1. Fibrous Joints (Synarthorses) : Bones connected by fibrous connective tissue. Movement is very limited

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Joint Classification!

    • Types

      • Syndesmosis: Considerable space between bones—Sheet of fibrous connective tissue bridging space.

        • i.e. Radioulnar Joint

      • Suture: Bones closely adjacent—interlocking

      • Gomphosis: Peg in hole

  • 2. Cartilaginous Joints (Amphiarthroses): Bones united by cartilage. Movement is limited but significant

Stabilizing Structures of a Joint

Mobilizing Structures of a Joint

  • ****If damaged=hypomobility

  • Articular Cartilage

  • Synovial Fluid

  • Bursa

  • Agonistic Muscles

  • Certain Accessory Fibrocartilaginous Structures

  • Motor Nerve Supply

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