1. Midline- the reference plane that runs up and down and separates the right and left sides of the mouth

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Vocabulary Class 2:

1. Midline- The reference plane that runs up and down and separates the right and left sides of the mouth.

2. Maxillary- Upper arch of the oral cavity

3. Mandibular- Lower arch of the oral cavity

4. Universal Numbering System- System in which permanent teeth are numbered 1-32 starting with the maxillary right third molar and ending with the mandibular right third molar. Most widely used system in the United States and recognized by the American Dental Association.

5. Palmer Notation-System of numbering that uses brackets to indicate arch location. Most widely used in orthodontics.

6. Federal Dentaire (FDI)- Internationally used tooth numbering system.

7. Diciduous Teeth- The first set of human teeth. 20 in all erupting between ages 6-24 months of life.

8. Mixed Dentition- Combination of permanent and primary teeth, usually present between ages 6 and 12 years when primary teeth are being replaced by permanent teeth.

9. Anterior Teeth- Located in the front portion of the jaw. Comprised of Central and lateral incisors and cuspid teeth.

10. Posterior Teeth- Premolars and molars located in the back part of the jaw.

11. Central Incisors- First teeth in maxilla and mandible on either side of the midline.

12. Lateral Incisors- Second maxillary or mandibular permanent or deciduous tooth on either side of the midline.

13. Bicuspids- Anterior to a molar tooth, having two roots. There are 8 bicuspids (premolars) with two in front of each group of molars.

14. Molars- Located behind premolars in permanent dentition. Largest teeth used for grinding food and having three roots.

15. Incisal- The cutting edge of incisor and cuspid teeth.

16. Occlusal- Pertaining to the contacting surfaces of opposing teeth. The grinding surface of posterior teeth.

17. Mesial- Interproximal surface closest to the midline. Most anterior surface.

18. Distal- Interproximal surface farthest from the midline.

19. Lingual- Surface next to or toward the tongue.

20. Palatal- Relating to the palate. Maxillary surface next to or toward the palate.

21. Endentulous- Without teeth.

22. Buccal/Facial- Pertaining to the surface closest or next to the check

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