17 vajrayogini faa vajrayogini Dakini has a fiery outer nature, but her inner essence is spacious and connects to higher consciousness

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Vajrayogini Dakini has a fiery outer nature, but her inner essence is spacious and connects to higher consciousness.
Who is Vajrayogini?
Vajrayogini is the foremost Dakini in the Tibetan tradition of esoteric Buddhism, the tradition from which the Dakinis originate. First seen in India, the vajra (dorje in Tibetan) is a ritual implement of Buddhist Tantra. Vajra means diamond or thunderbolt.

Her name translates as ‘Adamantine Yogini’, one who has attained indestructible perfection through her practice. She is the ‘Personification of Vajra emptiness’, radiant luminosity, the natural clarity of the mind.

She is an enlightened being, holder of teachings, ‘Queen of Dakinis’, ‘Sarvabuddhadakini’ (‘Dakini whose essence is that of all the Buddhas’).

She is associated with the form of the Red Dakini known as Vajravarahi, or ‘Diamond Sow’, who is often depicted with a small pig’s head above her right ear, representing triumph over ignorance.

She represents Divine passion and is the epitome of the Tantric approach to spirituality.
Location/Sphere of Influence
Nature & Description of Dakini
Vajrayogini represents the circle of Dakinis from Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. She is the entry into the circle of Tibetan Dakinis and initiation into this realm.

She is shown in the form of a traditional Tibetan/Nepalese thanka painting. Painted elements are combined with photographic elements to provide a contemporary rendition of this timeless field of mystic art.

She is in the center surrounded by an aureole of flames, representing her fiery nature, her soaring inspiration, her unquenchable passion and her wisdom that purifies, burning through illusion.

She stands upon a sun disc within a lotus.

The figures she tramples underfoot symbolize what she has subdued - craving, hatred and ignorance.

She is blood red denoting her intensity and passion to embody her spiritual presence, though her inner essence is vacuous.

She is visualized in the ‘Tummo’, inner heat, yoga practice as the union of emptiness and Great Bliss.

She is naked as she wears no ego armoring.

She is passionate but free from desire.

She is drunk with wisdom and wild with compassion.

Her third eye represents her ability to perceive higher truth, the wisdom beyond duality. Her three eyes also express that she is a knower of past, present and future.

Her small fangs indicate that she embraces a vast range of expression and sentiment, from blissful to ferocious.

Her necklace of skulls/severed heads indicates the emotional obscurations she has cut off before they arise and also reveals that she is a transporter of souls.

The crooked knife she holds is known as the ‘hook of mercy’ for it is said to cut through the ‘deception of self-cherishing’ and the power of wisdom to cut through states of negativity.

She carries a staff over her left shoulder, which represents the mystic consort, indicating that she has incorporated eroticism into her spiritual path.

Her skull-cup is full of the nectar of great bliss ‘Mahasukha’ that ‘intoxicates concepts into non thought’.

Her awareness is ‘sharp and penetrating and disruptive to habitual tendencies.’

In the four corners of the thanka are four forms of herself as the 4 Dakinis of the mandala, the four gatekeepers of the four directions. They are colored red, yellow, blue and green and represent the inner mandala.

In the sky above Samantrantbhadri unites with her consort, the lapis blue primordial Buddha (Kuntuzangpo/Samantrabhadra), representing non-duality in the field of timeless awareness.

Below the offering of the senses is represented.

Flanking the central thanka image are two panels or doors which have opened to reveal the Secret Dakini within. They are decorated with a golden repousse of Vajrayogini in ‘warrior’, ‘heroic’ stance. This form of Vajrayogini is also known as Narodakini or Sarvabuddha Dakini.
Divinatory Meaning
Vajrayogini brings an opening into the world of infinite possibilities.

A spiritual awakening.

A tantric initiation.

Are you ready to get off the wheel of karma (action and reaction) and start building your spiritual identity, not just your worldly persona? Vajrayogini Dakini’s arrival in your life indicates that this is the case.

She does not fulfill material plane desires so much as severing attachment to them so that you are free to leap into this new zone.

If you bring her your ego, she is ready and willing to trample it under her feet.

She brings the passion needed to fulfill your goals.



Take on a passionate persona, one derived from the real passion in your soul.

Be on fire with primordial zeal.

Do not be afraid to express your enthusiasm for what you really believe in, in a relationship or venture.

Fully engage. Once you are on fire with eternal spiritual light, there is nothing to stop you being fully present in the transitory events of the world.

Do not be afraid to be intense if the occasion calls for it.

Live your life in a more passionate way. Vajrayogini demonstrates a state of total awareness which is vitalized by the free flow of passion.

Make note, her passion is free from selfish or harmful expression.

Apply the same principles to the expression of your passion.

Vajrayogini integrates within herself both male and female principles.

She holds the key to bliss within herself. The jewel (the diamond/vajra) is in the lotus.

She has united her ability to focus and execute with crystalline clarity and precision with the passionate and compassionate nature of her ardent heart.

The indivisibility of wisdom and means.

The end does not justify how you get there. Vajrayogini seeks impeccability in your intention and execution in alignment with that intention.

Bring you passion into service of truth, of a higher cause or service.

The Boddhisattva vow encourages enlightened beings not to take their full liberation until all sentient beings are liberated. Vajrayogini is a glowing example of how being your bliss is both the example and the fulfillment.

Vajrayogini encourages you to revel in the sheer joy of life and its spectrum of senses and emotions as the magical play of bliss and emptiness.
Time to discover where your true passion lies. If you are unsure, be aware of omens and signs that can indicate the direction.

Vajrayogini’s advent in your life is an indication of an awakening in you, a desire for the integrated spiritual perspective that this Queen of Dakinis personifies. She expresses the red hot path of Tantra, which includes all the senses, all the passions, in its mystical mandala.


  1. Vajrayogini says that as she was the Dakini selected through your consultation of the oracle, she will consider that your request to take refuge in her.

She now suggests you request her to take residence in you in the following way so that she may confer on you her empowerment and her blessing.
Om Vajrayogini hum phat svaha!

I humbly request your presence in my heart

So that I may understand my true nature as primordial bliss and emanate your presence for the good of all.

I offer you my body, speech and mind.
Visualize a moon disc and a sun disc in the lotus of your heart. See them come together and mingle and from their blissful union a red vajra is born.

fig 20 vajra

In the center of the vajra VAM, the seed syllable of Vajrayogini, is inscribed. See it vibrate with energy and emit ruby red rays that penetrate your whole being, clearing and purifying you. The rays then reach out beyond you to all beings and to the buddhafields, purifying and bringing joy.

You now see the rays come back into the vajra, back into the seed syllable that now becomes Vajrayogini herself dancing ecstatically surrounded by the flames of her passionate intensity. Feel the nature of Vajrayogini burning bright within your heart. Experience the waves of joy and liberation that she sends throughout your being.

Envision the mandala of Vajrayogini emanating from your heart, being formed from rays, a five fold mandala with Vajrayogini in the center surrounded by four Dakinis, one in each direction, enclosed by a circle of protection.

You now visualize making offerings to Vajrayogini, which represent the offering of all your senses – seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling - in the form of mirror and lamps, musical instruments, fine cloth, food and drink, incense and flowers.

As you honor this Dakini, now living in your heart, you recognize all the places in your life where you have not been adamantine, crystal clear in thought and action, and you lay them at Vajrayogini’s feet, for her to trample underfoot. She takes great joy in this activity and you rejoice with her at your great good fortune to have received this opportunity.

Request that she transmits to you what is needed to liberate you from the bondage of ego attachment and the wheel of suffering.

Return to her the merit of all the freedom and bliss she brings you so that she may distribute it for the good of all.

All this you bring to mind as you experience the radiant Dakini dancing her dance of bliss and liberation in the center of your heart, indivisible from your essential self, unfettered by the rules and conventions of life as we know it and unburdened by the sufferings of existence. She is the bliss of non-duality, your birthright and your spirit’s natural state. Know her.

  1. Vajrayogini represents radiant awareness. By identifying with her in all your thoughts and actions, you have the opportunity to awaken and transform the nature of your being. Having established her seat in your heart, refer to her in all you do, in all you are. She is your new role model. Unite with her adamantine yogic nature.

*NB The practices related to Vajrayogini in esoteric Tantric Buddhism are deep and complex and are held in the highest respect by the author of this work. In these times when speedy evolution is optimal, Vajrayogini is offering, through this pantheon, a ‘short path’ to directly access her energy.

  1. Hommage to the wisdom holders of Tantric Buddhism! To the reincarnated ones,

the lineage and the lineage holders. May their prayers be heard and the heart of

the world be open to them, for they are the Compassionate Ones whose sacred

wisdom holds keys to our future evolution. Blessings to all who take refuge in

these teachings and transmissions.

Vajrayogini’s heart mantra - repeat while visualizing Vajrayogini:
Om Vajra Vairocaniya svaha.
Repeat while visualizing mandala:
Om Sarva Buddha Dakiniye Vajra Varananiye hum hum phat svaha.

VAJRA VAIROCHANEYI - Vairochana Buddha of the five Buddha families.

SARVA BUDDHA DAKINIYE - all the Buddha Dakinis.

VAJRA VARNANEYE - the Vajra Family to which the Dakinis belong.

HUM HUM - Vajra power.

PHAT - destroys all obstructions.

SVAHA – so may it be fulfilled.
Dakini Transmission
I am the emptiness

Beyond all form

Appearing to take you

Beyond the norm

Intoxicated with truth

Abandoned to bliss

I dance at the edge

Of all worlds

When there is nothing

I bring

Primordial ecstasy
I can bring passion

To all aspects of my life

And vivify my existence

With visions of unbridled potential

And unfettered joy

I am open to the energy offered

By Vajrayogini and claim it as my own

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