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DICOM Working Group 22 (Dentistry)

Date: February 18, 2013

Place: ADA Headquarters

Chicago, IL
Members Present Represented by

AAO Kirt Simmons

AAOMR Allan Farman (User Co-Chair, USA)

ADA Veeratrishul Allareddy (User Co-Chair-Elect)

Advanced Integration and Mentoring Scott Benjamin

Carestream Dental Susan Whitt

PaloDEX/Soredex Group Chris Bope (Vendor Co-Chair, Finland)

CEFLA Dentale Roberto Molteni

Members Absent ­ Voting Representative

AADMRT Daniel Halpert

ADSTRA Systems, Inc. Jolanta Majewska

Comprehensive Dentistry Claudio Levato

Computer Konkret AG Thomas Treichel

Dolphin Imaging & Mgt. Solutions Chester Wang

J. Morita USA Don Vu

Kitami Institute of Technology Yoshihiko Hayakawa

Medicor Imaging/Lead Technologies Scott Mallonee

Orangedental GmbH&co KG Uwe Zeller

Patterson Dental/Eaglesoft Lance Guffy

Patterson Companies Jason Wendling

Straumann Conrad Menz

Straumann Karsten Semmer

Univ. of Florida Madhu Nair

Univ. of Louisville/Sch.of Dentistry William Scarfe

Zimmer Dental Suneel Battula

Alternate Representatives, Observers and Others Present:
3M Paul Sevcik

AAOMS Sandra Guenther

AAOMS Larry Stigall

American Board of Orthodontics John Grubb

American Dental Association Sharon Stanford

American Dental Association Jean Narcisi

ADA CDP J. Mark Thomas

ADA CDP Jonathon Knapp

ADA SCDI Stephen Glenn

ADA SCDI Gary Guest

ADA SCDI WG 10.12 Ken Aschheim

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Terry O’Toole

Document Storage Systems Michael Honeycutt

Glidewell Lab. Mike Selberis

Henry Schein Mark Capots

Henry Schein Zachary Church

Henry Schein Gyle Gale

Henry Schein Max Sessions

MITA-DICOM Steven Vastagh

Northeast Delta Dental Shannon Mills

Palodexgroup Mike Veon

Roy Shelburne Assoc. Roy Shelburne

SAN Consultants Andrew Casertano

Tops Software Antonio Magni

University of Illinois Carla Evans

U.S. Public Health Service Minh Kevin Lee

Presiding Officer: Allan Farman, Co-Chair

Secretary Paul Bralower, ADA

1. A. Farman, chairman, called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and welcomed the attendees, who introduced themselves. S. Vastagh reminded the participants of the antitrust rules.
2. A. Farman reviewed the evolution of interoperability in dentistry and the history of WG 22. He recalled the ADA House of Delegates resolutions in support of DICOM and interoperability testing and education, which resulted in the early testing and educational efforts of SCDI WG 12.1. He reviewed the scope of WG 22, which is as follows:
Recognizing dentistry is one part of the total health care enterprise, WG 22 will strive to cooperate with all other working groups. The implementation of dental and maxillofacial relevant objects (DX, IO, SC, SR) will be emphasized for dental and maxillofacial care environments. Specifications within DICOM are needed to promote image interoperability between digital imaging systems for dentistry and throughout the processes of treatment simulation, treatment guidance and the prosthetic chain. Coordinated education and demonstration projects for vendors and users are essential to achieve broad adoption of the DICOM Standard in dentistry. Extensions/refinements to existing objects will be introduced to accommodate existing and emerging digital imaging and related techniques used in dentistry. This will include tissue restorations, measurements, recording and reporting, e.g., radiation dose, interpretations and diagnosis.
He then gave a report on the current status of WG 22. In reviewing current work projects, he noted that volunteers are needed for several projects in development, including the prosthetic chain, visible light, endosseous implants and radiography dose structured report. There is particularly high interest in the radiography dose structured report, because reporting to a dose registry and inclusion in an EHR may be required in the future and is now recommended by the FDA.
Future projects many include structured reports for dental radiographic procedures and applications beyond radiation dose reporting; application of WADO web applications for dentistry; guidelines for presentation states; DICOM surgical workflow issues in dentistry; and evaluation of objects in dental imaging.
Commenting on risks facing the WG, the entrance of new vendors into the marketplace will make it necessary to educate them about DICOM and show them the advantages of interoperability, he concluded.
3. S. Vastagh announced that this was A. Farman’s last meeting as user co-chair. He presented A. Farman with an award of appreciation for his commitment to WG 22 and leadership in advancing DICOM in dentistry.
4. P. Bralower presented the results of the election to select a new user co-chair. A call for nominations was circulated to all members and observers. One nomination was received for Dr. V. Allareddy. A ballot was circulated to all voting members for Dr. Allareddy with a provision for a write-in candidate, and a majority voted unanimously for Dr. Allareddy. The group congratulated Dr. Allareddy and he assumed the user co-chair at this time.
5. Dr. Mythreyi Chatfield, American College of Radiology, presented an overview of the ACR Dose Index Registry (DIR). Dr. Chatfield explained that the ACR DIR collects and compares dose index information across all types of facilities using standard methods of data collection (DICOM standard and IHE REM profile) to establish national benchmarks and practice patterns in dose indices. Data from CT exams is automatically transmitted to the ACR where it is anonymized and stored in a database. Providers are issued periodic feedback reports comparing their results to aggregate results.
C. Bope reviewed the WG 22 current projects, first addressing the radiology structured report project. He volunteered to lead this effort and asked for volunteers. A. Farman volunteered to assist in this project.
A. Casertano covered the change proposal package for DICOM in Dentistry, CP 375. C.P. 375 replaces certain incorrect SNOMED codes or completes gaps where SNOMED codes were missing using the new revision of SNODENT. Discussion concerned the opinions expressed by members of WG 6 who indicated they preferred to retain the existing SNOMED codes. This has resulted in a delay in approval of CP 375. G. Zeller, as ADA representative to the DICOM Board of Directors, will attend the upcoming DICOM Board and WG 6 meetings and attempt to resolve this issue and move CP 375 forward.
For the Visible Light Annex project, C. Bope said the project has been stalled for lack of participation but needs to be completed. He called for volunteers from industry.
The Prosthetic Value Chain is an important initiative involving importing of imaging data but is currently on hold. The project was begun by Straumann, however, their engineer on the project has advised the working group the company is re-considering their support for the project. Laboratories creating prosthetic implants require a standard that describes the outcome in terms of images; a project that has the potential to also impact oral surgery and implantology. The working group will need to find new support and volunteers.
The Dental/Mapping Query/Retrieve supplement can be completed once CP 375 is approved by building on it, A. Casertano said.
Endosseous implants is a new project assigned to WG 22 by DICOM and a champion needs to be found to undertake its development.
A motion was made to accept the results of the co-chairman election and to install V. Allareddy as the new user-chair; and to reaffirm the WG 22 strategic plan with no changes at this time. The motion was approved.
The group discussed a potential 2013 meeting schedule. A. Farman stated that FDA offered to host one meeting. FDA has expressed interest in meeting with dental vendors to discuss radiography and this could be part of a joint WG 22/SCDI 12.1 meeting. Another potential meeting site would be in conjunction with the CARS meeting in Heidelberg in June. The group requested that staff send a poll to the group to determine their meeting date and location preferences.
V. Allareddy thanked A. Farman for his service and the ADA for serving as secretariat and adjourned the meeting.
Reported by Paul Bralower

Secretary WG 22

April 8, 2013
Reviewed by Counsel: CRS 2013-04-09

DICOM Working Group Twenty-two

February 18, 2013 Page

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