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* if some questions/answers don’t make sense – its mutual

*formatting sucks b/c this is Hebrew moffice

keep in mind the suggested answers are whats bolded

Thank you *yonah* and *Jacob* for helping with the translation.*

The choroid plexus is present in the following places OTHER THAN:







How many millionso f years ago did the first eukaryotic creature appear?

א) 2500

ב) 1500

ג) 3500

ד) 500

לדעתי התשובה היא ב'

Believe its answer b


Which factor do you believe are responsible for the development of the midbrain and hindbrain?

א) SHH

ב) BMP4

ג) Tbx5 (לא זוכר בדיוק את המסיח)

ד) FoxG1 ו- Otx1

לדעתי התשובה היא ד'

Possibly D.


Which of the following is a myogenic factor?

א) SHH

ב) Myf5

ג) Myt5

ד) Otx3

Possibly B.

שוב, לא בטוח לגבי המסיחים.

לדעתי התשובה היא ב'

What is the source of sensory epithelium of the skin?

  1. Surface ectoderm

  2. Neuroectoderm

  3. Neural crest cells

Person marked B.

What's not correct?

  1. LH leaders to spermatogenesis in sertoli cells

  2. LH leads to semen production/secretionא

Which layers  hepatocytes??

  1. Endoderm

  2. Ectoderm

  3. Mesoderm

Person suggested endoderm

Which of the following conditions is not related to genomic imprinting?

א) Angelman Syndrome

ב) Prader Willi Syndrome

ג) Hydatidiform Mole

ד) Placenta Previa

(person believes it's D)

Match conditions to its symtoms

  1. You find it in the karyotype of abortion inducers

  2. Microdeletion of chromosome 15

  3. Karyotype 46 xy

  4. Deletion in the shortarm of chromosome 5

  5. Problem in sperm production

  6. Prevalency increases with fathers age

  7. Prevaldency increases with mothers age

  8. Mytationsi n FMR1

Kleinfelter Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Cri Du Chat Syndrome

Turner Syndrome

Achondroplastic Dwarfism

Testicular Feminization

Prader Willi Syndrome

Fragile-X Syndrome

Possible answer (don’t be intimidated: original names in English written in Hebrew letters)


א) => טרנר

ב) => טסטיקולר פמיניזיישן

ג) => פרדר-ווילי

ד) => קרי-דו-שט

ה) => קליינפלטר

ו) => אכונדרופלסיה :

ז) => דאון

ח => איקס שביר

Which of the following structures "disappears " first?

  1. Ductus venosus

  2. Ductus arteriosus

  3. Foramen ovale

  4. IVC

Which of the following structures come in contact with mom's blood?

  1. synctiotrophoblast

  2. cytotrophoblas

  3. endothelium

  4. chorion

whats not true when you have a mutation which damages the fimbriae?

  1. proper fertilization, and ovulation

  2. proper ovulation and defected fert

  3. defected ovulation and proper fert

  4. both processes defected

what's the source of the cilliary body?

א.pars ciliaris retinae

ב.pars optica retinae

ג.intraretinal space

'woman who is pregnant should take what in order to avoid birth defects?

Folic acid

IN pulmonary valve atresia what do we find?

  1. Left atrium is smaller

  2. (unsure about translation: the ductus arteriosus remains patent

  3. Very narrow aorta

  4. Closed ductus areriosus

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