2003 Viva trash vegas Round 10: Quarterfinals

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2003 Viva TRASH Vegas
Round 10: Quarterfinals


  1. Estranged from his wife, Caroline, and six-year-old son, he later married Caitlin Davies played by Sheena Easton. He lived on an Endeavour sailboat named the The St. Vitus Dance with his pet alligator, Elvis. Owner of a Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV speedboat and a Ferrari Daytona, for ten points, name this cop partnered with Detective Ricardo Tubbs and played by Don Johnson on Miami Vice.
    ANSWER: Sonny Crockett (accept either)

  2. The first male player to win 4 Grand Slam singles titles before his 21st birthday, he began at the age of 17 years and 9 months by winning the French Open in 1982. He followed that with the Australian Open the next two years and the French again in 1985. He won his last Grand Slams in 1988, taking all but Wimbledon. For ten points, name this Swede who became ranked #1 that year.
    ANSWER: Mats Wilander

  3. Born in what is now Slovakia, he fled with his family to Canada at the age of four. One of the first Canadians convicted under Canada's decency laws, he did his early work with David Cronenberg. His directorial debut was 1971's Foxy Lady, while his most recent effort was Evolution. For ten points, name this director of Legal Eagles, Fathers Day, Dave, Twins, and Ghostbusters.
    ANSWER: Ivan Reitman

  4. One theory of its origin is that it is derived from an Aramaic phrase meaning "may the thing be destroyed", or another phrase which means "it will be made like it is said." Another is that is the name of an old disease demon. Formed from the first few letters of the Phoenician alphabet, it is supposed to remove any illness if inscribed on an amulet. For ten points, name this rhyming Cabbalistic charm that is also the title of a 1982 Steve Miller hit
    ANSWER: Abracadabra

  5. The official corporate history includes articles dating back to April 1983, when Bruce Pavitt reviewed the state of clubs in the Portland area as a feature in The Rocket. By the mid-late 80's, they went to a format of alternating between cassettes and newsletters. In recent years, this label has had two incarnations of its "Singles Club", featuring 7-inch vinyl releases from groups both emerging and established in its market. For ten points, name this label best known for being the Seattle label that helped distribute early works by the likes of Mudhoney, Soundgarden, and Nirvana.
    ANSWER: Sub Pop

  6. In 1995, he was Baseball America's College Player of the Year, faring better at baseball than football, where he lost Tennesee's starting quarterback job to Peyton Manning. He entered the 2003 season with the highest batting average of any active player and was the runner-up for 1998 National League Rookie of the Year. For ten points, name this two-time Gold Glove-winning first basemen for the Colorado Rockies.
    ANSWER: Todd Helton

  7. The early years centered around the accountant Jim, his wife Mary, and their three children Pat, Russ, and Alice. The first soap opera to run for a full hour five days a week, it spawned the spin-offs Somerset and Texas. The Frame, Cory, Hudson, and Matthews families were among the characters on, for ten points, what NBC soap set in Bay City, Illinois, which was cancelled in 1999?
    ANSWER: Another World

  8. As a songwriter, he wrote "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" for Buddy Holly, "She's a Lady" for Tom Jones, the English lyrics to "My Way," and the theme song to The Tonight Show. Born in Ottawa in 1941, he earned his first number-one hit as a 16-year-old with 1957's "Diana." In 1974, he faced a boycott of his music and concerts from women's groups, who said his final number-one hit, "(You're) Having My Baby," was chauvinistic and demeaning to women. For ten points name this Canadian crooner, whose other hits through the years include "Times Of Your Life," "Lonely Boy" and "Put You Head On My Shoulder."
    ANSWER: Paul Anka

  9. Prince Harry has a pin-up of this woman in his dorm room at Eton. She has appeared in the Vagina Monologues and Rent in London and has her own line of lingerie. She was named Maxim's International Woman of the Year for three consecutive years and hosted the pre show for the American Music Awards. For ten points, name this British supermodel who shares her name with a Chevrolet car.
    ANSWER: Caprice Boulet (accept either)

  10. He studied drama in Manila on the GI Bill. After appearing in The Boys in Company C and as a pilot in Apocalypse Now, more involved roles included the mayor in Mississippi Burning, Jimmy Lee Farnsworth in Fletch Lives, the voice of the Army Sarge in Toy Story, and the host of Mail Call on the History Channel. For ten points, name this actor who played Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.
    ANSWER: R. Lee Ermey

  11. Great moments in this metropolitan area's golfing history include Gerald Ford's hole-in-one and Al Geiberger's 59, occurring within days of each other in 1977. It became the home of the WFL's Toronto Northmen, the Pharaohs of the Arena Football League, the Mad Dogs of the CFL, Charlie Finley's ABA team, and the Showboats of the USFL. For ten points, name this city, the temporary home of the NFL's Oilers and the new home of the NBA's Grizzlies.
    ANSWER: Memphis, Tennessee

  12. It began with the bombing of Nagasaki and ended with Boxing from St. Nicholas Arena. Serving Through Science was the premiere series, while Life is Worth Living, featuring Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, and Captain Video were among the few national hits for this network, whose network-owned affiliates spun off into what would become Metromedia. For ten points, name this early "fourth" television network, named for its founder.
    ANSWER: Du Mont

  13. A guy in a hot dog suit handing out free samples at the Bonita Cocina is among the characters. The kids try on jewelry with large dollar signs, use boxing gloves to punch a mannequin, and get chased by security guards in this collection of scenes from a mall, although some people might rather look at the singer wearing a black bra underneath a white tank-top in the music video for, for ten points, what hit by alleged "skate-punk" Avril Levigne?
    ANSWER: Complicated

  14. In 1936, people saw her for the first time when Neysa McMein created her portrait; she had been known through a radio show that began twelve years earlier. The Washburn Crosby Company created her in 1921, and she eventually had up to seven kitchens available for tours. Originally created to provide a "personalized" response to customer letters, this is, for ten points, what marketing icon now owned by General Mills?
    ANSWER: Betty Crocker

  15. This studio set its own record for highest per screen opening weekend after buying the distribution to rights to Better Luck Tomorrow. Started in 1996, its moderate hit releases included Election in 1999, The Original Kings of Comedy in 2000, and 2001's Save the Last Dance. For ten points, name this Viacom/Paramount division that also brought us Beavis and Butthead do America and Jackass: The Movie.
    ANSWER: MTV Films (prompt on "MTV")

  16. He was born in Montreal, Canada, and speaks English, French, Italian, and Spanish. His first professional fight was against Jose Gonzalez, and he won his first title against Pete Taliaferro in one round. He won his first world title by beating Tracy Patterson, and would go onto have a series of fights with Ivan Robinson, notching three consecutive "Fight of the Year" awards. For ten points, name this boxer, nicknamed "Thunder," who recently completed a series of fights against Mickey Ward.
    ANSWER: Arturo Gatti

  17. In 1978, this singer recorded a disco version of the theme for the movie Exodus, which was only released in Britain. A Cornell dropout, he left school after his junior year to concentrate on his first band, Clover. Vern Miller in Short Cuts and a high school audition judge in Back to the Future, he once successfully sued Ray Parker, Jr. for plagiarism, proving that Parker's "Ghostbusters" sounded too much like his bands "I Want a New Drug." For ten points, name this lead singer of The News.
    ANSWER: Huey Lewis

  18. The movie is based on the life of Crystal Lee Jordan. Martha Mason, Jane Fonda, and Jill Clayburgh all passed on the title role. Ron Leibman plays a New Yorker who has come to an Alabama town to help unionize the workers at the Henley mill, while Beau Bridges plays the title character's ex-husband. For ten points, name this 1976 movie for which Sally Field won the Best Actress Oscar.
    ANSWER: Norma Rae

  19. The first episode featured a contest to see which crew member could lose the most weight while the second featured the show "going Hollywood". Robert Urich plays Jerry McKeneny, an agent, while Lisa Ann Walter plays Cass Gilman, a producer of the title character's show. Burt Reynolds appeared in the last episode, as himself, before the show was cancelled by NBC. For ten points, name this short-lived sitcom, which starred a famous chef who likes to kick things up a notch.
    ANSWER: Emeril

  20. The final scene of Annie Hall was filmed at a sidewalk cafe along this road. It begins at Olvera Street near Union Station and the County jail. Running westward over 20 miles to the ocean, it passes through Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, and finally ends at the Pacific Ocean near Malibu. Bars along its path include The Viper Room and The Whisky-a-go-go. Running partly two blocks south of Hollywood Boulevard, for ten points, name this thoroughfare, which was the title of a 1950 movie starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson.
    ANSWER: Sunset Boulevard (accept Sunset Strip before "Olvera Street" is mentioned)

  21. This video game featured nine levels, with rounds within each level. Friends of the title character included a green ball that froze all the villains, and a spinning disc, which brought the title character to the top of the game board. Villains included Slick and Sam, who change the colors of the cubes, and Coily, a stupid snake that pursues the title character around the pyramid. For ten points, name this classic video game about a fuzzy, orange, limbless creature.
    ANSWER: Q-bert

2003 Viva TRASH Vegas
Round 10: Quarterfinals


  1. Name the following from the fabulous world of women's softball, for ten points each.

    1. This University of Arizona standout won ESPN.com's Page 2 "Hottest Female Athlete" award in 2002 and earned a slot as a co-host of This Week in Baseball.
      ANSWER: Jennie Finch

    2. Fernandez serves as an assistant coach at this school, her alma mater and the winner of the 2003 NCAA softball title.
      ANSWER: UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles)

    3. This locale, home of the National Softball Hall of Fame, has hosted all but one Women's Softball Championship since 1990.
      ANSWER: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  2. Sit UBU, sit! Good dog! For the stated number of points:

    1. (10) Ubu was the black lab owned by this man, whose UBU productions included Family Ties.
      ANSWER: Gary David Goldberg

    2. (5) A later Goldberg creation once again found him using the talents of Michael J. Fox, this time on the coast and on ABC.
      ANSWER: Spin City

    3. (15) After Family Ties wound down, Goldberg created this two-season series for CBS, a wistful look at childhood that seemed to draw more praise from critics than viewers.
      ANSWER: Brooklyn Bridge

  3. Coors is headquartered in Golden, Colorado. For ten points each, name the city in which these other beer companies are headquartered.

    1. Rolling Rock
      ANSWER: Latrobe, Pennsylvania

    2. Leinenkugel
      ANSWER: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

    3. Anchor Brewing Company
      ANSWER: San Francisco, California

  4. Why ask for the top U.S. Billboard hits of 1978 when you can ask about their Australian counterparts? Given descriptions, name these OzNet chart-toppers, for ten points each.

    1. While the Bee Gees and Andy Gibb topped U.S. charts in March of 1978, Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler held the top slot in Australia with this hit whose lyrics included lines like "It's a fool's game/Standing in the cold rain/Feeling like a clown."
      ANSWER: It's a Heartache

    2. After peaking at #1 on the U.K. charts in March of '78, this artist's "Wuthering Heights" hit the peak of the Aussie charts in late May and early June of 1978.
      ANSWER: Kate Bush

    3. This man had a one-week run at the top of the Australian charts at the end of June 1978 with "Baker Street", before giving way to "You're the One that I Want" from Grease.
      ANSWER: Gerry Rafferty

  5. For ten points each, name the person who portrayed these historical figures of the 1960's.

    1. Jim Morrison (as an adult) in The Doors.
      ANSWER: Val Kilmer

    2. Mercury astronaut John Glenn in The Right Stuff.
      ANSWER: Ed Harris

    3. Chief Justice Earl Warren in Oliver Stone's JFK.
      ANSWER: Jim Garrison

  6. Name the food from clues, for ten points each.

    1. Made by Nabisco, they come in Cinnamon, Chocolaty Chip, Chocolate, and Honey Varieties. They recently released a Dora the Explorer version.
      ANSWER: Teddy Grahams

    2. These were cookies in the shape of kangaroos, with frosting to dip them in, and came in several varieties, including Cookies n Creme.
      ANSWER: Dunkaroos

    3. This fruit snack, manufactured under the Betty Crocker name, comes in such flavors as Strawberry Splash, Burstin Berry Lemonade, and Watermelon Blast.
      ANSWER: Gushers

  7. Name these Lady Byng Trophy winners, for ten points each.

    1. This Mighty Ducks left winger won the Lady Byng twice in the 90s.
      ANSWER: Paul Kariya

    2. He won the trophy after his '92-'93 season in which he scored 132 points for the Islanders.
      ANSWER: Pierre Turgeon

    3. In the 20s and 30s, this New York Rangers center won it seven times in the span of eight years.
      ANSWER: Frank Boucher

  8. Identify these authors who recently made the Amazon.com Top 10 list for the Las Vegas, Nevada, purchase circle, for ten points each.

    1. Number one on the list is The Best American Mystery Stories of the Century, co-edited by this author of the mystery series featuring Navajo policemen Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee.
      ANSWER: Tony Hillerman

    2. By the Light of the Moon, the latest from this best-selling author of Watchers, Whispers and Phantoms, is #8 on the Vegas list.
      ANSWER: Dean R. Koontz

    3. Coming in at #3 is this conservative's work, subtitled "Saving America from the Liberal Assault on our Borders, Language, and Culture." He has since been fired by MSNBC for his prejudiced comments.
      ANSWER: Michael Savage (also accept Michael Weiner)

  9. For ten points each, answer these questions about Frank Zappa:

    1. What was the caption of a popular poster of the '60s and '70s featuring Frank Zappa on a toilet?
      ANSWER: Phi Zappa Crappa

    2. Zappa produced what 1971 film starring Ringo Starr and Keith Moon?
      ANSWER: 200 Motels

    3. Zappa's most famous song may be this ditty dealing with dreams of becoming a tycoon in Montana reaping benefits from what commodity?
      ANSWER: dental floss

  10. Seems like you can turn to cable for just about anything, as evidenced by the shows presented in this bonus. Identify these recent cable additions from clues, for ten points each.

    1. Sue Johanson, hosts Talk Sex on the Oxygen network, as well as this Canadian show, which is aired weekly on Canada's W Network and rerun nightly on Oxygen.
      ANSWER: Sunday Night Sex Show

    2. This recent debut cartoon from TNN features Kelsey Grammer as the voice of this title character.
      ANSWER: Gary the Rat

    3. Sex talk and talking rats not your thing? Why not take a swim through the news events of the day with this show, featuring the return of Keith Olbermann to MSNBC?
      ANSWER: Countdown with Keith Olbermann

  11. Answer these questions about the Batman series of films for ten points each.

    1. He played Butler Alfred Penneyworth in all four films.
      ANSWER: Michael Gough

    2. Batman Forever marked a change for the worse in directors, as Tim Burton gave way to this man.
      ANSWER: Joel Schumacher

    3. 1997's Batman and Robin seemed to place a casting call at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot, as not only did Elle Macpherson land a role as Julie Madison, but this SI cover model played Nora Fries, wife of Arnold's Mr. Freeze.
      ANSWER: Vendela Thommessen or Vendela Kirsebomz

  12. Name the Dr. Dre songs from clues, for the stated number of points

    1. (5) This song, from The Chronic, which helped introduce Snoop Dogg to the public, is still Dre's highest charting hit ever, reaching #2 on the pop charts.
      ANSWER: Nuthin but a "G" Thang

    2. (10) Off of 2001, Snoop Dogg assists on this song, where Dre takes credit for signing Eminem and says he stay has love for the streets.
      ANSWER: Still D.R.E.

    3. (15) From the Friday soundtrack, this song says "1, 2 for the crew, 3, 4 for the dough, 5 for the ho, and 6, 7, 8 for Death Row."
      ANSWER: Keep Their Heads Ringin'

  13. Name these CSI characters from biographical data, for ten points each.

    1. The youngest coroner in the history of L.A. County, he was recruited by a headhunter to run the office in Las Vegas.
      ANSWER: Gil Grissom (accept either)

    2. He became divorced has an icy relationship with his daughter because of his efforts in cleaning up his department as a New Jersey homicide detective.
      ANSWER: Jim Brass (accept either)

    3. The only CSI team member born in Vegas, he worked as a casino runner as a teen and now knows someone in pretty much every establishment in the city.
      ANSWER: Warrick Brown (accept either)

  14. Answer these questions about NPR's Car Talk, for the stated number of points.

    1. They are Ray and Tom, or Click and Clack. For five points each, give the real and fictional last names of the brothers who host the show.
      ANSWER: Ray and Tom Magliozzi and Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers

    2. From what "fair city" do they broadcast?
      ANSWER: Cambridge, Massachusetts (do not accept "Boston")

    3. What classic comedy name for a law firm do they credited for producing the show?
      ANSWER: Dewey, Cheetham, and Howe

  15. Must See TV? Not so fast, if they're on the big screen. Given a release featuring a Must-See-TV star and other talent, identify the film, for ten points each.

    1. Megan Mullaly appears in what is really a vehicle for Jason Lee and Tom Green to run around in search of $30,000, which would send a promising student to college.
      ANSWER: Stealing Harvard

    2. Matt LeBlanc plays a pro baseball player who must baby-sit a chimp in this alleged 1996 comedy.
      ANSWER: Ed

    3. John Travolta plays a Harrisburg weatherman with a failing snowmobile business who enlists Lisa Kudrow's character to rig the Pennsylvania Lottery. In theory, hilarity would ensue.
      ANSWER: Lucky Numbers

  16. Name these Kansas City Chief quarterbacks, for ten points each.

    1. Throwing for over 34,000 yards in his career, he took Kansas City to the playoffs in 1990 and 1991.
      ANSWER: Steve Deberg

    2. A Pro Bowler in 1983, he led the Chiefs in passing for seven straight years in the 1980s.
      ANSWER: Bill Kenney

    3. He threw one touchdown and one interception in both Super Bowl I and Super Bowl IV.
      ANSWER: Len Dawson

  17. Hey, hey, hey! It's Fat Albert bonus time! Answer these questions about Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band, for ten points each.

    1. Every now and then, the kids would watch this show, featuring their favorite superhero.
      ANSWER: The Brown Hornet

    2. The smallest member of the group and Bill's younger brother, this kid was often seen tagging along in his jacket and scarf.
      ANSWER: Russell

    3. This older man assisted the kids with various types of advice, not always good, but placed in a way that the kids find the right path through their own reasoning. He'd also seem to have a "Tall Story" or two.
      ANSWER: Mudfoot

  18. Given a music documentary, name the band, which is the film's main subject, for ten points, or from another clue, for five points.

    1. I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
      ANSWER: Wilco

    2. DOA -- A Rite of Passage
      ANSWER: The Sex Pistols

    3. Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns)
      ANSWER: They Might Be Giants

  19. For ten points each, name the original Star Trek episode from a line of dialog, or for five from another clue.

    1. (10) "I didn't mean to say that the Enterprise should be hauling garbage. I meant to say that it should be hauled away AS garbage"
      (5) This classic comedic episode features an Enterprise engulfed by small furry things.
      ANSWER: The Trouble with Tribbles

    2. (10) “You may find that having is not so pleasing a thing as wanting. This is not logical, but it is often true."
      (5) Spock goes back to spawn and finds Kirk.
      ANSWER: Amok Time

    3. (10) "Computer, compute to the last digit of pi."
      (5) Scotty is falsely accused of murder. The culprit is the entity Red Jack, previously Jack the Ripper
      ANSWER: Wolf in the Fold

  20. Given a change in a classic rock band lineup, identify the band for the stated number of points.

    1. (5) This group added a pair of Steves in the late 70's, with Steve Smith replacing Aynsley Dunbar on the drums one year after this group added vocalist Steve Perry.
      ANSWER: Journey

    2. (5) Not only was this a sister act, but it was a brother act until 1979, when guitarists Roger and Mike Fisher moved on, but not before "Magic Man" and "Barracuda" charted.
      ANSWER: Heart

    3. (10) Tommy Shaw replaced John Curulewski as lead guitarist in 1976, with Shaw assisting Dennis DeYoung as lead writers until they split from the band in 1984.
      ANSWER: Styx

    4. (10) Originally a duo of Allan Clarke and Graham Nash, this group from Manchester, England eventually became a quintet, with Terry Sylvester replacing Graham Nash in 1968.
      ANSWER: The Hollies

  21. Given the car number and primary sponsor, name the Winston Cup driver, for the stated number of points.

    1. (5) #8, Budweiser
      ANSWER: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

    2. (5) #20, Home Depot
      ANSWER: Tony Stewart

    3. (10) #17, DeWalt
      ANSWER: Matt Kenseth

    4. (10) #12, Alltel
      ANSWER: Ryan Newman

  22. Name the potent potable from recipes, for ten points each.

    1. Combine two parts Brandy, one part Triple Sec and one part lemon juice or sour mix. Shake with ice and strain into cocktail glass.
      ANSWER: Sidecar

    2. Pour two parts vodka and eight parts orange juice into a Collins glass over ice cubes and stir. Float one part Galliano on top and serve.
      ANSWER: Harvey Wallbanger

    3. Mix one part vodka and two parts chilled beef bouillon or consomme. Add one teaspoon of lemon juice, dashes of salt, pepper, or Worcestershire sauce to taste.
      ANSWER: Bullshot

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