II, Division I, Malocclusion

Henrique Damian Rosário, I. Ricci, D. Pompeo, M. Scanavini, L. Paranhos
Bauru, Brazil

Retained Teeth with Lingual Technic

Gabriela Mercedes Davicino
Tres Isletas, Argentina

Comparison of Cephalometric Measurements in a Sample of Mexicans Subjects Using the Arnett´s Norms

Claudia Patricia de La Rosa, E. Garcia, A. Paz Cristobal
Guadalajara, Mexico

Color Stability of Ceramic Brackets: In Vitro Analysis

Cibele Braga de Oliveira, G. Maia, M. Gandini, L. Gandini, Jr.

Araraquara, Brazil

CBCT Analysis of Airway Anatomy and Volumetric Changes in the Oropharyngeal Airway
Danielle DeLand
Detroit, MI, USA

Comparison of Two Different Surgically Assisted Rapid Maxillary Expansion Technique

Pinar Demir Aktop, S. Biren, G. Dergin
Istanbul, Turkey

Comparison of Occlusal Results in Cases Treated with Lingual and Buccal Orthodontics

Rodnei Luís Dezordi, E. Marassi, K. Freitas, R. Cançado, F. Valarelli
Maringa, Brazil

The Relationship Between Upper Airway and Craniofacial Morphology Studied by Means of CBCT

Gabriele Di Carlo, P. Cattaneo, B. Melsen, A. Polimeni
Aarhus, Denmark

Association Analysis of Genetic Markers with Ovarian Cancer and Hypodontia

Paul DiFranco, C. DeSimmone, J. Hartsfield, L. Morford, A. Tackett
Lexington, KY, USA
Effectiveness of Compensatory Treatment of Class III Malocclusion in Adult Patients
Renata do Valle Rocha, R. Castro, C. Guimarães, I. Pereira, L. Neves
São Paulo, Brazil

Anterior Open Bite: Correction Using Reverse and Accentuated Curve Wires Associated to Elastic

Fábio Domingues, R. Navarro, A. Conti, P. Oltramari-Navarro, T. Fernandes
Londrina, Brazil

In Vitro Osteoblast Growth on Grade 5 Titanium Disks Sterilized in Dental Office

Gladys Cristina Cristina Dominguez, F. Mesquita Barros, P. Chibebe Catharino, A. Tortamano, C. Morea
São Paulo, Brazil

Multiplication of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells: Effect of Oxygen, Platelet Factors

Michelle Eberle, N. Bauter, M. Tolar, R. Boyd
San Francisco, CA, USA

Is 3D Analysis Two-Dimensional?

Amr Ragab El-Beialy, M. Ghoneim, E. Selim, A. Aboul-Ezz, Y. Mostafa
Cairo, Egypt

Orthognathic Surgery and High Condilectomies in a Spurt Growth Class III Patient: Case Report

Daniela Scarlett Escobar Palacios, N. Villanueva Moreno
México City, Mexico

A Cephalometric Evaluation of Craniofacial Structures in Experimentally Induced Obese Rats

Elçin Esenlik, A. Atak Kocaman
Isparta, Turkey

Therapeutic Management According to the Position of Ectopic Maxillary Canine: Case Report

Aurora Esquivel, F. Marichi
Mexico City, Mexico
Evaluation of Enamel Demineralization Following Bracket Bonding Using a Fluoride-Releasing Adhesive System
Cristina Lucia Feijó Ortolani, C. Antunes, K. Faltin Junior, C. Queiroz
São Paulo, Brazil

Evaluation of Bone Maturation by Means of Occlusal Radiographs Films

Henrique Oliveira Feitosa, G. Barreto, M. Melo
Aracaju, Brazil

Signs and Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorders after Fixed Functional Appliance Treatment

Thais Maria Freire Fernandes, J. Henriques, M. Poleti, P. Oltramari-Navarro, A. Conti
Londrina, Brazil

Predicting the Mandibular Growth Potential: A Comparison of Baccetti and Chen Methods

Paulo Eduardo Ferreira, L. Neves, R. Castro, I. Bellini Pereira, C. Guimarães
São Paulo, Brazil
The Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), as Auxiliary in Diagnosis and Planning in Cases of Impacted Canine
Marcos Cezar Ferreira, D. Garib, R. Bombonatti, G. Janson, F. Herrera
Bauru, Brazil

Case Report with Severe Crowding Treated in Nine Months Without Extractions with Self Ligating Brackets Evaluating Stability for Five Years with Tomography and Clinical Examination

Claudio Guimarães Figueiredo, I. Pereira, R. Castro, C. Guimaraes, L. Neves
Sâo Paulo, Brazil

Usability of Soft Tissue Landmarks in Structured-Light 3D Scans

Martin Fink, E. Hofmann, J. Medelnik, U. Hirschfelder
Hallstadt, Germany

Mandibular Repositioning in Adult Patients with Class II and Asymmetry: Two Years Folllow-Up

Giorgio Fiorelli, B. Melsen, P. Merlo
Arezzo, Italy

Nasal Soft Tissue Changes Associated with Rapid Maxillary Expansion Measured Using Three Dimensional Imaging

Benjamin Fishbein, M. Alarbi, C. Araujo, J. Mirabella, P. Vig
Jacksonville, FL, USA

Orthodontic-Surgical Treatment of a Patient Class III Malocclusion with Maxillary Retrusion, Prognathism and. Long Face Syndrome: A Case Report

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