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12.5 homework Name: _______________________________
A box contains eight blue index cards, four yellow index cards and two pink index cards. Cards are taken at random from the box, one at a time, and then put back. Find each probability.
1) Is this event independent or dependent? _____________________
2) P(blue, then pink) 3) P(yellow, then pink)

4) P(blue, then yellow) 5) P(both yellow)

A bag contains three red buttons, six black buttons and eight white buttons. Buttons are taken at random and not replaced. Find each probability.
6) Is this event independent or dependent? _____________________
7) P(red, then black) 8) P(white, then black)

9) P(red, then white) 10) P(both red)

Four white socks, six blue socks and eight gray socks are in a drawer. Without looking, two socks are pulled from the drawer. Find each probability.
11) Independent or dependent? 12) P(both white)
13) P(both blue) 14) P(gray and white)

Becky opens up a bag of M&M’s and decides to count and organize them by color. She finds:

Brown = 8, Red = 6, Orange = 4, Yellow = 7, Green = 5, Blue = 10
Find each probability when randomly pulling out a single candy.
1) P(brown) 2) P(not blue)

3) P(green or yellow) 4) P(not red or blue)

Find each probability if now Becky randomly takes out one candy, puts it back into the bag, and then pulls out a second candy.
5) P(green, then red) 6) P(two blue)
7) P(brown, then orange) 8) P(red, then yellow, then green)

Find each probability if now Becky decides not to keep putting the M&M’s back in the bag. Instead she will take one out and eat it, and then get another one.
9) P(green, then red) 10) P(two blue)
11) P(brown, then orange) 12) P(red, then yellow, then green)

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