~ Info and Ideas for Ancient Rome ~

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~ Info and Ideas for Ancient Rome ~
This is the outline I did sometime in the 90s for a campaign in Ancient Rome. It uses the Glory of Rome Historical Reference and practically every other AD&D book I had handy at the time. Looking over it now, I can spot Dark Sun proficiencies, the influence of various magazine articles, and a few house rules too.
One thing that never got beyond a few casual chats over a glass of wine was a sub-plot where Anne, our psychology boffin, would be a Druid undercover in the heart of Ancient Rome. She was tossing up between a Shapeshifter or a Wanderer. Phil from NZ was going to be Ranger, most likely a Stalker, posing as her younger brother. Watson, the English scholar and perpetual uni student, was thinking of playing either an older and slightly jaded Bard with the Loremaster kit or a cynical combat monster Fighter with the Assassin kit. He was going to pose as the black sheep uncle of Anne's druid.
They would pose as a troupe of travelling actors. All three would use Somatic Concealment and they would be fluent in a secret language akin to Travellers' Cant. They’d be armed with Hornblades and Buckle Knives.
Just thought it should do more than gather dust at the bottom of a draw.


The Druids

Dragon Magazine #012

The History of the Shield

Dragon Magazine #057

The Fighting Circle

Gladiatorial Combat in the AD&D® Game

Dragon Magazine #118

The Imperial Gods

The Roman Pantheon for AD&D® Game Campaigns

Dragon Magazine #133

The Murder Medieval

A Short Guide to Medieval Mystery Fiction

Dragon Magazine #240

~ A.D. 60’ish ~

Aulus Gavius Dentatus Hispania
Xavier’s character is a smart and daring young man, Handsome & Impoverished Patrician, of the Fighter Class with the Military Tribune Kit. He has just returned to Rome from military service in Roman England.
Aulus Gavius Dentatus once saved the storm ravaged city of Carthago Nova from a pirate raid. After dispersing his cohorts with razor sharp precision, he singlehandedly slew the pirate captain. Thereafter he battled through a hoard of baneful spirits and killed the deadly necromantic sorcerer behind it all. During the skirmishing he also aided a group of Mithraic pilgrims, including Servius Didius Gracchus, he has remained a friend of the Church of Mithras ever since. It was this conflict that earned Aulus Gavius Dentatus the honorific ‘Hispania’.
3rd Fighter; Experience = 6,600; Neutral Good; 16/17/16/12/16/15.
Javelins (2), Roman Swords (2), Spatha (1), Alertness (1) 17, Gaming (1) 15, Observation (1) 12, Oration (1) 14, Philosophy (1) 15, Riding (Horse) (0) 19, Statecraft (1) 14, Tactics (1) 11, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 12, Modern Language (Greek) (0) 12, Read/Write (Latin) (0) 13, Read/Write (Greek) (0) 13, Read/Write (Punic) (0) 13.

Domus in Rome – a large and sprawling affair in a slightly seedy area.

Villa in the Country – a small vineyard valued at 100,000 denarii.

Income from Property = 1,500 denarii per month.

Investments in Vineyards = 90,000 denarii = Return of ld4-1 x 5% Per Year.
In his domus, Aulus has a large study cum bedroom. The doorway is flanked by four Greek statues of classic warriors (900 denarii each). There is a portable cabinet of lustrous citrus wood resting against the far wall. It is filled with rare books, maps, and various campaign mementos. Scattered about are a handful of padded stools and a few folding tables. A luxurious couch serves as a bed. Light is provided by three scented oil lamps.

Sword of Twilight - Spatha +2, Bonus +3 Against Users of Necromantic Magic and the Undead, Inflicts Double Damage on Undead, Ignores Undead Weapon Type Resistances, Radiates Constant Protection from Evil and Negative Plane Protection.

Bronze Breastplate and Greaves with Crested Open Helm, Exceptional Quality Dagger, Gladius, Three Javelins (Arrow of Bone), Toga, Fine Embroidered Lacerna (Open Mantle), Fine Pamula (Sleeveless Hooded Traveller’s Cloak), Fine Synthesis (Party Tunic), Fine Tunic, Soft Leather Belt Chased with Silver, Soft Leather Belt, Soft Leather Sandals, Caliga (Military Sandals).

Servius Didius Gracchus
Steven’s character is a resolute and hearty older man, Favour & Military Family, who uniquely is looked upon with kindness by Divis Imperator Augustus. He is a Paladin of Mithras with the Divinate Kit.
3rd Paladin; Experience = 6,600; Lawful Good; 16/15/15/12/15/18.
Two-Hander Style (1), Maces (2), Roman Swords (2), Anatomy (1) 12, Diagnostics (1) 15, Healing (2) 15, Herbalism (2) 10, Religion (0) 15, Riding (Horse) (1) 18, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 12, Modern Language (Persian) (0) 12, Read/Write (Latin) (0) 13, Read/Write (Persian) (0) 13.
Footman’s Mace (Inlaid with Electrum), Father’s Gladius, Leather Helm (Royal Blue Roman Dragon Hide = AC 4), Lorica Squamata +3, Father’s Scutum, Father’s Legionary Helm, Father’s Legionary Armour (Lorica Segmenta).
Servius has a Medium War Horse (Blue Roan, Stallion, Robust, Fearless, Morale of Elite, Loves Particular Food - Grapes), Legionary Saddle, Basic Trail Pack.
He also keeps an eye on Aulus’ horses. There is one Medium War Horse (Dapple Grey, Mare, Stable, Sure-Footed) and two Light War Horses (Grey, Mare, Gentle, Affectionate). Aulus usually rides the dapple grey and uses the pair of greys for friends or as pack horses.

Kallias - Carlos’ character has a dark past, Family Scandal, and is the only child of his Roman merchant father. His mother was a Greek slave, freed and married by his father. As a child he spent time in Italia, Greece, Egypt, Asia Minor, and the Middle East. He has abandoned and sold the family mercantile business and now follows the ways of wizardry. Kallias follows the ways of the Philosopher-Mage Kit, Specialising in Abjuration.
3rd Abjurer; Experience = 6,600; Lawful Good; 10/18/15/18/17/15.
Quarterstaff (1), Ancient History (Punic Wars) (0) 17, Artistic Ability (Musical Composition) (1) 17, Art Expression (Dramatist) (1) 16, Astrology (2) 18, Debate (1) 18, Musical Instrument (Double Flute & Lyre) (3) 17, Philosophy (1) 16, Poetry (1) 16, Religion (1) 17, Spellcraft (1) 16, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 18, Modern Language (Greek) (0) 18, Read/Write (Latin) (0) 19, Read/Write (Greek) (0) 19, Read/Write (Punic) (0) 19.
Staff of Withering (19 Charges, Shaft of Woody Elder, Stained Purple with Woolly Betony Flowers), Sumptuous Black Silken Caftan with Ornate Embroidery, Blood Red Silken Sash, Cotton Tunic (Knee-Length), Deerskin Sandals, Double Flute, Lyre, Spell Folio, 7 Denarii, 128 Drachmas.
Talisman of the Desert Night (Twist of Enchanted Debbi Hair, Fear As Wizard Spell - 1/Day).
1st – Armour, Avert Evil Eye, Comprehend Languages, Copy, Detect Undead, Protection from Evil, Protection from Vermin, Read Magic. 2nd – Choke, Filter, Protection from Poison, Summon Swarm.

Gautstafr - Glen’s character is a Freed Slave, Germanic Barbarian, Taken at Age 5, Gift of Second Sight, Fighter, Roman Gladiator Kit, Retiarius, Current Patron = Aulus Gavius Dentatus Hispania.
3rd Fighter; Experience = 6,600; Lawful Neutral; 16/17/16/10/15/15.
Net (Specialised), Trident (2), Two-Weapon Style (1), Ambidexterity (1), Wrestling (1), Blind-Fighting (2), Chanting (1) 17, Display Weapon Prowess (1) 17, Endurance (2) 16, Tumbling (0) 17, Modern Language (Cherusci Germanic) (0) 10, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 10, Modern Language (Aramaic) (0) 10, Modern Language (Gaulish) (0) 10.
Quality Javelin (+1 To Hit, Gift of Aulus), Trident, Net, Dagger, Scale Mail Torso Guard (Gift of Aulus), Studded Leather Leggings (Gift of Aulus), Tunic, Belt, Sandals, Caribou Hide Sleeping Roll.

Ioannu - Ivan’s character is a Freed Slave, Germanic Barbarian, Taken at Age 7, Gift of Courage, Fighter, Roman Gladiator Kit, Murmillo, Current Patron = Aulus Gavius Dentatus Hispania.
3rd Fighter; Experience = 6,600; Lawful Neutral; 18-72%/17/17/15/12/15.
Flindbar (Specialised), Roman Swords (2), Gladius (1), Weapon and Shield Style (1), Shield (1), Animal Lore (1) 15, Blind-Fighting (2), Fine Balance (2) 17, Quickness (2) 17, Tumbling (0) 17, Trouble Sense (1) 12, Modern Language (Cherusci Germanic) (0) 15, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 15, Modern Language (Aramaic) (0) 15, Modern Language (Gaulish) (0) 15.
Quality Javelin (+1 To Hit, Gift of Aulus), Gladius, Dagger, Medium Shield (Legionary Scutum), Scale Mail Torso Guard (Gift of Aulus), Studded Leather Leggings (Gift of Aulus), Tunic, Belt, Sandals, Woollen Blanket.

Ráðúlfr - Ralf’s character is a Freed Slave, Germanic Barbarian, Taken at Age 8, Gift of Woad Rune Lore (Iron-Can’t-Bite), Fighter, Roman Gladiator Kit, Dimachaeri, Current Patron = Aulus Gavius Dentatus Hispania.
3rd Fighter; Experience = 6,600; Lawful Neutral; 18-53%/15/18/13/13/16.
Shotel (Abyssinian Curved Sword, Dragon Mag #210, Specialised), Roman Swords (2), Spatha (1), Two-Weapon Style (1), Ambidexterity (1), Armour Optimization (1) 13, Blind-Fighting (2), Iron Will (2) 11, Spellcraft (2) 11, Modern Language (Cherusci Germanic) (0) 13, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 13, Modern Language (Aramaic) (0) 13, Modern Language (Gaulish) (0) 13.
Quality Javelin (+1 To Hit, Gift of Aulus), Paired Spatha, Dagger, Scale Mail Torso Guard (Gift of Aulus), Studded Leather Leggings (Gift of Aulus), Tunic, Belt, Sandals, Leathery Rain Poncho (Giant Octopus Hide, Tough And Waterproof, Fine Quality), Woollen Blanket.

Dimas of Achaea is a Greek sorcerer of great renown. He is currently in Rome seeking the answers to certain eldritch mysteries. He spends the warm days amid the shifting market crowds and in the echoing libraries of the city. In reality, Dimas of Achaea is a Roman citizen, born-and-bred in Calabria. The son of a sailor, he entered the priesthood of Neptune as a youth. Always a wanderer, he has visited almost every seaport in the Roman Empire. A few years back, he discovered a Deck of Many Things in a crumbling temple ruin in Mesopotamia. He elected to draw four cards. He drew Star, Ruin, Key, and Balance. Thus the Roman priest faded and Dimas appeared.
In addition to his glittering Dimas of Achaea persona, he also wanders the night shrouded streets of Ancient Rome as the street fighter Tepre Sileer.
3rd Charlatan-Thief; Experience = 3,300; Duel-Classed from 3rd Priest of Neptune with the State Religion Kit; Chaotic Good; 16/18/16/15/18/16.
Spells – 4 – 1st & 3 – 2nd. Major – All, Animal, Creation, Divination, Elemental (Water), Healing, Plant, Weather. Minor - Chaos, Elemental (Earth), Summoning, Time.
Two-Hander Style (1), Trident (1), Direction Sense (1) 19, Healing (2) 16, Herbalism (2) 13, Religion (0) 18, Riding (Horse) (1) 21, Rope Use (1), Seamanship (1) 19, Weather Sense (1) 17, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 15, Modern Language (Greek) (0) 15, Read/Write (Latin) (0) 16, Read/Write (Greek) (0) 16.
Dagger (1), Two-Weapon Style (1), Astrology (0) 15, Chicanery (1) 17, Information Gathering (1) 15, Oration (1) 15, Spellcraft (0) 13.
Paired Daggers of Throwing +2, Black Velvet Travelling Cloak, Fire Opal and Red Gold Ferronniere (35,000 D.), Green Abalone and Red Gold Cloak Pin (6,250 D.), Electrum Forearm Guards (3,500 D.), Five Curling Red Gold Coil Rings (6,250 D.), Silver and Gold Filigree Belt (12,500 D.), Faint Pastel Green Silk Tunic (Knee-Length), Zin Hide Sandals (+10% MS & CW).

A tough and wiry Plebeian of Rome, Ovidius Balearicus is a hairy old legionary soldier of Centurion Rank. He is a retired Fighter with the Myrmidon Kit and Felix - Luck on d20. Ovidius befriended Aulus Gavius Dentatus Hispania during their days together in England.
5th Fighter; Myrmidon Kit; Experience = 19,800; Lawful Neutral.
Gladius (Specialised), Javelins (2), Shield (1), Dirty Fighting (1) 14, Lorica Segmenta (1), Armour Optimization (1) 15, Agriculture (1) 14, Blacksmithing (1) 18, Engineering (2) 11, Fire-Building (0) 13, Iron Will (2) 12, Tactics (1) 13, Modern Language (Latin) (0) 14, Modern Language (Greek) (0) 14, Modern Language (Gaulish) (0) 14, Read/Write (Latin) (0) 15.
Gladius, Scutum, Legionary Helm, Lorica Segmenta, Tunic, Belt, Sandals.

Jabari of the Purple Hills Beyond Themiscyra is a squat and sturdy yet quite nimble hill dwarf fellow. Hairy as a badger with dusky brown hair covering his muscular bronzed body. He keeps his beard in a single thick plait with imposing downward sweeping mustachios and close scissor cropped head hair. Jabari’s features are strong and powerful with widely spaced stormy grey-green eyes. He is a tough and stalwart fellow, quietly reliable, steady and always helpful. He is the third son of a smithing family and as yet unmarried.
Greek Style Warrior with Long Axe, Medium Shield, Bronze Plate with Crested Helm, Chiengora Paenula, Deerskin Cloak, Hemp Under Tunic, Hemp Under Shorts, Caligae.

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