1. Good Harvest Mango Orchards Marketing Corporation

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1. Good Harvest Mango Orchards Marketing Corporation (Philippines)
Name of project: Good Harvest Mango Farming for Export Program
Write up:

Plant, nurture, harvest and export the produce of over One Million Export Variety Mango Trees in six to eight years. Good Harvest is essentially democratizing Mango Farming in the country, giving all Filipinos, CSR oriented Corporations, Cooperatives, Associations, Unions, LGUs and foreign investors an opportunity to profit from the tremendous global demand for our Philippine Super Mangoes.
Details of the project:

GOOD HARVEST is the Philippines’ multi-award winning and widely recognized MANGO FARMING FOR EXPORT PROGRAM, which is essentially DEMOCRATIZING Mango Farming in the country through its unique brand of turnkey mass contract farming business.

With over 60 years of combined experience in Mango Farming, the company has the best Agro-Scientists, Farm Managers, Export Trade Officers, and Foresters in the country. The company uses only the latest in farming methods. Proof positive is its multiple-award-winning Model Orchard, ideally located in Bagac, Bataan where tens of thousands of strictly DA-certified export variety mango trees are being grown..

Aside from being a world class orchard, the Bagac site is also an ECO-TOURISM DESTINATION RESORT. Recent hosts to the Ms. Earth Beauty Pageant, the Orchard Resort has first class amenities that all GH Agro-Partners and their families can enjoy: Family Camp Site, Landscaped Picnic Grove, Nipa Hut Rest Areas, the Salakot Grand Pavilion, Spring Water Pool and Beach Resort, among others.
But what really sets Good Harvest apart from other orchards is its patented FARMING SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGIES (FS&T)™, which adheres to global standards, and conforms to the USDA’s guidelines for mango exports to the US. These expert services are meticulously applied to every Good Harvest mango tree throughout its entire lifespan, to ensure optimum exportable quality and quantity.

Good Harvest aims to plant, nurture, harvest and export the produce of Over ONE MILLION Export Variety Mango Trees in 6-8 years, utilizing its patented, global standard Farm Services and Technologies or FS&T.

Though fully capable of achieving this on its own, with over 500,000 Mango Trees already signed and contracted for farming over the next 5 years, the company has recently opened the door for all Filipino and Foreign Investors, Cooperatives, Associations and Private Corporations such to profit from the tremendous global demand for PHILIPPINE SUPER MANGOES.

Good Harvest believes that the Higher Purpose of private enterprise is to help build social conditions that promote the development and well-being of the community. Taking part in Good Harvest’s Mango Farming for Export Program gives all Filipinos, wherever they may be, an opportunity to make a difference and achieve many other higher purposes.

Planting a Million plus Mango Trees in the next 6-8 years redounds to creating tens of thousands of jobs and livelihood opportunities in the provinces, opening up mango farming for export to all Filipinos, thus democratizing this once feudal and dynastic industry, generating over Php 20 Billion in investments for our underserved agricultural sector, and boosting our nation’s export revenues by over US$ 500 Million through dramatically increased mango exports.

Large-scale Mango tree planting also means sustainably reforestating our countryside and greening hectares and hectares of idle and denuded land. Mango Trees provide excellent cover due to their long productive lifespans. The program’s far-reaching environmental impact can not be undermined. With Good Harvest’s FST, intercropping and wind breaker technology is de rigeur, hence for every Mango Tree, at least two other forest and fruit-bearing trees are also planted.
It comes as no surprise that Good Harvest was named the recipient of the “Clean and Green” Award in 2004 for Best Environmental Campaign. To-date, Good Harvest has received a total of 44 Agri-Business, Environmental and Consumers’ Choice Awards, making it the most awarded and widely-recognized agri-business in the country today.

What was once idle and severely denuded land in Bagac Bataan is now the Philippines' most awarded Mango Orchard and Eco-Tourism Resort. The dramatic transformation happened over the last three years with a majority of the Eco-Tourism facilities and amenities delivered in 2005. Approximately 35,000 Export Variety Mango Trees have been planted and are now growing under Good Harvest's expert care. Twice as many Forest Trees and other Fruit Bearing Trees have also been planted as part of the orchard's Bio-Diversity and Bio-Security measures. Resort amenities such as the Grand Salakot Pavilion, Natural Springwater Pool, Man-made Waterfalls and Saltwater Spa Pool, Horse Riding Trails, Nipa Hut Rest Houses and the fully Landscaped Picnic Grounds are now in place and enjoyed by the thousands of GH Agro-Partners and their families.

In a short span of three and a half years, the company has gained enthusiastic multi-sectoral support, with Cooperatives, Unions, Corporations and legions of enterprising Filipinos embracing the company’s versatile and profitable business models. The single biggest contract signed to-date (in 2005) is with the 500,000 strong Department of Education Union. Over the next five years, Good Harvest has been engaged to plant up to 100,000 trees per year on behalf of their Members. The Department of Agriculture Employees Union has similarly engaged Good Harvest's Contract Mango Farming Services. Good Harvest is currently in negotiations with the NAFFAA or National Federation of Filipino American Associations for a substantial engagement contract to commence in 2006.
Other information:

With Good Harvest’s Contract Farming Business Model, individuals and groups can engage the company to plant any number of DA-certified Mango trees, and care for and nurture them using its expert FS&T. As land cost is not included (Courtesy of DENR), this level of involvement is affordable, highly profitable, and suitable for all – including foreigners. With no other maintenance fees to pay other than the one-time, upfront engagement cost, you will be earning a Yearly Harvest Income throughout your trees’ productive life cycle of 75-100 years – or literally, a lifetime.
Supporting documents:

Brochure, good harvest project prospectus, leaflet, magazine, power point presentation.

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